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샨토끼 다이어트 한식 집밥편+꼭 챙겨먹는 것들 [다이어트 브이로그]  | 샨토끼

For those who can’t give up Korean food, Mmm It tastes like Samgak-gimbap I drink one bottle per day Mmm? I’ll have some, too You had it before Oops This is spicy It’s hot But it’s tasty It’s tasty I think I’ve had enough Hello, everyone I’d like to introduce you what I’ve been eating
for my diet nowadays ‘New Year’s diet Vlog’ The most common resolution is
to lose weight, isn’t it? I’m hungry My stomach is growling Now I’m going to have brunch I can’t stick to ‘Shantokki diet’
all the time Korean food For those who can’t give up Korean food or rice, this diet will be helpful Today’s menu It’s nothing special I eat more than before, don’t I? I’m going to eat Ssam until I
get sick and tired of it Any vegetable is fine But I got a lot of sesame leaves,
because I like them And brown rice Brown rice is healthier than white rice And some side dishes Well You don’t have to have the same but I’m going to eat these today Tuna and my favourite, laver Stir-fried anchovies and Siberian onion What was the name of this?
Garlic stems These are today’s side dishes 1 tbsp of rice per a sesame leaf Half spoon, actually I’ll show you This much A little bit of tuna and add what I like This much? Be careful not to put too much Don’t forget, you’re going on a diet Don’t make Ssam as usual Put 2 side dishes at a time Look, it’s not much This much Don’t put too much Look how much I put Make 6 Ssam like this 7 is fine It’ll be a little over than
a half bowl of rice Usually I eat 6 Ssam Normally I drink cold water a lot everyday, but when I go on a diet,
I don’t drink cold water I drink lukewarm water instead This method is proved by prestigious weight management companies That’s why I drink lukewarm water Lukewarm water raises
the body temperature I’ll keep drinking lukewarm water My diet mate is going on a diet with me Mmm It tastes good Isn’t this tasty? It’s good to have rice, isn’t it? You said I can have meat, too Yes You can have meat I’d like to have meat Let’s eat meat later It tastes like Samgak-gimbap It’ll be tastier with mozzarella You put too much No Keep the right amount of side dishes Everyone Drinking lukewarm water with food makes me savor the flavor That’s what I think (Husband pouring the water) Mmm It tastes good The Siberian onions taste good They’ll be even tastier with meat With tuna it tastes good, too He’s maintained a healthy weight
for a long time Thanks to the lukewarm water, I’m not craving for soup anymore I’m craving for meat, though These are garlic stems Eating garlic stems with meat is the best I’m already full You might think, “She eats too little” But this diet makes me feel full I eat food drinking lukewarm water I think it helps make me feel
full and satisfied It makes me eat slowly, too I drink more water after I finish eating Usually I eat twice per day like this It’s difficult for me
to eat 3 times a day I eat 2 times a day This diet will be still helpful for those who eat 3 times a day Whoa I just finished my workout I think I have to eat something small Going on a diet and working out
at the same time is good for losing weight, but it makes your skin dry That’s why I try to take collagen regularly The reason why we need collagen is because as we get older, our body can’t produce enough collagen (No) Now I’m 30 something and I’m worried about my health So I’m trying to take
nutrition supplements This is the collagen supplement
that I’ve been taking It’s called ‘Cham Collagen Premium’ It comes in a box like this Ta-da One box contains 28 bottles Like this Ta-da It’s liquid type collagen The body absorbs liquid collagen
very quickly Like this This is how to drink The best thing about this product is
that I can drink a bottle a day It’s very convenient for people like me
who are too lazy to take something regularly Many people are leery of taking ‘fish collagen’ like this because of its strange smell, but this product tastes like lemon It makes me mouthwatering It tastes like jelly lemon It’s not only convenient but also tasty Because of its sweet flavor
you might think, ‘What if I gain weight?’ But it’s sugar free and unsweetened You can take this without worries when you go on a diet Another good thing about this product is that I can carry this everywhere I can just put it in my bag This is it It’s light and easy to carry It’s so convenient to take everyday I strongly recommend Hello, everyone I just woke up Now I’m going to eat breakfast Because I don’t feel like cooking, I’m going to eat an apple He’s already eating breakfast I’m going to eat an apple as breakfast I’ll take an apple and americano – It’s good
– Yes An apple a day keeps the doctor away How many pieces have you eaten? 3 No, 2? A half of an apple I used to eat apples the most
when I went on a diet Me, too Did you? I was sick and tired of eating apples I would bring apples when I was sick of eggs I would bring sweet potatoes Sweet potatoes are good, but
they’re not good for weight loss But I needed them because
