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정찬성이 매일 먹는 ‘이것’. UFC 선수들이 먹는 고단백 음식 리뷰! [High Protein Food Review, Korean Zombie Chan Sung Jung]

The UFC sends me all of these. I think this has about XXX calories. Same goes to the ones over here, UFC sent me these, too. Hello everyone, my name is Chan Sung Jung AKA The Korean Zombie, and I am a fighter in the UFC. Right now, I am in Phoenix, Arizona in the U.S. and this is the Airbnb I am staying at with my members. Today I will be sharing what kind of food is inside this fridge as well as the food I eat. Let’s start off… with this side… We have some Coca Cola and Sprite but these aren’t for me. There’s milk – which is also not for me Also wine… which isn’t for me either. I drink coffee in the mornings Gatorade is for those days we go full-on with our workouts and this one’s an important fella. This Greek yogurt has 15 grams of protein, and it’s nice to have as a snack during the day since my diet mainly consists of high protein. it helps with my bowel movement VERY SERIOUS Overall, it’s a good one to eat throughout the day. There are a lot of food here This one’s from Trifecta. Steak sent by the UFC. WE RECEIVED IT IN A PACKAGE LIKE THIS! We got a package. It’s so heavy… Got a bit of veggies And some fruit. WHAT’S IN THE FREEZER? We received a bunch of food from Trifecta, so there’s quite a lot inside I normally move the ones I’ll be eating that day out from the freezer to the fridge. Oh here it is – I use this as an ice pack after hardcore sparring sessions to cool my head down. AWKWARD Green grapes! YUM These are also very important – the supplements I take These are all from Thorne this one is protein… what was this one again? These are the vitamins I take in the mornings, and I take these at night and Amino Complex, which is the second-most important after protein and Beta Alanine-SR, which is the third-most important. PLEASE CONSULT A QUALIFIED PHYSICIAN OR OTHER HEALTHCARE PROFESSIONAL BEFORE TAKING ANY SUPPLEMENTS DISCUSSED IN THIS VIDEO We have some water over here. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12 12 bottles in total and they’re usually gone within two days if not, one and a half if we’re parched ALL THE WATER DRAINING OUT AS SWEAT Here we have all the things I eat throughout the day laid out over here, including all my supplements What Korean Zombie eats for Breakfast: For breakfast, I eat scrambled eggs and potatoes. It says on the package how many calories it consists of, and I believe this one has about 200kcals. But because this isn’t going to fill me up, I have half an avocado, some green leaves only about this much and if there’s not enough meat, I eat an extra 1~2 slices of bread This is normally everything I eat before I work out. A NORMAL BREAKFAST FOR MMA FIGHTERS: Avocados, eggs, rice, veggies, fruits, bread… … and peanut butter. Throughout the day, I drink coffee, especially at lunch time and after training in the morning, I typically have a Greek yogurt. WHY GREEK YOGHURT IS IMPORTANT:
HELPS WITH MY BOWEL MOVEMENT What Korean Zombie eats for Lunch and Dinner: Just like breakfast,
