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Завтрак: итальянский VS белорусский. Breakfast: Italian vs Belarusian (RU,EN,IT,PL,BY,FR,ES,DE,BP)

Hi! My name is Agata, I come from Belarus. And I’m Paolo from Italy. We will have breakfast now. I will have a typical Belarusian breakfast. And I will show you the real Italian breakfast. Let’s go! My breakfast is now ready. This is a croissant (mmm, what a fragrance) and the cappuccino. But what is this? Is it for the army? These are scrambled eggs, sausages, vegetables, yogurt, bread and cheese, tomatoes, muesli and fruit. Do all Belarusians eat like that every morning? No, no, I have chosen the dietetic option.

5 thoughts on “Завтрак: итальянский VS белорусский. Breakfast: Italian vs Belarusian (RU,EN,IT,PL,BY,FR,ES,DE,BP)

  1. Poi chiedi a Belavia il pasto vegetariano e ti arrivano 5 minuscoli pomodori ciliegino, una fetta d'arancia, una di pompelmo e un acino d'uva.

  2. Мои завтраки гораздо больше похожи на белорусские, чем на испанские (или итальянские). ))

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