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Hello everyone, I am ‘Jiujiu’ Today I will cook meat and white chili fry, now let’s start it together. These white chilies are already dried. And this one is smoked since it was rainy in these days. The process of making white chili would have to continue for several months, or it would easily be damaged by moisture. So these are dried by both natural sunlight and fire smoked. Using boiled water to soak the white chilis Only me and my son here at home today, so I won’t do many dishes. More water. This meat was stored in the fridge. As hard as a rock Pour remaining boiled water into it. Now, wait for a few moments, until the meat is fully unfrozen and we can cut it. And we will do an extra small dish today. These beetroots, the cabbages, and coles Do the preparation of a small dish. For these coles would taste tender after frying. There is even a flower on the vegetable, remove it. These under it are fresh. Not this one. The meat still hasn’t fully unfrozen, but it is long enough already. I suppose it would be enough for two people to eat. If just to do a small fry dish then we won’t need to use so much meat, slice these fats off. Have to be quick or it would be evening. Then slice these lean meat. Again wash these already boiled chilis. Probably not many people have had this white chili before. We usually have some white chili in winter. If we can’t eat it all up during winter then we dry it for reservation. Slice it. Then put these spring onions into it. We have planted many spring onions in the field. So just use them casually. If you don’t eat them then they will be removed either way. Wash it again. I haven’t been in the field for farming myself. But I always see my father do it when I was a kid. But while I ask him if he would need my help, he always asks me to get off his way. It feels funny when thinking back. I’ve made them look like a bunch of grass. Cut them into shorter sticks. The meat is fatless since I would personally prefer oily food, I would add more oil into the pot. More First, put fat meat into the pot after the oil is boiled. It won’t take long since the fire is fierce. Put down the lean meat. The fire is fierce. I might become a little bit anxious about it since the fire is fierce. Now put in the white chilis. This smells good. Put in salt. Now, at last, the spring onion sticks. Take them out into the plate. I think the food shrunk after put into pot? I would do a bit more vegetables today. Put them in after oil boiled. Time for dinner. Look, since grandma is not home, we two would dine together. Do you like this dish? ——Yes. So take more. Tasty? ——Yes Do the dishes today suit your taste? I did the duck soup on that day before, you don’t like it. You don’t like duck soup but fried duck right? ——Yes Take whatever you want to eat by yourself, you can do this? ——Yes. Yeah, you can do it since you already grow up. Which one is better? —— The meat is delicious. Vegetables not as good as meat huh? Do you feel spicy? —— Nope So have more meat. You have it, it is delicious. You are good at eating, even better than me right? Why do you eat more than me? ——Because the dishes are good. So you won’t have that much if the dish is bad huh? You’re a little picky about what you eat. Take some vegetables. Have you fed your dog today? Have you done it all? ——Yes So would you wash the bowls? —— No, you wash it. —— So the last one who finish the rice go wash the bowls. I finished it first —— No it is me.—— Nope, I will left now, you wash the dishes. Huh.

32 thoughts on “五花肉+白辣椒,九九大火炒一锅,儿子爱吃,再来盘青菜,两人吃得很过瘾!【湘西九九美食】

  1. Thank good looked delicious. I think I would have enjoyed eating it too. Sending much Love from the USA🤗👨‍👦❤

  2. 你跟阿朵都是狼吞虎嚥 可是阿朵的我看起來覺得很好吃 你的看起來好討厭也不覺得好吃 就是為了拍視頻而死命吃那樣

  3. 希望你是真的爱你的孩子关心你的孩子,感觉小男孩是被逼上镜的,是配合你的要求而演的。

  4. 男孩是你儿子吗?他跟你在一起一点都不开心,你拿孩子当道具为了赚钱,你实在心机太重了。

  5. 九九, 不是老人家才需要夾菜給他吃的, 為了表示對兒子的愛, 也要夾菜給他吃, 同樣地兒子為了表示對你的愛, 他很自然地也會夾餸給你吃, 這樣做是互相的, 這就是關心, 不用分年紀的

  6. 影片一點也不歡樂,以後會少看了,覺得阿朵影片比較真實,其實最近我比較喜歡看超小廚 比較逗趣 ,加油吧

  7. 就讓九九跟兒子家人好好過生活吧~不要再批評了,也希望九九的視頻越來越豐富生動,過去就讓它過去吧~

  8. 九九晚上愉快,哇……米酒好棒會吃青菜,我家的狗只吃狗食料,帶肉的骨頭,雞肉。狗不挑食真好

  9. 九九這身裝扮和昨天 [ 酸白菜 ] 那影片裡所穿的衣服是一模一樣的 , 明顯的應該是同一天拍的 ! 這樣子看來最近這兩三天在湖南老家拍的影片 , 有一種預感似乎是上個月月底去東北丹丹家之前就拍好備用的 [ 庫存片 ] 吧 ?! 現在的九九真的回來湖南了嗎 ? 還是依舊困在東北呢 ? 捨得離開丹丹的香閨嗎 ??

  10. 你儿子在吃飯 你一直問東問西的
    很明顯他不想跟你講話 你還一直問
    問人要不要幫夾菜 最後說什麼老人家才要幫夾菜😑那你問來干嗎?一直說廢話⋯⋯

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