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cholesterol you should avoid and which high cholesterol foods if you can
eat cholesterol is important in the
generation of hormones vitamin d and the Bile needed to be digestible
fats and is an essential component of each cell forming part of the wall
cell which allows you to meet dozens of essential functions
the liver produces cholesterol but it also occurs through consumption
of food mainly of origin animal
the ldl or bad cholesterol is related to the accumulation of plaques
in the arteries while the hdl or ‘good’ cholesterol protects against
vascular diseases given that it serves to lower cholesterol deposition
bad in the arteries when consuming extra cholesterol your body what
compensates by reducing the levels of cholesterol produced naturally by
the opposite when the intake of dietary cholesterol is low your
organism and increases its production In this video we will teach you about
best foods to consume and those that you should avoid to have an adequate
cholesterol level if you like the idea of ​​taking care of your health
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on the comments We will start with meals with high
cholesterol content you should avoid number 1 processed meats a recent study published by a
cardiology institute in milan ha established the consumption ratio of
processed meat with the disease cardiovascular which is linked not
just for its fat content and cholesterol but also by iron
sodium and additives that may have a effect on blood vessels the researchers have determined that
meat preservatives processed constitute a greater risk
also fat consumption visible in the meat portion in
contrast lean red meat without preservatives is associated with a minor
cardiovascular risk eat high cholesterol foods
It is a big problem for health since increases the risk of developing
heart diseases number 2 if you suffer from high cholesterol
you should avoid whole dairy there are people who don’t upload them
dairy cholesterol because no all organisms are equal but
there are some people that yes if in the laboratories you still get out
high cholesterol may be the cause be the whole dairy the fats
saturated found in whole dairy products elevates the
lipoprotein cholesterol levels Low density or LDL also known
as the type of bad cholesterol over time high ldl cholesterol
can lead to diseases cardiovascular diseases such as atherosclerosis
or artery disease coronary
for example cheese is one of the main food sources of
saturated fats and this will make the cholesterol is on the rise
Dairy products have benefits when consume it due to its high content of
protein and calcium so you should consume skim milk products
this eliminates the risk of eating fat and excess cholesterol and avoid risk
of suffering cardiovascular problems and metabolic number 3 the margarine the
margarine can be so loaded with cholesterol because margarine
It is made from vegetable oils unsaturated most people
assume that it would be better for health than the butter which is known to
It contains a lot of cholesterol and fats saturated this assumption is incorrect
studies have shown that some forms of margarine are worse than the
butter this is because it contains large amounts of trans fat from
oil is partially hydrogenated number 4 fast foods consumption
Fast food is a risk factor important for numerous diseases
chronic as heart disease diabetes and obesity
people who consume frequently fast food or junk tend to have
higher cholesterol higher fat abdominal higher levels of
inflammation and decreased blood sugar regulation
Recent studies have agreed that the most popular hamburgers of the
national fast food chains contain at least 170 and 5
milligrams of cholesterol keep in mind that fast food or
junk food also has a high trans salt fat content
and preservatives and absorption sugars fast they are not beneficial to the
metabolism number 5 sugary desserts
sugary desserts like ice cream biscuit cakes and other sweets
contain calories and fats not healthy enjoy these foods
often can affect negatively general health and
lead to weight gain research has related the
additional sugar intake with the obesity diabetes heart disease
cognitive impairment and certain types of Cancer before continuing we will reveal a
very frequently asked question I can eat eggs and I have cholesterol
high the eggs have a high content of
cholesterol but the effect of consuming egg in blood cholesterol is
minimum if compared to the effect of trans fats and saturated fats
if eggs are one of the foods more nutritious than you can eat though
have high cholesterol content by example eating an egg a day gives us
211 milligrams of cholesterol people frequently avoid
consumption of eggs for fear that they may make cholesterol shoot them
studies show that eating an egg whole can raise cholesterol
good hdl Now let’s see what foods help you
lower cholesterol number 1 avocado avocados are a fruit
exceptionally rich in nutrients by same as a rich source of fat
monounsaturated and fiber 2 nutrients that they help reduce bad cholesterol and
raise the good in a recent study adults with
overweight and obesity with ldl cholesterol high they ate avocado daily
reduced their ldl levels more than those who did not a
investigation that was carried out in a Boston Nutrition Center determined
that avocado-rich diets don’t produce no increase in
ldl cholesterol levels and triglycerides concluding that it is
of a rich and healthy food for the cardiovascular system number 2 oats
a first step to reduce the cholesterol is to take a bowl of oatmeal or
oatmeal breakfast cereal which gives you 1 to 2 grams of fiber
soluble you can add a banana or some
Strawberries oats and barley are grains rich in a type of fiber called
betaglucan that can help you reduce cholesterol
when you ingest betaglucan a kind of gel that binds to cholesterol
already bile in the intestines this helps limit the amount of
cholesterol that is absorbed from the intestine to blood indeed a study
made in asia determined that the regular oatmeal consumption reduces
total cholesterol by 5% and the 10% bad cholesterol or LDL
number 3 almonds and nuts nuts like nuts and
almonds are foods rich in nutrients and in turn have a high
monounsaturated fat content Walnuts are also rich in omega 3 a
type of associated monounsaturated fats with good heart health
almonds and other nuts are particularly rich in l arginine a
amino acid that helps your body to produce nitric oxide this in turn
helps regulate blood pressure all nuts are rich in
Vitamin and magnesium and potassium proteins and contain plant sterols
natural and other plant nutrients that help keep your body healthy and
avoid diseases number 4 fruits and vegetables
fruits and vegetables can help protect against heart disease
strokes and some types of cancer are rich in mineral vitamins
and plant chemicals that help you stay healthy and prevent
diseases they contain little or no fat and also
they are low in calories so they can help you maintain a healthy weight legumes like pea beans and
lentils are particularly high in this type of fiber
sweet potato eggplant broccoli apples strawberries and plums pass
also as very good options number 5 tomatoes
consume tomatoes if you want to keep your cholesterol under control
tomatoes are an important source of a plant compound called lycopene
which reduces ldl cholesterol levels you must take food into account
what you should avoid and those that are good for your health to avoid
accumulation of fat in the arteries We hope this information is from
great help if you got here tell us what
country you visit us to send you a health of the comments
see you in an upcoming edition of easy remedies 24


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