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10 Life Savers Facts That Will Change Your Life

We’ve all at some point in our lives tried these cute little round candies they were real joyous children we got to taste different flavors and even trade with our friends we would play games and stick our fingers through them however sometimes it’s not all fun as there’s something sinister behind these colorful candies here are 10 lifesaver facts that will change your life what like a candy maple sugar sugar and syrup yes Clarence Crane the inventor of lifesavers was a successful businessman his father was a maple sugar producer and Clarence worked with him until 1903 when he then decided to branch out and form his own company his company quickly emerged as the largest producer of maple sugar in the world two years later Clarence sold his maple sugar business and started the Queen Victoria Chocolate Company he realized that many people refused to buy chocolate in the summer months because they melted easily in the heat oh god it’s so hot so in 1912 he invented a summer candy which was peppermint that could withstand the heat he later got the idea to change the shape of the candy to resemble a traditional ring style life-preserver also known as a lifesaver he did this to compete with the European mints that were square and flat initially lifesavers only came in peppermint flavor crane marketed the candy as peppermint lifesavers as a breath mint flaming on the packaging that it was for that stormy breath in 1913 Crain sold the rights to lifesavers to a New York candy manufacturer they changed the packaging to better preserve the candy and market at the candy to saloon owners to give their patrons in order to improve their breath after drinking and smoking lifesavers soared into popularity the company was sold for $2,900 after trademarking the company in 1912 Crain sold the rights to peppermint to edward noble in 1913 for a mere $2,900 Edward Noble already a candy industrialist and later founder of ABC American Broadcasting Company was rich and famous in zone right Nobel helped promote the lifesavers brand and turn it into what it is today he changed things by eliminating the cardboard packaging which was unsuccessful and repackaged them to keep the mints pressure this process was done by hand until 1919 until his brother Robert Nobel developed machinery to streamline the process Robert was CEO and primary shareholder of a lifesavers brand for more than 40 years until it merged with Beechnut in 1956 together they significantly expanded the market by installing lifesavers displays next to every cash register at a restaurants and grocery stores he also encouraged owners of these establishments to give customers a nickel in change to encourage sales the slogan still only five cents helped lifesavers to become a favorite treat for children crane remained involved in the candy business for the remainder of his life but not with lifesavers he formed another company called the crane Chocolate Company in 1916 it did well but not as well as the lifesavers brand did with future generations our generations got everything under control a pharmaceutical accident it was an accident there are no accidents the whole notion came about accidentally while crane was at the pharmacy purchasing flavoring extracts he noticed their pill making machine producing round flat pills and figured this would be perfect for his peppermints single punch tableting machines are commonly used in the pharmaceutical industry their high speed machines they create thousands of tablets in a small period of time crane hired a pill manufacturer to make the package for his mints what are you but there was an issue the pill machine kept poking holes in the middle of the candy crane thought they looked like life preservers and that’s what he called them lifesavers in 1925 technology improved to allow a hole in the center of fruit candies introduced as the fruit drop with the hole and came in orange lemon and lime each package in their own separate roles the new flavors quickly became popular with the public especially the kids candy the gift that keeps on giving would you like it gift-wrapped in the late 1930s and early 1940s five new mint flavors were introduced Milazzo mint spearmint charcoal mint stick Oh PAP and Christo mint aside from the mints for original clear drop candy flavors were introduced shortly thereafter they were a nice butter rum Cola and root beer these were not as popular as the fruit drop flavors and were eventually discontinued in 1927 cherry flavor was introduced and subsequently a cough drop with menthol but it was not successful either kids don’t usually like medicinal flavored anything the same year also saw a new tropical flavor pineapple everyone’s favorite the classic five flavor rolls were introduced in 1935 pineapple lime orange cherry and lemon really with my lemons aside from that the flavor lineup hasn’t changed for nearly 70 years it wasn’t until 2003 that three of the flavors were replaced making the rolls pineapple cherry raspberry watermelon and Blackberry however orange was subsequently reintroduced and blackberry was dropped in 1992 lifesavers gummies were introduced to the lineup of lifesaver products the flavors came in three varieties five flavors grape and mixed berry that being said the only thing that really changed throughout the years has been ownership as its merged and was bought out by different companies over time you’re at a company now you have to find your right place all about mergers and acquisitions when we formalize this merger are there any outstanding questions we might address the lifesavers brand went through a series of mergers and acquisitions which began in 1958 being relatively untouched for forty five years is a good track record but did you know that they also purchased Beechnut life in 1968 a company that’s well known for selling baby food 13 years later it was taken over by squib which is better known as a pharmaceutical company in 2000 abisco bought it over Nabisco is better known for its cookies and they wanted to get into the snack food business business that didn’t last long either before Kraft gobbled them up today it’s owned by the Mars company yes the chocolate makers and it’s more in line with the snack food business in Canada where things are always different and in a class of their own the Canadian life savers company was acquired by chocolate makers Hershey Canada and then by beta brands and eventually by Kraft Foods they also expanded their line to include the lifesavers gummies lifesavers Minnie’s cream savers and lifesavers fusions discontinued varieties include fruit juicers poles lifesaver lollipops and