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100 thoughts on “12 Effortless Changes That Will Upgrade Your Whole Life | The Financial Diet

  1. Hey TFD, do you think you could make a video for those of us who can't hustle with a side job or maybe… even have a job because of health and disability? I love all of your videos but realised there's a huge gap for this group of people. For example, are there specific tips for working from low or no wage that we could take up? Any ideas on providing for our future when we're unsure if we can ever work, or if so for how long? I think it would be really helpful and uplifting for us and give spotlight to this part of society. Thanks!

  2. Thank you for the delete that email tip. With my public job I get strangers emailing to "pick my brain" daily. You are right, I don't need to waste my time and energy answering some of them. I have to get over the "it would be rude not to" feeling.

  3. When it comes to chores I honestly think the easiest way to do it is to just do chores TOGETHER, as in physically at the same time as often as possible. I did this when I lived with my twin and it worked so much better than the more divided approach my boyfriend and I have now. Nobody feels like the other one is cheaping out on the chores, if you’re both doing chores at the same time. You don’t need to do the same chores, for example one person can vacuum while the other does the dishes etc, but as long as you are doing chores for the same amount of time, you will always feel like you’re doing roughly equal amounts of housework

  4. The shower curtain one is actually accurate, lol. For me though, it's the bathtub mat. My brother and I room together and when we moved out from mom, we got all the things that were in the bathroom he and I shared (she had one in her room). This was 2016. It's 2019 and while we indeed have changed the inner bathroom curtain (not the outer), we've not changed that tan bathtub mat. Also, we got mom's recent bathroom mats but they don't really match nor fit properly in our bathroom. Our bathroom LOOKS like it belongs to two people who haven't separated themselves from mom, lol! But I can deal with the floor mats but that tan bathtub mat needs to go. It's old and I hate the color anyways so I'll try to find something that matches our various shades of blue theme we seem to have begun…

  5. One I would add is giving up my second credit card for a month, it honestly made me realize just how much I spend on unnecessary things, I even lost weight!

  6. In the vein of the junk basket, I have a large basket in my laundry room that holds everything that needs to find it's way out of my house. For example, the book I borrowed from my sister, a gift for my best friend, and items that need to be donated. This makes it easy to find those items when the time comes as well as keeping my home organized.

  7. Who else doesn’t get anywhere near the average tax refund?!? I got $300 from the feds and owed my state $150 🙁

  8. I'm 31 now and with life expectation of approx. 60 years in my country I feel I can better spend tax refund on vacation 😊

  9. I'd love to see you caption your videos so that they're accessible to people who are Deaf/Hard of Hearing. They're extremely useful and I know the more people who could tap into the info, the better.

  10. I have to disagree on the using refund to invest instead of paying off debt. How is investing better than paying off debt with interest?? Now that we are consumer debt free we have more income every month to invest instead of the one lump.

  11. Your videos are always full of great and helpful tips in the sea of shallow content called YouTube. I’m a fan of the quality you put into each video. Thanks!

  12. Number 4 could be "stop drinking alcohol." As they say, if you have the ability to stop, why not? It will save you money, give you better sleep, and improve your health. If you can't stop, then you're an alcoholic and so you need to stop before it kills you. Either way, stopping is the smart choice.

  13. I actually did three of these things just this week before watching this video. I deleted the Starbucks app from my phone so I wouldn't be encouraged to place a mobile order on my way to work every morning. I FINALLY donated a throw pillow that my mother-in-law gave to me years ago that I just don't really like anymore. I bought a new comforter for our guest bed that's actually in decent condition so it makes me happy when I look at it even though nobody ever freaking sleeps in there. 😊 Love all this advice, keep it up!

  14. The average refund is $1,900?!? Damn. That's a lot higher than anything I ever got back. But I don't have kids so they really sink their teeth into me. I pay a LOT in taxes and get almost nothing back. I basically pay a third of my income each month towards taxes.

  15. Chelsea, come on…no one gets 6% interest, on a consistently positive basis. It just doesn't exist anymore. Give us the figures on a 2 or 3% assumption (minus management fees), and then compare that with anticipated inflation to see whether it's actually worth investing….

