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10 Craziest Diet Fads

[Upbeat Background Music Starts] From eating orange juice soaked cotton balls
to consuming nothing but air, we count down the top 10 craziest diet fads. #10: The Eat Right for Your Type Diet: Popular
in the late 1990s and early 2000s, this diet emphasizes using your blood type to determine
what you put on your plate. For example, a person with Type A blood is supposed to eat
fresh, organic meals. The diet was introduced in the book Eat Right 4 Your Life by Dr. Peter
D’Adamo. It was eventually debunked by experts, though apparently some people still practice
it to this day. #9: The Alcohol Diet: After the Battle of
Hastings in 1066, William the Conqueror tried to lose weight by locking himself in a room
and consuming nothing but alcohol. The idea was, if you’re drunk, eating is the last
thing on your mind. It didn’t work – by the time he died he barely fit into his coffin.
In 1964, a book called The Drinking Man’s Diet was a best-seller. Some things never
change. #8: The Tapeworm Diet: In the early 1900s,
“sanitized tape worms” started to make the rounds in the dieting world. To lose weight,
all you had to do was swallow “beef tapeworm cysts” in the form of a pill. The worm would
make its way into your intestines and absorb whatever you consumed. To get rid of the worm
you would have to swallow an anti-parasitic pill. Advertisers called their tapeworms “friends
for a fair form,” but they likely caused vomiting, diarrhea, and rectal complications. #7: The Sleeping Beauty Diet: If you’re
sleeping, you can’t eat. That’s the idea behind this terrifying diet that encourages
you to heavily sedate yourself and sleep for several days. In the novel Valley of The Dolls,
Neely O’Hara uses the diet to slim down, and Elvis was reportedly a fan. But does it
really work? It turns out you’ll probably wake up hungry instead of thin. #6: The 18-Day Hollywood Diet: In the 1930s,
this diet was introduced by the citrus industry. Novelist Fannie Hurst was a “diehard devotee”
of the daily allowance of 600 calories, and it struck a chord with people who wanted to
look like Hollywood celebrities. Grapefruits do contain naringenin, a chemical that can
aid in losing weight, but the diet didn’t do much. At the end of the day, people felt
more hungry than satisfied. #5: The Baby Food Diet: Don’t want to chew
your food? The baby food diet could be for you. Started by celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson,
this fad encourages living on pureed vegetables and meat. Famous followers include Reese Witherspoon,
Jennifer Aniston, and Gwyneth Paltrow. Anderson recommends eating 14 jars of baby food and
one optional adult meal every day. While interesting on paper, the baby food diet has a big problem.
Baby food is for babies. Adults have different nutritional needs. It won’t really work.
This is one fad diet better left to those in diapers. #4: The Lemonade Diet: Known as the “master
cleanse,” this diet is supposed to wash out the toxins in your body. Participants
are allowed six daily servings of water mixed with cayenne pepper, lemon, and maple syrup.
If they feel like trying something different, they can have some herbal laxative tea in
the evening. Yummy. At the end of the day, all this diet really does is get rid of water
weight. Oh, and it makes you nauseous. #3: The Air Diet: Yes, we’re serious. In
the 1990s, this diet was popular with the followers of an Australian New-Age guru. They
claimed they got nourishment from the air and didn’t really need food. They called
it “breatharianism.” It didn’t quite catch on with the outside world for obvious
reasons. It’s alleged that a few followers actually starved to death, while others were
caught eating real food. #2: Fletcherizing: Horace Fletcher believed
that every bite of food needed to be chewed at least 32 times in order to be properly
digested. In other words, if you chewed your food slowly, you could lose weight. While
Fletcher and some of his followers did drop some pounds, the numbers weren’t significant.
He was friends with many big names of the time, including Mark Twain and John D. Rockefeller. #1: The Cotton Ball Diet: This dangerous and
unhealthy diet is widely practiced in the world of modeling. People dip cotton balls
in orange juice or eat them raw in order to feel full. Taking part in this diet can lead
to abdominal pain, bowel obstruction, and more. Obviously, we don’t recommend it. Hey guys fresh here and thanks for watching
my video on the top 10 craziest diet fads. For those of you on my channel that use twitter
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  2. Ummm… your info about adults eating baby food is VERY incorrect! All baby food is is regular natural foods without the bad unhealthy additives. And it's just blended down to mush. It's the same food adults eat, not something specially concocted just for babies that they wouldn't eat as adults. They are regular blended fruits, veggies, or proteins such as chicken or beef! In the end, as long as the adult is getting in the right amount of  calories a day, then baby food is a GREAT choice to losing weight because they are getting the natural nutrients, yet not eating the fat from added grease/butter/oils/etc. Even when patients go through the Bariatrics program and have gastric surgery done to lose weight, they are told to drink liquids only for the first 2 WLS, then to graduate to BABY FOOD ONLY for the next 4 WKS!!! Then on to soft solids. For a couple more weeks. Then solids can be added some time during that second month. If adults couldn't live healthy on baby food only, then Drs wouldn't tell patients to eat it only for a month straight!

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