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가희의 건강한 다이어트 아침 | 아침습관만 바꾸고 살빼는 방법 | 발리 브이로그

I come to Bali buda for buy food I’m always come here because there’s a lot of organic products I will show you what I always buy Granola buy only little. If you leave it for a long time get wet Balibuda distributes eco bags free of charge to avoid using plastic Almond Cashew nuts Pecan Chia seeds, lentils and everything. Strawberry jam that is low sugar and tastes better than commercial jams I eat every day, so I buy more then on and keep it Ghee Butter. I’ll show you where I use this Buy some more and keep them Coconut oil suitable for high temperature cooking is used in all our dishes. Buy vinegar to soak garlic pickles There is no dishwasher here to buy and use earth Choice. This foam cleanser is what told in my episode “10 step skincare routines” soap Todays soap smell VIbes is Jasmine Coconut Here is that brand that sells everywhere Organic meats, vegetables and fruits It’s a place where you can make everything themself. I think faith goes Red sweet potato chips that children eat very well Pour yourself like the old days
  … Why do I like this? Maybe … I missed you. It’s a nutritional ingredient display on one side. Calendula Cream and Tea Tree Cream Used when mosquito bites children or pimple on their face The staff charges the price and puts it back into the bag. Very heavy Going home I bake all the nuts in the oven OMG. The temperature was too high Screwed up Saved another Granola Greek Yogurt Greek yogurt, granola and oven baked nuts It’s a healthy, delicious and fat meal The next morning Volume down Bulletproof coffee every morning You should use fresh beans another volume down Fill the cup with hot water Pour into the blender 1 teaspoon MCT oil I bought some capsules so I put 4 of these 2 teaspoons of ghee butter You must bland it Oh….My face …. It’s morning. hahaha I solve it all with one cup to not wash the dishes. Very creamy and sued Noah What are you doing? Sit on the floor? Zion, Zion wants to come too. Zion, but you all come to Mamma time. What is this sit down Right From now you can see mother’s hard work Mommy is not good in English but I will read I’m ok you eat well…… That’s right, robot I’m running away I feel something sneeze How do I fix my baby spitting habits? We go to play school together Waiting brother Excited Monday Many obstacles to go to before the classroom Mom eats a lot Take nutrients every day Zinc This is Tumeric And this is vitamin D Krill Oil Do you know what this is? What’s that vitamin B What is this Coenzyme Q10 This is Magnesium Oh is it big? And what is this Omega 3 I found out because my husband knew about medicine This is big too Mom eats this every morning And eat that before bedtime And eat with awake in the morning Lactobacillus Mom must eat Probiotics I already ate this morning Children are also giving lactobacillus on an empty stomach with water. What does Zion eat? What is Zion eating now? When Zion wakes up in the morning Sprinkle propolis in your mouth D Squirt this too Multivitamin I can see the drink over there haha Calcium also replenishes It also replenishes zinc vitamin C Isn’t that right? Thank you for watching my morning habit. Now close the door Let’s go drink water Let Mommy want take this I hope Everyone is healthy Yes, play more.

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  1. It must not be easy all the time when you live in a foreign country and your kids growing up learning the language that's not your mother tongue. Thank you for always trying to communicate with us in English. Stay strong and always cheer up unni. Love you

  2. 언니 예뻐예뻐요! 진정한 이너뷰티♥ 저두 따라 실천중이에요! 건강한 음식 먹구 좋은 운동하구!:)

  3. this is the content that im waiting for. ur daily life in Bali. how u and ur kids could adapt in new enviroment. it’s not easy because the difference of culture, life style, and even food. keep up ur good works Kahi noona. stay healthy and be happy. lot of love from ur fans 💕

  4. Thanks Kahi, what a very educational video, I didn't know what Calendula cream, Medium-chain triglyceride, ghee butter, Coenzyme Q10 and Propolis was so I had to google them. Also Vitamin D spray is a thing?…cool, now I don't need to go out into the sun for vitamin D anymore 😀

  5. 꾸미지안은 자연스러움과 솔직한 삶의모습들이 느껴지네요. 건강함이 마구마구 풍겨나오는 가희님의 삶의패턴이 보기 좋아요~좋은 정보로 꽉차있는 영상들. 자주 보여주세요. 얼마나 도움이 되는지 몰라요^^*감사합니다~~

  6. 13:22 가희님 아가들 보고 웃으시는건지… 미소가 진짜 예쁘시다ㅠㅠ 행복해보여서 보는 제가 다 기분이 좋아지는 영상ㅋㅋㅋ

  7. The beginning shopping part is ASMR heaven i love all the crinkly sounds so relaxing 🍃 I hope I become a strong woman like you one day miss Kahi you’re doing amazing, thank you for another great video 💜

  8. 인스타에서 보는모습과 또다른 진솔한모습이 느껴져요 아이들과 행복한발리생활하시는것같아서 좋아보여요^^♡ 구독좋아요하고갑니다~ 저도 세아이와 발리에서살고싶네용^^방탄커피로 체질개선에도움받아보려고요 좋은정보감사해요~ 정신없이 바쁜시대에 가희바이브는 따뜻하고 편안한 영상이라 너무좋아요🙏

  9. OMG Noah is so big now, seeing them together I couldn't help remembering the day both (Noah & Zion) met, you cried so hard unnie, that I was crying with you and I'm not even a mom yet. Love your vlogs so much ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  10. 가희씨 유투브 보며 힐링한답니다. 목소리도 똑 부러지고 살림, 육아, 건강, 미용, 댄스까지 기대 안하고 보다가 빠져버렸어요. 특히 8분 아침운동 매일 하고 있네요. ^^ 뉴욕 뉴저지쪽 오시면 꼭 뵙고 싶어요! 영상보고 팬 되었어요~♡

  11. 잘보고있습니다.
    소소한 일상과 정보 너무 감사해요♡♡
    발리 안 가봤는데, 가희님덕분에 가보고싶네요ㅎㅎ

  12. 요즘 언니 유튜브 보면서 힐링하는 것 같아요ㅎㅎ 아침에 언니처럼 먹으면 저도 살빠질 수 있을까요….? (하지만 커피머신이 없는 우리집ㅎ) 나중에 발리에 가게되면 저 가게는 꼭 가보고 싶어요🧡

  13. They are just the sweetest. Noah looks just like his dad. And Zion looks just like you. I'm going to take care of my health more from now now on. I need to get my body to a better state. Thank you for working so hard to make videos. upload주셔서 고마워요. ^^

  14. 파자마삼총사애기를 들려주면서 하나라도 더 먹이려는 엄마의모습 저애셋인데 공감가는게 있네요…ㅠㅜ 밥먹이는데 저희는 전쟁인데..ㅠㅜ

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