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🐔Protein in an 8 oz Chicken Breast

Chicken breasts are included in many popular
eating plans, especially when they’re designed for weight loss and muscle building. Its high-protein, low-carbohydrate combo works
well in diets and it’s often more appealing than just eating vegetables alone. Many customers prefer to buy an 8-ounce chicken
breast. For some of them, it is enough for a week,
while serious athletes could consume it in a single day. According to different sources, an 8 ounces raw chicken breast contains around 50 grams protein. After cooking, however, 8 ounces of fried
or baked chicken breast contains about 70 grams of protein. If you need very accurate data, carefully
check product labels before buying any product. I should admit that nutritional facts about
the same product differ in available databases and on supermarket shelves. Almost 80 % of the calories you can get from
8 ounces of chicken breast come from protein. The remaining 20 % of the calories are fat. If you are not a fan of chicken breasts but
still want to take advantage of their beneficial protein, you can replace them with chicken
thighs. The thigh offers enough protein with the additional
benefit of providing more nutrients. It is also cheaper—you just need to deal
with a bone when preparing or eating. Another alternative is shrimp. You will get around 50 grams of protein and
only 4 grams of fat eating 8 ounces of shrimp. Salmon is also a good replacement for chicken
breast. A serving of 8 ounces of salmon provides 46
grams of protein. It does contain a bit more fat than chicken
breasts. Does it provide enough protein? On average, 70 grams are enough to provide
your body the amount of protein it needs per day if you lead a sedentary lifestyle. According to the Dietary Reference Intake,
people need 0.36 grams of protein per pound of body weight every day. This number is the recommended requirement
of the human body to operate and prevent protein deficiency. However, your body requires more to exercise
intensely and also during low carb diets. In these cases, you even need to double your
protein intake.

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