  16. The shower curtain was so spot on! I literally noticed ours was so gross a few weeks ago and promised we will replace it but still haven't. Ordering one this week!

  17. One of the best TFD videos I've ever seen. Well presented and thought-through. I need to make a list of each of these and all the tips that you have in a Google Keep memo. I'm forcing myself right now to go and find that object to give away. Thanks Chelsea.

  18. #4: I understand trying to give advice but drinking alcohol and working out are COMPLETELY incompatible. Just 1 or 2 drinks can practically destroy all the work you did that day. Anyone wanting to develop their body should quit drinking period.

  19. Tip: you can soak your shower curtain in your bathtub or a big bucket with a tiny bit of bleach diluted in water to get rid of the mold/mould (maybe even white vinegar and bicarbonate of soda will do – I haven't tried). Then pop it in the washing machine on low temperature (maybe the sneakers/trainers cycle) and you've got a brand-new shower curtain, for free!

  20. A year ago when I first came across Marie Kondo I went through my wardrobe and got rid of everything that didn't spark joy. Which ended up being my entire wardrobe but out of necessity I kept 1 pair shorts, 1 pair pants, 3 tops, and 1 jumper and I allowed myself to only buy one item at a time that I was absolutely in love with. It took over 6 months to build a full wardrobe but it taught me so much about my style and what suits my body. I feel like my wardrobe is huge now but I wear everything at least once a fortnight. I definitely used to be one of those people who didn't wear over 80% of their wardrobes though.

  21. I tried checking my banking info as soon as I woke up and it was so helpful! I got some much needed banking done and I feel motivated to try the other things on this list!

  22. Wow. I like your message. 🙂 I have been married for almost 3 decades. I can tell you from experience that what you are saying is true. The hard part is when neither person in the relationship has the desire/time to do something that is not being done. It also helps if you build in a reward system for each person for getting their stuff done on a routine basis. For many people, the willpower to push forward on tedious and or boring work is lacking. One trick is to set a small amount of money aside in a free account every payday that you agree to not touch until you meet a certain set of goals. This helps those who need that kind of reward.

    The goals being accomplished should be habit forming goals, such as cleaning the kitchen every night, or not leaving your backpack out. So accomplishment would be that this action, outcome happened every day for 45 days. Your partner should be the one who signs off on whether or not you met the goal. Thank them for catching you when you fail. As each habit that improves your life is put in place and reinforced, your life becomes easier, cleaner and much happier.

  23. Get a shower curtain made out of fabric/cotton, it doesn’t need to be replaced since you can just wash it with your towels!

  24. if i don't wear 82% of what's in my closet i'd be naked from wednesday on – how many clothes do you people have? hahah

  25. Why advertise an app that only works in 3 countries? Pretty bad business sense if your app doesn't work at all for people in the majority of the world

  26. We do chores like this already. We do sometimes share or alternate things like kitchen and vacuuming, especially if we're preparing for a visit from someone. But I always do the laundry and my husband always cleans the bathroom.

  27. Nice video, I will share this as part of my Investing Webinars as a resource! It is great to see fresh resources!

  28. How do you survive only wearing 18% of your clothes?! Or: how fucking big are your wardrobes? If I wore 12% of my clothes, I would have like 2 or 3 outfits… Maybe one for summer, one for winter and one for special occasions…

  29. Can you please dedicate a video to financial infidelity. And why it has such a dramatic name and huge emotional toll

  30. Helpful pointer: recycling shoes at Nike. The recycle center near me will take any sneaker. I have a ton of trainers and feel bad about dumping them in the garbage. Thanks for letting the audience know about this.

  31. Loving your videos!!
    About Wealthsimple.. unfortunately I am living in Germany and have no American, British bank accounts… so you know an investment app suitable for Europeans?

  32. Is there a part of the channel for more advanced financial recommendations? Like for someone who has already started investing and is looking for the next move. Or who is already saving for retirement but wants to be more impactful. Love the channel!

  33. A random little item I just bought to improve my life – a new sink organizer thingy. It was only $4, and for whatever reason I'd been putting it off for a long time, but having a silver, metal organizer to hold our sponges, etc, looks so much better than the big plastic one we used to have and makes doing dishes honestly a little less stressful. Plus really great-smelling dish soap, so there's one more thing to make doing dishes suck less. It's a Thing!

