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– [Narrator] They’re
everywhere, they’re tasty, and they’re apparently harmless. Common dietary wisdom
recommends them as good and healthy foods, but think twice before
putting them in your mouth, because a growing body of
research proves otherwise. These are 10 quote-on-quote
Healthy Foods That Aren’t As Good
For You As You’d Think. Number 10 is apples. They say an apple a day
keeps the doctor away, or maybe not. Apples are rich in healthy
nutrients and vitamins, but they can also be
full of pesticides. Together, with peaches,
strawberries, grapes, and spinach, apples are the
most contaminated fruits around. So much so that recent study
found that 99% of apples contained at least some
form of pesticide residue. The worst part is that
these contaminants can wreak havoc in your body, from skin irritation and
allergies to hormone disruption and even cancer. But don’t worry, you don’t
have to give up apples just be sure to buy
the organic kind. Number nine is bananas. Bananas have a good reputation because of their healthy
levels of potassium, an important mineral, but they’re rich in fructose, a natural sugar which is on
many nutritionist’s blacklists. Bananas can also cause
headaches and sleepiness when eaten in excessive amounts, which has everything to
do with the amino acids dilating blood vessels. If you can’t give up bananas, try at least eat no
more than two a day, and preferably at the
end of healthy meal rather than as a snack. Number eight is canned tomatoes. Sometimes, it’s not the
food itself that’s bad, but how we store it. Tomatoes, apart from
being delicious, are full of lycopene,
a carotenoid, that may lower the
risk of cancers and improve
cardiovascular health, but the case against canned
tomatoes looks pretty bad. Most cans are lined with BBA, an organic synthetic compound
that once it gets into your body it starts
acting like a bad hormone. It suppresses sperm production,
promotes heart disease, and may even trigger diabetes. Two or three cans of
BPA can mean more than 50 micrograms of BPA, which is too much
according to scientists. So, just so you know, tomatoes in glass bottles
and tetra paks are BPA free. Number seven is white rice. It may taste great next
to fried fish or in sushi, but white rice has very
low nutritional value. To make matters worse, it
raises blood sugar levels and encourages your
body to store excess fat and it doesn’t have any
serious fibers either, so white rice doesn’t
help your digestion much. Fortunately, we have
brown rice instead, which is rich not only in fibers but also in minerals
and vitamins. However, the best kinds
of rice are apparently whole grain brown rice and the
more eclectic black variety. Number six is eggs. From banned antibiotics
to arsenic and pesticides, all these are making
their way into eggs. Chickens on non-organic farms
are fed just about anything to make them grow rapidly
and make many eggs, and the regulations aren’t
always very tight about it. Eggs are full of
good proteins, fats, and vitamin B12, but
if they’re not organic you run the risk of taking
a bad dose of something else that’s not very healthy. So, eggs can really come with
a carton full of problems. Number five is milk. The cows themselves
are not to blame, rather it’s their food and
the way they’re raised. Genetically modified cow
feed, enhanced hormones, and antibiotics are
the real problem. All these end up in
the milk as toxins, which can silently undermine
our health and well-being, and then there’s
lactose of course. According to the NIH, 65% of
people have a reduced ability to digest it. Studies show alarming
correlations between a high milk intake and a host of conditions, ranging from acne,
constipation, ear infections, type one diabetes, and
various types of cancer. Number four is bread. Whether it’s white
or whole grain, Italian or French,
bread is bad for you. It’s not just that
a lot of wheat crops are being genetically modified or treated with
engineered pesticides, but the gluten that
wheat bread is full of is being recognized by
doctors and scientists as a real health hazard. Gluten is bad for the good
bacteria in your stomach which regulate many
processes in your body, and there are signs that it
can promote mental illness, everything from headaches
and mild depression to Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. If you like the taste
of bread so much that you can’t give it up, try quinoa, millet,
or buckwheat bread. These are harder to find, but the search is
worth the effort. Number three is fruit juice. Fruit juice gets a
lot of good press, and with those colors it’s
not hard to understand why. To say nothing of the taste, but juice isn’t that
much better than soda. Whether it’s orange
juice or apple juice, or just some
mouth-watering smoothie, the problem is the same. Stripped of their fibers, fruits can cause major spikes
in your blood sugar levels, that in turn sets off
inflammation triggers throughout the body, increasing the risk
not only of diabetes, but also other
inflammatory conditions including autoimmune disorders. Number two is red meat. Too much red meat on your
menu reduces your lifespan. It’s a fact, people who eat
one serving of red meat a day have a 30% chance of dying
in the next 10 years. The meat available in most
stores is pumped with hormones detrimental to health, not to mention the
high sodium levels, bad fats, and a build out
of iron which may promote neurological diseases
such as Alzheimer’s. So, next time you’re
shopping for meat, think twice about red
meat or just turn vegan. Number one is breakfast cereal, which is delicious
but not quite healthy. Breakfast cereal is
loaded with sugar, synthetic vitamins and minerals, and even food dyes. Even muesli is questionable, packed with dried fruits
and grains it provides two substances which make many
nutritionists uncomfortable, sugar and gluten. Muesli can be hard to digest
which can explain feelings of drowsiness or sleepiness
after a bowl of cereal. Breakfast cereal isn’t
the empowering food it’s made out to be sadly. For more top lists just
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