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10 REALISTIC Junk Food Alternatives | 10 Healthy Junk Foods

Hey everyone! My name is Christian Aguilar. Welcome back to my channel. In today’s video, I’m going to show you 10 REALISTIC junk food alternatives. The reason why I titled it realistic is because I actually eat or drink these. Without further ado, let’s get started. The first tip is not a junk food alternative, but it is something that I do every time that I eat fast food. Every time that I eat fast food, I do not add any extra sauces to my food because I’d be adding more sodium. Just because sauce packets are free, it does not mean you have to use them. Fast food already contains plenty of season and flavor, so I advise you not to add sauces for flavor to your fast food items. The next junk food alternative is to ditch sugary drinks. I recommend buying water because there is plenty of sugar in sodas and Gatorades. Plus, sugary drinks develop tooth decay if you do not brush your teeth right away. Instead of candy, I recommend fruits snacks because it is fat free and there is no sodium. These snacks still containing sugar, so make sure that you do not have a lot of gummies. Instead of chips, I prefer Skinny Pop. There are no GMOs, it is dairy free, and it is a good source of fiber. The next junk food alternative is to skip Starbucks, and brew your own coffee at home. In my second personal finance video, I mentioned that I gave up my Starbucks habit because it was only damaging my health and my wallet. When you brew your own coffee at home, you get to dictate how much sugar you put into your coffee. Although fries have starch and are fried, I recommend purchasing fries without salt, I am someone who loves ketchup with my fries, so I won’t feel as guilty if I add ketchup to my unseasoned fries + when you ask for them without salt, you will always receive them fresh since most people do not order them without salt. When I am given the choice between grilled or crispy chicken, I usually pick grilled because crispy chicken is fried This is also a junk-food alternative. Leave a comment down below if you love chicken clubs because I know I do. Plus, it includes plenty of vegetables. This is a nutrition tip that my friend recommended. Instead of mayo, add avocado. This is definitely a junk food alternative. On the contrary, I am a fan of mayonnaise, so I think it is best that I stick to easy mayo. Another junk food alternative that I usually purchase is a parfait. Instead of buying a bag of potato chips, I stick to this delicious treat. Plus, you should always include fruits or vegetables on your plate. Finally, an alternative for whole milk is almond milk. I was going to recommend soy milk, but I found out that soy is genetically modified. I actually did a product review on this brand. If you are interested in drinking almond milk, I suggest that you watch it. Link will be in the description. That is it. I hope all of you enjoyed this video. If so, please give this video a thumb up, so that it let’s me know that you did. If you want to see more nutrition-based videos, you should definitely hit that subscribe button, so that you can be a part of my community, and help me reach 1,000 subscribers. Until next time, see y’all later.

4 thoughts on “10 REALISTIC Junk Food Alternatives | 10 Healthy Junk Foods

  1. You got a nice smile Christian! Also I noticed you used my tip about eating avocados instead of mayo on sandwiches. 🙂

  2. Nice job in this video Christian!! love to know there's always a healthy alternative for junk food 😊

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