squeeze it in 1995 a lifesavers drink was introduced to compete with Snapple and Fruitopia but was quickly discontinued old holiday traditions happy human holiday dad lifesavers has kept its squeaky-clean image for many years in fact they have been a model of political correctness they were so loved that during World War two other candy manufacturers donated their sugar rations to keep lifesavers in production for the Armed Forces as a reminder of home in the eighties they had a special holiday edition gift set for kids that were particularly good all year round the box story book contained a full-time roles of different flavors there’s lots of flavors out there set in a book called the sweet storybook the lifesaver book was packed with the classic flavor roll with a lifesaver flavor pack it was always exciting or disappointing to see what flavour came up next yes–you Christmas Garrett the inventor son committed suicide this will be the mistake of your life lifesavers was invented by Clarence Crane in the early 1900s in Jarrettsville Ohio USA he may be well known for having invented this popular candy but he also had a famous son Hart Crane Hart was hailed as being one of the most influential poets of the century born in 1899 Clarence’s only son Hart Crane had many issues his mother Grace Edna suffer from mental illness his parents marriage was a difficult one and they divorced in 1917 he dropped out of high school moved to New York and took different copywriting jobs living with different friends and became a heavy drinker in the early 1920s some literary magazines published some of his work and he gained notoriety it was while working on his epic poem the bridge that his drinking got worse became a serious problem while in Paris in 1929 he started a brawl over a tab at a bar he was beaten arrested in jailed you are under arrest you have the right to remain silent after six days in prison a friend bailed him out and gave him some money to go back to New York where he finished his work but it received poor reviews and the sense of failure became too much for him to handle while in Mexico on a fellowship in 1932 his drinking continued as he suffered bouts of depression and struggled with his personal demons on a voyage back from the Caribbean in 1932 he committed suicide by jumping overboard the ship or Abaza while traveling back to New York after hours of search and rescue the body was declared lost at sea and was never recovered never seen a dead body before have you urban legend but what et well it’s nervin legend yes there’s an urban legend around this favorite candy which is such that the inventor created the life Reserva style candy after his daughter choked to death his reasoning for creating the lifesaver candy with a hole in the middle was that so if it lodged in your throat you would still be able to breathe through the hole in the candy hence the name it is said that the inventor created it so to prevent anyone else from choking to death further urban legend has it that he was so distraught after his daughter’s death he committed suicide so we all know by now that this urban legend is false Clarence Crain did not have a daughter he only had a son by the name of Harold Hart Crane who lived to the ripe age of 43 his son never choked on any candy and died but rather committed suicide from depression Clarence Crane also did not kill himself he went on to become a successful businessman he went on to other ventures and started other companies he died a year before his son killed himself and never got to see his heirs demise he’s got the sign of the times yes when I first began lifesavers only came in peppermint flavor and was more of a mint than a candy then called peppermint crane came up with a slogan for that stormy breath playing on the nautical theme it may sound gross but it worked cranes lifesavers also had an ironic popularity since it was also the year the Titanic was lost at sea in 1912 for years to come the ads centered around its shape and images of the water beach life and the sea emphasizing its freshman flavors and fresh breath after lifesavers was sold to Edward Noble their marketing changed to focus more on children they used the slogan still only five cents highlight its affordable cost it was also marketed as the candy with a hole which was obvious to everyone what’s so obvious about it during the Depression and times of war it was hard to get sugar in candy and it was considered a luxury item so Edward Noble marketed it as a more affordable product and small treat to make people forget about hard times lifesavers became part of American history slogans such as fish in your pocket for a little old nickel and for a breathtaking rescue it catered mostly to children who would play games with the candy and quickly pop them in their mouths get my van I’ll give you some candy okay all the flavors you can imagine combined one flavor with another we all know they started off as mints the original flavor was peppermint six years later six other flavors were introduced wintergreen clove licorice cinnamon violet chocolate and these remain the standard flavors until the late 1920s nice play on words trying to figure them out when the company began to produce solid fruit drops with holes in the center they came in orange lemon and lime each packaged in their own separate roles until they created the five flavor pack in 1935 in 1931 the lifesavers cough drop was introduced with menthol but it was not successful either the same year brought us pineapple and cherry in 1932 a new variety of mints called Crystal mint was introduced the classic five flavor roles offered a selection of five different flavors pineapple lime orange cherry and lemon and 2003 three of the flavors were replaced making the five flavors pineapple cherry raspberry watermelon and blackberry but the best blackberries are right at the very top in the late 1930s and early 1940s for new mint flavors were introduced Milazzo mint spearmint choco mint and stick Apep in 1981 once purchased by Nabisco brands some mint flavors including clove violet licorice and cinnamon were discontinued due to poor sales Nabisco introduced a new cinnamon flavor called hot cinnamon the other original mint flavors were retired and a number of other flavors were also quickly discontinued in 2004 Wrigley introduced two new mint flavors orange mint and sweet mint and revived wintergreen still waiting for other magical flavors it’s hard to plan something to be magical you know we’ve got more than life savers on the menu so stick around and tap on one of our other great videos first time here then show us some love and tap that subscribe button and ring that bell to join our notification squad

