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12 Days of #Fitmas – Bianca Hoffmann’s Christmas Protein Pancakes

Hi guys, it’s Bianca Hoffman here –
MuscleTech athlete. And today. We are in the kitchen and we’re going to make an awesome Christmas recipe. which is going to be NITRO-TECH protein pancakes – Christmas pancakes. So we’re going to stack them like a Christmas tree. It’s a really healthy recipe you are going to love it! It’s got NITRO-TECH cookies and cream protein, but it’s just got very few ingredients. So it’s so simple to make and it’s gonna take you no time at all because it pretty much just chuck it in the blender. But today, we’ve got coconut oil. That’s what we’re cooking our pancakes in, nice and healthy. A handful of spinach. We are using a banana. We are also using Raspberries for decorations, Three eggs and we’re also using some Desiccated coconut to sprinkle on top and that is going to be our snow for the Christmas pancakes. So let’s get cracking in the kitchen and get this blending. Cracking the eggs. Chucking it all in the blender. I’m gonna whizz it up. Hand full of spinach, that’s gonna make our pancakes green. And it’s damn healthy too. Alright and last but not least The protein Cookies and cream flavor Let’s get a whizzing. Here we go It’s that easy So guys, we’ve just whizzed up in the blender all our ingredients. A hand full of spinach Three eggs A banana and a scoop and a half of the cookies and cream NITRO-TECH protein. So now all we need to do is put it in the pan and cook it This is gonna be the base of our big Pancake – the bottom of the tree. There it goes! Okay guys so the trick to know if it’s cooked on one side is that little bubbles will start to come up on this side Of the pancake that’s when you know it’s cooked and it’s time to flip Yeah! And now that we’ve made our Christmas tree and stacked our pancake to look like a tree; nice and green thanks to the spinach. We’re gonna put some desiccated coconut on to decorate and make our snow and bubbles. We’re using Raspberries Look at that! How cool! And Let’s place them around the side here Actually this one’s nice, big and juicy. We’ll put him on top And there you have it! Our grain-free, gluten-free, healthy Christmas tree pancakes. Thanks to NITRO-TECH protein Thanks guys. Happy Holidays!

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