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Know the benefits it brings to your
body eat ripe bananas bananas a perennial fruit and very
delicious favorite of many in me case I love my children and not even say
bananas or cambur as it is known in some regions it is one of the fruits
that we should add on a regular basis to our diet not only for its taste
sweet which kids love but for the large amount of nutrients
that brings to our body before continuing tell us in the
comments by what name you are known to this fruit in your country This is a fruit whose benefits are very
known but there are many who think that very ripe bananas are not
good to consume especially those that they have a black color in their shell already
that many properties are lost and may cause damage to the body
but let me tell you this is not true since there are studies that have
proven that when you reach this point of ripeness bananas are much better
for physical and mental health if the texture and taste of bananas
they change in the maturation process until you reach this point
but its properties and nutrients are concentrate and become healthier
this time we will show you some benefits that you will get at
consume ripe bananas you will be surprised if you like the idea of ​​taking care of your health
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i will leave you a heart benefits that your body gets when
you eat ripe bananas number 1 offers protection against
Cancer according to a study conducted in
Japan has been proven that bananas that acquire a higher degree of maturity
they have an antioxidant and immune effect stimulator which offers us a
protection against the development of carcinogenic diseases
It is said that the darker it becomes the banana peel when ripe
best benefits brings to our body for cancer prevention
according to studies these effects of cancer prevention come from
a substance called necrosis factor Tumor of Jan Efe which is produced
by the immune system and it also found in bananas ideal number 2 to combat heartburn
gastric bananas have properties that
allow to combat gastric acidity thanks to its anti acid power
on the other hand it is recommended in the treatment of any discomfort
indigestion related This fruit offers us properties
which regulate the stomach ph preventing ulcer formation
stomach and acid reflux number 3 bananas are good for
strengthen our defenses when a banana manages to fill with
brown spots necrosis factor tumor looks has increased so
considerable this increase in this substance is much
more effective in increasing blood cells white in the blood
this effect is up to eight times greater if we compare it with the skin bananas
green and those without spots the tumor necrosis factor has the
ability to increase the amount of antibodies in the body preventing
serious diseases develop This is a cytokine which is released
of some cells of our system immune having effects
considerable in another cell group number 4 a good ally of our health
cardiovascular bananas are very well known for
be a rich source of potassium a mineral that helps maintain a
optimal cardiovascular health regulating the blood pressure of our body
potassium is a mineral which has an important role in the process of
sodium balance in our organism
when consumed it gives us benefits for coronary heart disease prevention
as well as reducing the risk of suffer strokes
It is also important to note that bananas are rich in soluble fiber the
which is essential to maintain the control of cholesterol levels and
protect the heart muscle number 5 take care of bone health even if you don’t believe the potassium present
in ripe bananas too contribute to bone health care
since potassium acts in the process of regulation of calcium levels as well
like the blood ph preventing that our bones deteriorate there are studies in which they indicate the
potassium consumption shows a positive association with bone density
in elderly women suggesting that the increase in
consumption of foods rich in potassium can play a role in the
osteoporosis prevention number 6 relieves stress bananas contain tryptophan a
amino acid that contributes in the serotonin production which is
mood related improves the quality of sleep and therefore
decrease stress episodes also improves mood in
people with depression thanks to increased serotonin in the body number 7 remedy for constipation since bananas are rich in fiber the
become one of the best natural foods to treat
constipation symptoms it should be noted that we can take advantage of
shells that have black spots for prepare infusions that help
decrease the symptoms of digestion heavy since in them there is a
higher fiber concentration number 8 increase energy
bananas the more ripe they are its energy value will be increased
greatly improving our mental and physical performance ideal for
consume in those situations that we they demand a lot number 9 premenstrual syndrome since bananas contain vitamin b6
They play an important role in lessen some effects caused by
premenstrual syndrome if you consume bananas daily you can
reduce abdominal pain it also helps keep you relaxed and
improve your mood during these days
many people try to avoid banana consumption especially when
they have a diet to lose weight
This is due to the bad reputation they have given to bananas considering the one
of the most caloric fruits in the world but it should be noted that bananas
they only contain 90 calories for each 100 grams so include it in
proper portions will not alter from no way your diet however we
will benefit in multiple ways Now that you know these benefits
What does eating bananas offer you? mature waiting to include it in your
diet we have reached the end of this edition
of easy remedies 24 for today We say goodbye not before inviting you to
tell us in the comments yes did you know these benefits that brings the
consume ripe bananas if you have arrived here tell us what country you visit us
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  1. Hola. Si. Yo consumo a diario. Son buenísimas para la. Salud Aquí en Chile se llaman plátanos… Amanda desde. Santiago de. Chile. 🤗😘🌞🌞🇨🇱🇨🇱🇨🇱🇨🇱🇨🇱🌷🌷🌷🥀🥀🥀🌈🌈🌈

  2. bananos en Uruguay ninguna fruta puede ser buena si no esta madura puesto que la madurez proporciona nutrientes X tanto cuanto más madura más nutrientes

  3. Platano, Banana, Banano,
    is the same fruit, in different places.
    Misma fruits con diferentes nombres locales to areas

  4. Me gusta mucho el vídeo de YOPAL CASANARE Colombia 🇨🇴 Pedro M Hurtatis gracias aleluya. Quiero saber para la migraña hurgente por favor

  5. Buena noche. Aqui en colombia se llaman. Banano se hace jugo con el cuando esta muy maduro se hace. En. Lechs no se le hecha dulce porque ya lo trae. Saludos desde.colombia bella


  7. No sabía q esta fruta tenía tantos beneficios soy de Colombia y acá se yama banano muy buenos sus consejos

  8. Gracias ahora se de los muchos beneficios del plátano,banano EXCELENTE INFORMACIÓN
    Saludos desde USA, NORTH CAROLINA ❤ FELÍZ AÑO 2020 😀

  9. Muy bueno este video de las bananas, me facinan y en mi pais (Colombia) se producen las mejores. Gracias por compartir esa información. Cordial saludo.

  10. Hola..gracias x la info.Yo no comía Bananas maduras por que aquí los nutricionistas decían que si comiamos la banana cuando ya esta pasada de madura te engorda más por que tiene más azucar¿ será cierto esto? Saludos /Usabel de Mar del Plata .Argentina

  11. Le hablo de Panamá. No estaba muy enterada de los beneficios de la banana..me a encantado ,porqué es mi fruta favorita. Gracias.

  12. Muchas felicidades, excelente material, excelente exposición. No sabía estás propiedades. En mi país se conoce como plátano. . Saludos Desde Reynosa TaTaTaTaTaTamaulipas México.

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