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10 Best Hip Strengthening Exercises to Relieve Hip Pain – Ask Doctor Jo

hey everybody it’s Doctor Jo and Bear, and
today we’re going to show you the top 10 hip exercises. so let’s get started. so a lot you to ask me, how many should I do of each? well it really depends on if you have a specific injury or if you’re
just doing strengthening in general. I usually recommend just starting off with
10 of each and see how you feel. but if you have a specific injury make sure and
ask your doctor or physical therapist. number one. pelvic tilts. pelvic tilts are
my favorite for a lot of different things: low back pain, hip pain, all those
kind of things. but it’s a great way to start strengthening those hip muscles.
for a supine pelvic tilt, lie down on the ground with your legs propped up feet
flat on the ground, and imagine that you’re trying to squish your hand if it
was underneath you. so push down rotate the hips and come back up. number two, bridging. bridging is another
one of my favorites where it’s working a whole lot of muscles. it’s working your
hamstrings, it’s working your gluteus maximus, and it’s really just getting
those hips moving to get some strengthening in there. for bridging,
bring both knees up and put your feet flat on the ground. you can put your arms
by your side and then lift your bottom up off the ground just to about level. so
you don’t want to arch your back, and you don’t want it sagging, just bring it up
level and then slowly come back down. number three, clam shells. clam shells are
really good for your gluteus medius and the TFL and IT band all the way down.
make sure you’re doing them correctly because if you’re not doing them
correctly, you’re not quite getting that strengthening that you need. for the clam
shell in side lying, lie on your side with the side you want
to exercise up on top. make sure your hips are perpendicular to the ground. so
you don’t want to roll back, but stay up top. then with your knees bent, bring that
leg up just like you’re opening up like a clamshell. number four, hip flexion in supine. so
basically that straight leg raise. it’s really important to keep your leg as
straight as you can, and if you pull your toes out that will help lock everything
out, and that’s really going to get those hip flexor muscles working. for supine
straight leg raise lying on your back, prop one knee up, and then the leg you
want to strengthen put it straight out and pull your toes up towards you to
lock out your knee. keep that knee nice and straight and then just lift your leg
almost equal to the other side and then slowly come back down. number five, sideline hip abduction. this
is a great one again to work those outer muscles. make sure you’re still keeping
your leg straight and keeping those toes pulled tight. for hip abduction in side
lying, the leg you’re going to exercise is going to be on top. you can slightly bend
the bottom leg for comfort, but keep the top leg in a straight line. pull your
toes up tight and just bring it up and then control it coming back down. number six, side-lying hip adduction. so
now you’re working those inner thigh muscles. again make sure your leg is
straight while you’re working these. you don’t have to do a big motion with them,
but just use correct technique. for hip adduction inside lying, the leg you’re going
to work is going to be on the bottom. take the top leg, you can either put it
in the back or in the front whichever way is more comfortable,
pull up your toes on the bottom to lock out your knee, and then just bring your
leg up trying to keep it in a straight line with your body. number seven, prone hip extensions. so now
you’re going back to working those glutes maximus muscles and the hamstring
muscles. again you don’t have to lift your leg very high with these, but try
and keep the leg as straight as possible. for prone hip extension, lie on your
stomach and then pull your toes up towards you to help lock out your knee.
you don’t have to lift very high, but try and keep your knee locked out the whole
time. number eight, seated hip flexion. seated
hip flexion might seem easy, but it’s really working those hip flexor muscles
the soas muscles, and it’s a great exercise to do and you can even do it
just at work if you’re sitting in a chair for a long time. for seated hip
flexion, make sure your back is nice and straight when you’re doing the exercise.
just bring your knees straight upwards. number nine, squats at a chair. so
squat at a chair, they’re going to be a little bit tougher, but again I like
these because you can do them at work or you know if you’re sitting for a long
time. they’re pretty easy to do. just make sure you’re using a controlled movement,
you’re not plopping down and just popping back up, that you’re really
slowly working those muscles to make sure that they’re activating. for squats
at a chair, use the chair as a target. step just a little bit away from the
chair because you’re going to stick your bottom back and bring your chest forward
so your knees don’t go in front of your toes. so squat back just touch the chair
and come back up. number ten, lunges. these again are getting a
little bit harder, but they’re very effective. they work your quads, your
hamstrings, your glutes, just a really good workout overall. if you have some
knee problems, make sure and put a pillow underneath the knee that’s on the ground
because that’s just going to protect it a little bit. for lunges, you’re going to
put one foot out in front of you. try and keep both feet pointed forward. sometimes
people will turn it out a little bit, but try and keep them forward. you want your
upper body to stay nice and straight, not leaning forward, and just go straight
down keeping the knee behind your toes and then coming back up. so there you have it. those were your top
ten hip exercises. if you’d like to help support my channel, make sure and click
on the link up there. and don’t forget to subscribe by clicking down there. and
remember, be safe, have fun, and I hope you feel better soon.

