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Arthritis Diet and Exercises

방광과 신장출혈로 인해 소변이 붉게 나올 때 사용하는 천연 염증치료제

Hello, this is Volcano
Today, we will learn about water parsley. Water parsley is found in streams and riverside marshes.
They grow and grow in rice paddies.
It is mainly collected from spring to summer. The main ingredients are protein, fat, fiber,
calcium, sodium, iron, vitamins (B2, C) and so on.
It is richly contained. with a good temper
The working parts act on the stomach and lungs.
It’s not particularly toxic. It’s for food and medicine.
High value. The protocol quenches the thirst.
It not only clears the head and removes the poison.
It works well between the large intestine and the small intestine. Also, after jaundice, women’s disease, and drinking,
It’s very effective for headaches and vomiting.
Or it’s written that you can eat it raw. That’s why I’ve been protecting my liver from the past.
It’s known to have a special effect on the tonic.
It’s also used a lot as medicine. (Relaxing the hangover)
Above all, water parsley is a health vegetable for modern people.
What attracts attention is detoxification and heavy metal purification.
Especially for office workers who often drink alcohol.
It is often used as a hangover remedy. And enough to decipher the poison of blowfish.
The effects are well known and caused by environmental pollution.
It releases heavy metals into the body.
It’s very helpful. (Cranial Disorder)
Leaves and stems are caused by fine dust.
It’s used to make your throat dry.
It is used to treat coughs and asthma. (Diuretic action-small metamorphosis)
It’s also good for diuretic effects, treating edema.
Due to bladder and kidney bleeding,
It’s applied to a disease that blends blood from the urine. (Pregnancy, dental floss)
And then the urine starts to trickle
Sickness and flesh out of the body.
It’s used for porous diseases. (Heart vessel disease)
It also purifies the blood in the body.
It reduces blood cholesterol levels.
High blood pressure, neuralgia, hyperlipidemia, etc.
Very good. In the private sector, hepatitis, jaundice, high blood pressure,
gastrointestinal disease, arteriosclerosis, etc
It is also used for therapeutic purposes. When hepatitis, jaundice, high blood pressure, high fever,
Eat water parsley frequently or juice raw from raw minari.
One drink at a time will do you good. (variety therapy)
Water parsley is high in fiber.
It increases intestinal beneficial bacteria, which is good for indigestion.
It stimulates the internal walls of the colon and the small intestine.
It relieves constipation and bowel movements. It also has little calories.
It’s used as a diet food.
If you take a cup of juice and drink it three times a
You can have indigestion and a bowel movement. iguchi, haemostasis (止血)
And when your eyes are swollen or your teeth ache,
You can get good results if you eat it.
Nosebleed often, menstrual pain, irregular menstruation, etc.
It’s also used for healing. In this case, raw minarii
If you drink it two or three times a day,
Symptoms are mitigated. Purpose (目赤)
The goal is to develop an inflamed white eye.
Generally speaking, weathering or evil poisonous clouds
It happens when you break in, and the whites are red,
This is when the liver and lungs sound weak. the corporeal blood
He didn’t have any trauma to the flesh, but he had no brain damage.
all the holes, all the blood-flowing diseases of the skin,
It means bleeding from the nose. Human connection (咽痛)
Human pain is a sore throat.
Throat turns food over or spits out.
I’m telling you what I can’t do, and I’m not going to be able to do this disease with water parsley
It will work if you use it. And because of the active oxygen in quercetin, an antioxidant substance,
to prevent the aging of old people,
It helps to slow down. (Caution)
Water parsley is harmless, so there are no special side effects.
The aromatic ingredients stimulate the fire extinguisher.
For those who have very weak stomachs or very cold people,
It’s good to eat just the right amount. Thanks for watching.
This has been a volcano.

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