  34. A lot of these are written from the point of view of privilege to begin with. A gym membership? A partner to divide the chores with? Alcohol that doesn't come from the bodega? Guilty spending? HAHAHAHAHA

  35. Another pro tip for wearing all your clothes: take daily outfit of the day photos. It'll show you what you're regularly wearing, what you need to focus on using more often, and what you might want to part with. If you're continuously not choosing an item, it's probably for a reason and it might be time to ditch it.

  36. I wake up before 7 & I'm pretty sure that my bank account doesn't update with previous day's PayPal transactions that early.

  37. I actually changed from a mixed gender gym to a woman’s gym. I realised that the issue I had with gyms centred mainly around men. They make a lot of noise at the gym, they stink (sorry not sorry), they completely overtake the machines and it makes women feel like outsiders at the gym all the time. And not to mention the unwelcome remarks and stares. 🙄

  38. My boyfriend and I discuss what needs to be done. I record the lists for both of us. He completes his list whenever he has time or feels well enough to do it, because he has arthritis. This works well, because there is no further nagging or reminding. We are also elderly and both of us have memory loss. Writing everything down as we think of it saves time in the long run.

  39. Plan on no tax refund. Sign papers at work to have less tax deducted from your paycheck. Instead, invest the extra money on a regular basis. Otherwise, the government is making interest on your money.

  40. I feel like I hit an age and drinking just became more of a bother than anything haha, love this! I need to adapt alot of these, especially the 1st one so that my fiance and I can quit bickering about crap! haha Love it, thanks for the tips!

  41. I feel like I hit an age and drinking just became more of a bother than anything haha, love this! I need to adapt alot of these, especially the 1st one so that my fiance and I can quit bickering about crap! haha Love it, thanks for the tips!

  42. One of the best things my partner and I ever did was to buy a second laundry basket, and use it for clean clothes we’ve worn and want to wear again rather than dirty clothes. That way the clothing pile on that one chair in the corner doesn’t exist and everything looks cleaner because it’s out of the way!

  43. 80$ a month? I spend that in a year on taxid. Otherwise I spend $250 every 6months for limitless public transport. Although that would be $500 if not for student discount.

  44. I love your video, Chelsea! However the penultimate point got me thinking- Ghosting as a conscious choice? I'm torn on that, since it doesn't give closure to a another human being who has reached out to you in earnest, and also doesn't do ourself much good, given that we're just running away from a response. Instead, I felt one should find some specific time out to respond specifically to such emails- say 'no' if you're not game, say 'yes' if you are, say 'yes' if you're unsure but with conditions, etc and get the whole stress out of your life! Would love to hear your thoughts on this. Cheers 🙂

  45. I would say donating or selling the clothes you don’t wear would have a bigger impact on your life than forcing it into your rotation.

  46. I use the Cladwell app so that I 1) don't forget about any of the items in my wardrobe, and 2) can figure out fun ways to wear the things I haven't worn in a while. Another fun way to tackle the problem is to take an afternoon to try on different things, come up with looks and create a personal look book.

  47. That shower curtain idea for me was upgrading from plastic to velvet hangers, keeps your closet organization nicer because they actually create more spacing and all those times my sweater slide off no more frustration, only $20 for 50 hangers on amazon which is all I needed to start but I might also do this for the storage closet downstairs where I rotate my seasonal wardrobe.
    Love your channel so glad I found you ! Appreciate all the constant new or just good reminders

  48. I have Uber app just for someday Incase I visit big cities like New York or San Francisco. Even I have to drive to every day now, I never delete Uber app.

  49. A-List is great! But look out, as starting in November, it’s only offered in 34 of the 50 states. I don’t think they like missing out on those big city astronomical prices. 😔

  50. Can you talk about investing for dummies? Or risk adverse people? I feel that I dont invest simply bc I dont understand the market/basics. Thanks!

  51. Why do Americans have so many clothes they don't wear? I have like 2-3 shirts in my closet I've never worn before, but that's because they're breastfeeding and I'm not breastfeeding yet.

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