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one to see it. Hello, Today I want to present to you, IF YOU CONSUME THESE HEALTHY FOODS AT THE
WRONG TIME, THEY CAN BE HARMFUL! FIND OUT WHEN YOU SHOULD CONSUME THEM!. Eating the healthy foods at wrong hours can
make you obese or bloated. But, today we will tell you when to consume
them. This is the best timing for these foods. Curd. Best time to eat: Day aids the digestion and soothes the digestive
system. Worst time to eat: Night if you are prone to cough and cold,
it can lead to mucus formation. Rice. Best time to eat: Lunch the metabolism is higher during the
day, so you can use the carbohydrates. Worst time to eat: Night it will only increase the body fat. Apples. Best time to eat: Morning the apple peel contains the fiber
pectin that prevents constipation and aids in bowel movements. Also, it eliminates the carcinogens. Worst time to eat: Night or Evening the organic acids from the
apple will increase the acid levels in the stomach and that can lead to discomfort. Also, the pectin will burden the digestive
system at night. Banana. Best time to eat: Noon the banana is highly fibrous and helps
in digestion. Also, the bananas can work like a natural
antacid that will soothe the heartburn. Worst time to eat: Night if you eat the banana at night that
can lead to mucus formation and also a cold. If you eat it on an empty stomach you can
upset your stomach because the banana is a rich source of magnesium. Meat. Best time to eat: Noon the meat is really hard food to digest. The meat is high in protein that improves
the concentration levels and helps in gaining physical strength if is consumed during the
daytime. Worst time to eat:
Night the meat is high in protein and it might weigh heavily on the digestive system and
that will give you a very uncomfortable night. Beans and Pulses. Best time to eat: Night the beans and lentils are high in fiber,
they can reduce the cholesterol levels and help in digestion. Also, they will assist you to get a good sleep. Worst time to eat: Morning if you eat fibrous foods like beans
and lentils during the daytime or in the morning, it may increase the appetite and that can
lead you to binge eat. Walnuts. Best time to eat: Evening the walnuts have many beneficial compounds
like antioxidants and Omega 3 fats. They can improve your brain health. Worst time to eat: Night, Noon Morning, if you eat walnuts during
these parts of the day, it may reduce its effectiveness. Apricots and Figs. Best time to eat: Early Morning if you eat apricots and figs
in the morning, they will boost the metabolism and also warms up your digestive system. Worst time to eat:
Night if you eat apricots and figs at night that might lead to gas troubles and indigestion. Cheese. Best time to eat: Early Morning the cheese is an amazing substitute
for meat for the vegetarians. If it is eaten in moderation, it can prevent
bloating and weight gain. Worst time to eat: Night, because the cheese is heavy to digest
and it can lead to fat gain and indigestion. Milk. Best time to eat: Night, the warm milk can help you in getting
a good sleep at night, and it soothes your body. Worst time to eat: Morning, the milk can be hard to digest and
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