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ten foods you can eat on a diet when it
comes to losing weight most people assume that the secret is slimming down
and shedding those extra pounds is simply to consume less food on average
but the real secret to losing weight might not be eating less per se but
instead eating better while the human body needs a certain amount of calories
every day to keep firing on all cylinders where you’re getting those
calories from can have a significant impact on your overall health and weight
are you snacking on foods that are low in nutritional value and high in empty
calories are you selecting foods to eat that will ensure you’re getting the most
nutritional bang for your buck to make things a little bit easier here’s a list
of weight-loss friendly foods that can make an ideal addition to your weight
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what you eat can make a major difference in how successful you are in meeting
your weight-loss goals as nutritional researcher Chris Gunners of Health Line
suggests not all calories are created equal
here’s a list of 10 foods which according to Gunnar’s have been
scientifically proven to help you when it comes to losing weight number 1 eggs
in addition to being a dense source of nutrients a healthy helping of eggs
leaves you feeling full and satiated for longer periods of time making them an
ideal choice for breakfast foods compared to car peppy foods like bagels
eggs are also a major source of protein and healthy fat which means they shell
out plenty of nutritional value to help you start your day off right so what are
you waiting for get crackin number two leafy greens this category of
foods includes kale spinach collards and Swiss chards as well as several other
types of edible leaf egde –that make a positive contribution in nearly any
healthy diet leafy greens are low in calories and carbs and also come packed
with healthy servings of fiber and antioxidants if you’re trying to lose
weight be sure not to leave these greens out of your meal plan number three
salmon if it’s good enough for a grizzly bear it is good enough for you fatty
fish such as salmon come packed to the gills with nutrients such as high
quality protein healthy fats and iodine an essential nutrient for thyroid
function and managing your body’s metabolism salmon is also rich in
omega-3 fatty acids which according to the research are helpful for your body
to reduce inflammation and prevent obesity and metabolic diseases if you’re
fishing for more seafood suggestions to improve your diet you can also cast a
wide net by including other fatty fish such as mackerel trout sardines and
herring number four cruciferous vegetables the term cruciferous
vegetables refers to veggies such as broccoli cauliflower cabbage and
Brussels sprouts in other words all the foods your parents made you eat as a kid
before you are allowed to leave the table while they might have seemed
unappetizing back then it might change your mind to learn that these veggies
are a good source of fiber as well as relatively high in protein making them a
useful meat alternative for plant-based listeners out there
now let’s see if you can clean your plate or no dessert for you young man number five beef and chicken butt
besties you might say I thought meat was
unhealthy well processed meat is indeed not great
for your health studies have indicated that unprocessed red meat does not in
fact increase your risk of heart disease or diabetes and correlations between red
meat and cancer are similarly weak and inconclusive in fact
Gunnar’s suggests that not only is meat less harmful than we initially thought
it’s high protein content also makes it beneficial for weight loss this is
because protein is the most filling nutrient by far and a diet that is high
in protein can also assist in helping you burn extra calories throughout the
day just make sure you’re still getting your nutrients that meat can’t offer
such as vitamin C and fiber for more info on that you can check out one of
our other videos 9 reasons to eat more protein number 6 boiled potatoes there’s
a reason potatoes were an entire country staple crop for the longest time
potatoes are packed with an extremely dense variety of nutrients so many in
fact that there have been reports of people living for extended periods of
time on a diet of nothing but potatoes these versatile tubers are rich in
potassium an important nutrient that helps control blood pressure as well as
extremely filling to help deter loading up on empty calories from other food
sources additionally letting potatoes cool after
you boil them will also cause them to form high amounts of resistant starch
which is a fiber like substance that’s been linked to benefits such as improved
weight loss number seven tuna you can tune a piano
but can you tune a fish tuna is a lean a low-calorie source of
protein that’s popular among bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts as
a way of loading up on protein while minimizing calories and fat intake if
you’re on a diet that puts an emphasis on protein the chicken of the sea might
be a good place to start just make sure you’re buying it from an ecologically
sustainable source number eight legumes beans lentils and other legumes are yet
another healthy source of protein and fiber to help you manage your weight and
reach your weight-loss goals like boiled potatoes mini legumes also contain some
amount of resistant starch which as we said before has been linked to weight
loss as well number nine soups foods that contain a
large amount of water typically have a low energy density meaning that they
make people consume fewer calories than high density foods since soup is a
liquid saying it contains a large amount of water feels a little bit like a
no-brainer in fact by taking other foods and using
them as ingredients in soup you can expect to feel more sated and get fewer
calories from the meal than if you had just simply eaten the ingredients as a
solid food so the next time you’re dining out maybe consider asking your
server about the soup of the day number 10 cottage cheese for those of
you who aren’t vegan or lactose-intolerant dairy based products
can be a highly beneficial source of protein one of the best examples of this
is caught as cheese which contains a huge amount of protein while also being
relatively low in carbs and fat dairy products such as cottage cheese are also
high in calcium which is also believed to help your body burn excess fat say
cheese as you can see people looking to start
their personal weight-loss journey don’t have to feel as though their options are
restricted when it comes to food when you’re in the mindset of dieting
chances are you’re only focused on losing weight and not much else
rather than simply counting calories a healthy meal plan should be all about
making sure your body gets the essential nutrients it needs to stay functional
and efficient and of course just because something is healthy doesn’t mean it
can’t also taste good in fact the ten food items we’ve listed here only
scratch the surface when it comes to healthy and nutritional food choices the
help with weight loss be on the lookout for part two of this video in which we
tell you about ten more foods to help you make healthy choices and meet all of
your weight loss goals if you’re wondering how to lose weight remember
that to lose weight you must not only change up your diet but also add
activity and exercise into your life listen to your body try out what works
for you to enjoy this video are you excited to see part two of this series
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