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  3. Wow, that sure was something that wasn't life saving in the past :,(
    Now i understand why is it called Life Savers, all thanks to this channel ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ‘!!

  4. I like your videos, but it seems a little repetitive this time (same informations twice). Keep up the good work though!

  5. Butter Rum sounds good. We always got the lifesaver storybook as a stocking stuffer. But there are times when it was great being a kid

  6. just a humble request, can you plz listen to your audience and cut the horrible editing and badly used memes?

    Its really hurting your subscriber count, and their is other ways to get your video 10 minutes long

  7. In the mid 1970's there were gum/white lifesavers. Children could use them as whistles until they became to soft then just chew them. My family had a business and I remember all of the candies that came and went. I don't know why the while/gum lifesaver was discontinued at least in Canada but it was.

  8. Interesting story, but I think you should lose that sound-effect that corresponds to everytime a year is mentioned in the story.

  9. at 7:18, if you look at the text under the Life Savers, it says โ€œplease do not liok this page!โ€ What does โ€œLiokโ€ mean? There mustโ€™ve been a typo.

  10. I love these videos babble ๐Ÿ˜ญ and y'all get some hate for bein a top ten channel…. When it's so good….

  11. This video was a bit convoluted. I think it would make more sense to put the facts in order by date, rather than bouncing around, and then you repeated a lot at the end but added some new info.
    It was just hard to follow. Your videos arenโ€™t usually like this, so I thought Iโ€™d say something n hopefully you accept the feedback ๐Ÿ˜Š

  12. I miss the original 5 flavors from when I was a kid, especially the lime. I still love butter rum, and wish they still made cola and root beer, I'd love to try those! Also loved getting the Sweet Storybook every year at Christmas!

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  15. my grandad gave me the chocolate life savers when i was a kid in the 80's
    i wasnt supposed to eat it but i was a kid
    my mum was so mad at him and she was worried i was going to get sick but i have an iron gut

  16. Love life savers even now at 56 especially musk, fruit tingles and five flavours the best. Unfortunately I suffer from diabetes so I canโ€™t enjoy them as much as I use to.

  17. I know them due to my mexican girlfriend โ€žsalvar vidaโ€œ – but this vid is somehow โ€žplay – stop – ff – play – fr – play – ff – stop – playโ€œ it would help to keep a timeline….๐Ÿ˜‰

  18. I choked on one at a wedding party when I was 4 and if there wasnโ€™t a nurse there I would have died. Havenโ€™t eaten a โ€œLife-Saverโ€ since. Lmao gave me straight up PTSD

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