52 thoughts on “10 Best Hip Strengthening Exercises to Relieve Hip Pain – Ask Doctor Jo

  1. Dear Mam I am your big fan. I follow your videos on YouTube. Also I do many exercises like cervical,knee, neck etc.. Really you are great.

  2. Hey jo I had knee, hip shoulders tendinitis / bursitis for past 3 months .. I am doing the exercises. But my knee swelling does not go away. It does not hurt like in my 1st month but still it does not go away.

  3. Very good video Dr. Jo. I have mild cerebral palsy along w/scoliosis and my left hip & lower back has been given me grief for over 10 yrs. Some of the techniques displayed in the video I already learned about in physical therapy. I did pick up a few new ones as well. Thanks for the video.

  4. Hello, Dr. Jo, thank you for your video! I've been suffering from hip pain for at least 3 years and I've not been attending my favourite classes (BLT, Body Combat, Pilates, Yoga and Body Pump) in the gym since, for fear of feeling more pain. Would you recommend returning to some of those classes that might help to reduce my pain which now is becoming more and more severe? Thank you in advance for your help.

  5. Hi dr I'm suffering from hip pain from last 4 years doing regular exercise but still i can't sit for 30mints also in one place please help me dr..

  6. Doc I have polio in one leg but was able to walk bed without support now my right leg not working can I send u MRI which exercise I do HV hip back pain

  7. You might have covered this in a different video. Another exercise I like is done in a standing position. Lift one hip up. My foot on the working side comes off the floor. Then lower back down. Sometimes I do this exercise on a step. Sorry, I forgot the name of the exercise. Could this one be included with the others on this video?

  8. Madam I'm suffering from hip pain from 1st baby normal delivery every month my period time before i got too much pain… What can i do?

  9. hi dr joe, i have buttock pain when i sit and when i stand the pain dissappears,my mri said avn stage 1,but i have this pain for long,and i have no problem with weight bearing,im confused,dr says to get decompression surgery but when i showed him my mobility and strength he told me get mri again 3 months,What should i do?

  10. Thank you so much! I've been limping around all morning and I'm able to walk now! I will start doing these daily! Thank you again!

  11. Hi Dr jo..i had a microdisectomy 7 months ago and 3 days after surgery I had hip and waist pain on the opposite side of surgery..it has stuck around since then mostly in the mornings..any idea why? And any suggestions for stretches for the waist/side pain?

  12. I have a problem, please help me. I am 83+ years old from India. If I sit for half hour or more, I cannot move or walk. It takes me at least four or five minutes to be able to walk.After that I can walk, if I walk continuously, I can walk well. Because of this I have lost confidence..Are there any exercises for this? if so please let me know. I regularly do hip & knee exercises. Thanking you in anticipation. Usha Rege

  13. The more I walk, the more I exercise, the more it hurts and I have to stay off for it to get better. Just one hip. X-rays say it's ok, Dr. says do PT. ?????????? PT hurts and doesn't go away until I stay off it for 2-3 days. ๐Ÿ™ I'm not that old. What do I do?

  14. Bear always look like โ€œAw Mom, do I have to make another video? Can I go outside and chase tennis balls ๐ŸŽพ ? ๐Ÿ˜

  15. I have hip pain. I went to the doctor and they did an xray. Xray was normal and recommended pt. I did these exercises and my hip really hurts worse after doing them. Is this normal?

  16. History of R THR 7 years ago, and I work home health night shift- I donโ€™t move enough. Now, when I try bridges or several moves where I move the leg back, I get searing hamstring cramps. Build my gluteus? Massage? Where do I start, because itโ€™s making exercise undoable.

  17. Purchase a printable worksheet featuring the hip exercises in this video here: https://www.askdoctorjo.com/purchase-hip-exercises-worksheet

  18. No hip issues here, thank you God, but watching the video 'cause love to warch your videos just for the sake of watching. You're one nice presenter, great voice, ship shape fit legs and body, a hearty smile and fun, and last but not the least, those doggie kids. ๐Ÿค˜

  19. hi docor if we do prone hip extension, hip flexion do we need to keep the core on squeeze the glute like we doing the bridge?

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