I moved a lot Right I needed to eat something sweet I even performed a musical
only with a half of an apple Now I’m going to eat dinner (Sizzling) It’ll be tasty This is pork shoulder,
which is low in fat I’ve prepared 6 Ssam as before Because I’m not going to use sauce, I’ve brought Cheongyang peppers and onions It’s simple, isn’t it? Like this I put a piece of meat
on each sesame leaf Now, I’m going to add onions I’ll put 2 pieces What are you going to put? Cheongyang peppers I like something spicy Mmm(I’d like to try, too) I’d like to add some peppers, too Okay, I’ll do the same A piece of pepper (Satisfied) Mmm Oh It’s hot It’s hot But it’s tasty The onions taste sweet It tastes good without sauce Yes, it does And warm water This is my second Ssam (He’s drinking warm water, too) I can eat 7 Ssam, right? Yes Take one more,
this is my second This is really hot This satisfies my desires for having
something hot But this is really hot We both like Cheongyang peppers Yes It’s tasty It’s hot Sweet and salty at the same time No, sweet and hot Yes, sweet and hot I’ll add more onions (Let’s go on a diet together) It’ll be too hot if you put that much This is how I relieve my stress Mmm So tasty The warm water Yes takes the hot flavor from my mouth That’s right It’s like I’m having spicy Kimchi stew (I agree with you) That’s right Thanks to the warm water Pork shoulder is really low in fat,
isn’t it? Yes We eat tenderloin often when we eat beef Yes, always tenderloin I thought tenderloin would make me fat, but actually it wouldn’t Yes, it’s relieving Yes I applied a facial mask When you go on a diet, it’s important to take care of skin Mmm Great I just use every facial mask
I have at home everyday It’s been so dry and cold nowadays so I’ve applied masks and
moisturizing cream, but sometimes I think I need more That’s why I take this I’m trying to take this regularly I’ll drink this now I’ll take one, too I thought you had before I’d like to have one more You should take a bottle per day Do you like it? You finished so fast It’s easy to drink it all at once He’s gone There are many
collagen supplements nowadays You should check if it’s highly
absorbable or not It’ll be good to check properly
before you buy one Look This product contains 5000mg of collagen with low molecular weight ‘Small molecule fish collagen’ The low molecular weight provides effective absorption I read the instruction carefully when I take this kind of product Collagen, hyaluronic acid, Vitamin B6… It contains a lot of nutrients It feels like drinking
a bottle of this product makes me healthier and more beautiful That’s why I take this regularly Hello I just came back home I’m going to grab a bite because I’m so hungry now Ta-da In a previous video about
‘Shantokki diet’, I told you that I eat muscat grapes when I’m craving for something sweet Looks like many of you don’t know
how much you should eat I’ll show you Even this is too much (What?) This is an ideal amount(8~10 grapes) This is a single serving I’ve been watching you
going on a diet Looks like many of you
eat too much This is a serving per day (Yum) When you feel hungry all of a sudden, don’t eat whatever you’d like to eat Take something sweet first like this (Yum) It’ll prevent from eating too much Be careful not to eat too much You’ll gain weight Eat moderately Onions are ready I’m making myself ready to enjoy the meat Like this I’m ready to eat It’s the same Nothing has changed Today, I grilled beef tenderloin Wow, this looks so great See? The same side dishes My diet is very simple Cheongyang peppers and onions If you can’t eat something hot, you don’t have to prepare peppers I eat those because
I don’t use any sauce If you can’t give up rice, put brown rice just a little I’m going to have some brown rice Just a little With onions (Whose hand is this?) (Her husband) Mmm Great It’s tasty We forgot to bring water Which one do you prefer
between pork shoulder and beef tenderloin? Beef tenderloin is better I recommend pork shoulder
for diet beginners and beef tenderloin for experienced dieters You know what I mean? Yes Mmm – This is tasty
– Yes We usually make Ssam like this, but it’ll be fine with more ingredients Not only sesame leaves but also lettuce If you’re a big fan of vegetables Because I’m eating without sauce, I’m already full after having 5 I think I’ve had enough Right It feels like I’m full I think I should stop here Yes You’re full, aren’t you? – This is enough
– Right – That’s right
– Yes I forgot to tell you You can bring your lunch like this Prepare a small lunch box and put Ssam like this Good luck for your diet I’ve maintained my weight loss for a long time I’ve tried and studied new diet methods I’ll do my best to develop
better methods so that you’ll go on a diet without failing Please leave a comment about your diet story See you in the next episode Bye Hop

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  14. Thank you for inspiring content. I'm 130 lbs trying to lose 10-15 lbs. It's been a week and I'm already crying. I want it to go fast but it's not 🙁

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