lunch and dinner is provided by the UFC. We’ve got salmon Sometimes, they give us protein-based foods only, and other times, they send us pre-cooked meals I tend to incorporate a piece of protein whether it may be salmon or beef, into one pre-cooked meal Next up, we have these protein bars that I’ve recently become obsessed with THEY TASTE REALLY GOOD A MUST-BUY ITEM AT THE GROCERY STORE A MUST-BUY ITEM AT THE GROCERY STORE
In love with these protein bars ♡ There’s a lot of supplements here, and all of these have been given to me by the UFC. So it got me thinking, it wouldn’t be so bad to reside in the U.S. as a fighter since everything a fighter needs on a daily basis is basically given to you They send you supplements, food, they help you train at the P.I. (UFC Performance Institute) and they even give you a physical exam. There’s a reason why MMA fighters are wanting to sign with the UFC. FLASHBACK
They don’t pay for anything, FLASHBACK
so I have to pay out of my own pocket. Q. What do the other athletes eat?
Can you call them here? Alright, let’s ask my friend with long neck and torso FLASHBACK
He’s 183cm tall and we have a 10cm difference in sitting height SEUNG MIN BAIK His broke his nose on his first sparring session in the U.S. He got hit on the nose and cried because it hurt. I really didn’t cry. I was pissed off with myself So this is SEUNG MIN BAIK, who was pissed off with himself This is my big-headed friend, Mun Ho Park and my short armed friend, Jun Young Hong Q. What do you guys typically eat? They like eating these, junk food. They had pizza earlier Here is my short-armed friend, Jun Young. DAEGU’S SHORT ARMS
(Hometown: Daegu, South Korea) Are you asking what I eat? The things I normally eat are… curses, criticisms… I eat those a lot. EXPECTED LIFE EXPECTANCY: 200 YEARS So I’m full most of the time, thanks to that. I drink a lot of alcohol. 90% of all the beers here belong to my big-headed, friend, who has a knee injury. My big-headed friend, who hurt his knee two days after his next fight was confirmed. Q. What was the most delicious food you guys had ever since you got here? The food here is really good. But if you had to pick one. Hmmm… The pizza we just had from Domino’s was pretty good. Bacon and kimchi THIS WITTY GUY KNOWS WHAT TO SAY
She (KZ’s wife)’s so good at cooking THIS WITTY GUY KNOWS WHAT TO SAY
that I don’t get homesick from missing all the food in Korea. Q. As MMA athletes, what are your thoughts when you see Chan Sung eat all these Jealous of course, because these are so expensive. You mean you feel bad for me. Of course we’re jealous These are food that we can’t even cook Eat it then! Q. What do you normally eat in Korea when prepping for a fight? We’re supposed to eat things like these cook meals with both veggies and meat I mean, not these since these are microwavable… I go to Costco and buy cheap groceries in bulk and try to eat similarly to this. We have to buy each and every one of those supplements as well. UFC’s amazing. I am very jealous. You can always eat these. Yeah, only when I have a fight coming up… I wouldn’t take these everyday Thank you so much. PLEASE LIKE SUBSCRIBE (AND COMMENT)

