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الخط يحدد اكلنا🍔🍗 الاكل في خط الرياض الى جدة | Road Trip Food In Saudi

Peace be upon you, how are you, guys? Hope you’re doing good Hello, guys Welcome to another video, and this time we’re going back from Riyadh to Jeddah It will probably take 9 hours of driving – Wow. – It’ll be a long trip What are going to do on 9 hours? When it comes to you, I’d say nine meals I have a couple of concerns We used to drive through the dessert to do Omra Nearly 9 years ago We used to take breaks When it comes to the food, honestly it wasn’t that.. It wasn’t that great It wasn’t clean Yeah, not that much But you tell me what you think Now, it’s totally different, there has been lots of development We’ll see it together now Let’s go We want to remind you guys before we begin the video to give us thumbs up We arrived at the first stop At the first stop Sasco is considered one of the biggest stations, that’s a fact, not paid ad But it’s one of the biggest stations It always has restaurants and booths and so on I really want to try one. What’s it called, Ameer? Burgerizer, I also haven’t tried it yet Wake up, there’s burger Funny thing is he’s been nagging, “I’m hungry, let’s stop and eat.” I’m gonna eat and sleep till we arrive You can’t sleep Don’t sleep, else I will… I’ll wake you up as soon as you sleep, I’ll show you I haven’t eaten anything since yesterday This burger stop has a fair reputation, but I haven’t tried it Did you hear about it? Yeah, it’s popular Let’s try it then One thing you have to know about Abdulrahman When google maps tell you to go right, he’ll go left And for example, we’re on our way to some place And he still doesn’t know where are we going yet And he drives, and then after 15 minutes I ask him, when are going to arrive, and he tells me I don’t know Where’s the location I tell him where is he going, he says he doesn’t know, I’m waiting for the location This is after 15 minutes Cause I don’t like staying still in the car, I feel like I’m not doing anything I drive even though it’s the wrong way Do you agree with me? When you order productivity from JollyChick Hello, can I see the menu? I’ll order Classic Beef And also Malteaser It’s with potato bun Then three Malteaser burger Add in one of them pomegranate, you want another one? Make it two Make it two Make it three Regular or spicy fries? one of each Is there Mountain Dew? Why are you making it difficult I’m sure he doesn’t remember what we ordered We ordered six burgers Why is the receipt this long? Looks like I went grocery shopping It’s so long What a waste of paper, against our nature Whatever You suddenly care about the environment? Yeah, of course, didn’t you see when the Amazon burned? – It’s the lungs of planet earth. – Why didn’t you post anything about it? – Such a huge bag, whose fries is this? – Me. Look at these spices, looks awesome Give that to me Pomegranate How do you know? Because it’s larger than the usual The classic has fries in it, so it’s going to be bigger Really? Yeah, you’re right That’s the classic burger, beef, tomatoes, lettuce and cheese The usual The other one is with a potato bun so it’s more expensive They did an upgrade and made the price lower, did you know? Upgrade with lower price? A burger for the stoplight That doesn’t make any sense Tissue? It’s good, the patty is thin Can you see? But it’s good Personally, it’s good Reminded me of In-N-Out, the road from LA to San Fransisco i stopped at In-N-Out every hour Damn it was good That’s smaller Potato bun and it has pomegranate Is that rocca? Of course But the beef is really small Maybe because of the location No, it’s just like that It’s perfect for road trips Light, and crisp, and beautiful And tasty I remember when we used to take road trips with my father, there was nothing but Falafel stops You’re right Back when there were old resorts, none of this was here Never That’s my Pepsi Yeah, a minute, please focus Focus When we were ordering, he decided to order a sandwich with no meal His decision I told him to have a drink, he refused He ate my fries He ate his fries and my Pepsi Who’s that person in your group? He’s that person that… You’re making such a big deal out of this, I’m just checking the quality Are the fries and the drinks good? You think there isn’t fries? There we go That’s mine, it’s spicy No There’s no need to order fries, there’s plenty here i got it for myself What did you think about it? It’s good for a road trip Let’s be real, You’ll probably find junk food on the road That’s much better You’re right That means goodnight – Let him sleep. – Wear the seatbelt What’s wrong, Basil? What’s the matter? Just change of scenery Is this because I wanted to sleep I said no sleep, Look, look where he’s driving People are driving like normal people over there, but because I want to sleep, he’s driving in here We got to the second stop, what’s it called? Aldarees station It’s weird, I haven’t seen it before It’s popular, and it’s getting more exposure and more competition it looks modern Looks good Yeah, I think we’ll find Bukhari Not Bukhari, we’re gonna eat munchies You know that because you went on road trips It means munchies Look, drive-thru Zinger Stop It’s a small restaurant Whoever doesn’t know Buffeh, it’s smaller than a cafeteria But it’s actually called Buffet But in our culture it’s buffeh Maybe the owner doesn’t even know it’s actually called buffet It is buffet It’s similar to cafeterias Usually the cooks aren’t that good and have unusual flavor combination How are you? What sandwiches do you have? Burger, kebab, hot dog, nuggets, zinger Burger and kebab Wondrous burger isn’t available? two-cheese sandwich? no? Let’s get zinger Let’s try it Add everything Tortilla or buns? We’re on Mexico Tortilla It’s Tortilla Just like buffet is buffeh? Tortilla became tortella They stressed the Ls There’s a juice called heartbreak Heartbreak It’s popular in UAE, I filmed an episode there Ask him if he has a juice called ants knees Very popular in Jeddah – you serious? – yes Ants knees, very famous around Jeddah, it’s actually called ants knees Strange Order Arab Tower juice you’re joking he said he filmed an episode in UAE There’s a drink called late night

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  1. الله يفرج همك ✔️ ويبعد عنك السرطان ✔️ ويسعدك✔️ ويبعد عنك كل السؤ 💓يالي تعمل لايك واشتراك 👍

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  4. عبدالرحمن الله يعينك ع الرانجلر مزززعج جداً في السفر عزل الهواء سيئ جداً خصوصا اذا انفك الكشف معد يتركب زي اول يبقى في تنسيم مهما سويت

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  10. انا في للعراق انا وابوي نروح خط من محافظة البصرة في الجنوب إلى محافظة كركوك في الشمال 10ساعات

  11. أتمنى كل من قرأ تعليقي يحط لايك
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