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  1. *업로드 되는 영상은 수개월 전에 촬영된 영상입니다.

    12월 21일 부산에서 열리는 프랭키 에드가전 많이 응원해주세요🔥

    *영어 자막은 화면 하단 설정에서 자막클릭 후 영어를 선택하시면 확인하실 수 있습니다!!

    *You can add ENG subs in the settings below the screen:)

  2. 작년에 에드가전 성사 안돼서 정말 아쉬웠는데…이번에 부산에 직접 보러갑니다! 기대할게요!

  3. 항상 직원? 제자?분들 이 너무 주늑들어있는 느낌ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

    정선수님 카메라 없을 때 보일러실 데려가는 거 아니죠?ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  4. 찬성이형을 보면 항상 조금더 조금더 할수있다는 의지를 배웁니다. 형님 시합때문에 정신없고 힘드실텐데 힘내시구 근황영상 감사합니다. 항상 응원해요

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    코좀 화이팅! 힘내세욥!🥊

  6. 응원합니다. 정찬성 선수~ 부상없이 에드가와 좋은 경기 끝마쳤으면 좋겠어요. 져도 되요 이미 당신은 레전드. 화이팅!

  7. 꼭 이기시기 바랍니다. 알도도 벤텀으로 가고 프랭키도 벤텀으로 가고… 강경호 선수도 챔피언 벨트 따야 하는데 정찬성 선수까지 벤텀가지 마시고 프랭키 할로웨이 때려잡고 페더급 챔피언 하세요

  8. 2주 남기고, 코리안좀비를 상대로 오르테가 대체선수를 수락한 에드가가 무모한건지…아님 그래도 네임밸류 있는 선수가 나서준걸 고맙다고 해야 할지 모르겠으나, 정찬성 선수가 충분히 어렵지 않게 잡아낼수 있다고 믿습니다.
    부상없이 승리 쟁취하시길 기도합니다

  9. 옷 왜 벗고있냐는 뎃글 단 불편러 새끼들은 집안에서 상투틀고 배넷저고리 입고 다니냐? 백의민족 양반들 나셨네ㅋㅋ현실은 방구석에서 빤스만 입고 몇일째 씻지도 않고 손톱에 때껴가지고 키보드만 타다닥 거리면서 밥만 축내는 히키코모리일듯.

  10. 애드가 굉장히 저돌적이던데 일단. 잡히면 않될듯 무릅킥 적절사용 하심좋을듯
    들어올때. 한방에ㅊㅋ 암튼 꼭 승리하세요. 홧팅

  11. 마트 진열대급 맥주들 뭔가요? 상식적으로 선수 위해서 스탭들이 같이 참고 고생하는줄 알았는데… 제가 정찬성 선수면 그냥 안놔둡니다…

  12. 순수하게 궁금해서 그런데 "제가"라는 표현을 안쓰고 "내가" 라는 표현을 항상 쓰시던데 이유가 있는건지요?

  13. 나 이번경기 너무 걱정돼… 빨리 끝날까봐….
    치킨 뜯기도 전에 끝내지마!
    화이팅!! 이길수있드아~~~~~~

  14. 정찬성 선수님 원래 안경 쓰시나요? 시력이 궁금합니다. 훈련 및 시합시에 렌즈? 착용하시는지 궁금합니다!

  15. Ironic that KZ will fight in Korea but training in the States. No home court advantage, it would seem. He's gonna have to fly over there and re-acclimate to the time zone, etc…

  16. 볼때마다 직업은 파이턴데 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ왜 자꾸 말하는게 연봉높은 수입차딜러같에 ㅋㅋ톤도좋고 차분하니 말잘하는듯

  17. 정찬성선수!
    짱 입니다.
    체중조절 대단합니다.
    마무리 잘 하세요~~
    이번에는 니킥으로 마무리 하세요.
    아니면 어퍼컷
    주위에 함께하는 선수가 많네요. 훈련경비가 많이 들겠습니다.

  18. Ufc의 손흥민같은존재
    정찬성선수이미 자랑스러운선수에요~

  19. HI Zombie, you are an Amazing fighter!!! Thank you for the food tips, I eat healthy too,, wow you do awesome,teachings,, to help to keep us fit,, Thank you.. You have an wonderful family and a very successful career ,, very prod of you.. Omg lays are my favorite ,,also fish, and chicken.. Zombie you also need plenty of rest. Love ya man,,more of Gods Blessings to come!! AOMG for life. Sha Sha ! Smile

  20. (내가)라는 말 버릇이신거같은데 글에서도 그렇고 영상에서도 "제가"라고하시면 더 좋을듯합니다 불편하게보시는 분들이 꽤 있더라고요

  21. 린스컴 전성기시절 햄버거 3개,감자튀김2개 밀크쉐이크를 한끼로 먹던데 복싱,격투기선수들은 감량때문에 음식도 마음대로 못먹는구나 😢
    아무튼 형님 화이팅 입니다

  22. 연봉높은 수입차딜러같다는 말ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 파이터인데 말을 잘하시네요 역시 챔피언이 될 실력과 동시에 인기도 끌 입담도 가지고계시네요

  23. 아 새벽에 보는데 탑클래스 선수가 먹는 식단이라 그런지 그리 맛있어보이진 않지만,,,, 배고파졌어

  24. 찬성형님 안경 쓰시는데 시력 안좋으신가요? 시력 안 좋아도 격투기 하는데 지장없나요? 전 시력이 별로 안 좋아서

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