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100 thoughts on “14 Day Short Term Diet For My Europe Show & Filming! [KOR Sub]

  1. I was just talking about dieting and boom your notification popped up 😗 is this a sign? Yes it is and it's time writes down everything so I can follow it

  2. Eso es un taco en Corea ????
    That's a taco is Corea ??

  3. I'm starting to eat healthy because I know I suck at being on a diet and I started this Monday and now down to 2 pounds 😀 it must be the water weight.

  4. Both me and my mom aunt are on a health jourly together call the keto diet we found some bomb repice for keto pancake and milk shake and icecream we ate some great keto bread and mom have a repice for keto enchailads on this diet need a lot water and good luck on your tour in Europe

  5. 너는 너의 유럽여행으로 런던에 올거니? 난 말 그대로 비명을 지를 거야! 당신은 런던 KPOP에 이어 이곳에서 춤추고 노래하는 꿈을 좇게끔 영감을 준 사람이다. 그러나 여러분은 난 아직 나는 작문에서 일부 절차 누락되었는지를 배우는 한국어를 배우도록 용기를 줬다. ㅋㅋㅋㅋ😆 Sorry for that but thank you seriously for being such a big inspiration to me and helping me for my despression and bullying through my school years and helping me to focus on things that make me happy like dancing and singing and giving me new intrests!

  6. 유럽공연 무사히 잘 마치시길 바래요~^^한국어 자막 정말 감사합니다^^ 그레이지 힙합 영원해라~^^

  7. so you lucky bastards in europe, you better enjoy the bejeezus out of her because she for reals went through it for you guys😆

  8. This does help motivate to eat healthier AND exercise. As a vegetarian, I've been considering drinking protein shakes to ensure I'm getting enough protein into my diet every day. I'm not sure about meal replacements but for sure protein shakes!

  9. 솔직히 언니 넘 예뻐서 굳이 다이어트 그렇게 빡세게 할필요없었는데… 아우 방금 전까지 빼뺴로 먹고있었는데… 그만 먹어야겠다.ㅎㅎㅎ

  10. Oo! I love how there’s no starving! I’ll def try some of these, but not fully bc I don’t really wanna go on a diet, just wanna be more healthy lol xD

  11. Congratulations on your short term gains and long term fitness plans! I’m working on walking 10k steps/daily and trying to do push ups and squats. There is a cool app called PlayFitt (based out of Canada) and they help you log steps, flights, push-ups, and squats in real time. Started using it a few weeks ago and I’m really enjoying it. Maybe it will help you stay motivated with daily workouts too? Cheers and stay healthy Grace 💞💯

  12. This is not healthy and not enough food. Please don’t promote this unhealthy way of diet. Also you need health snacks in between. Oatmeal,fruits,(don’t grind it up) it gives you morenfull feeling and less hungry and it’s more healthy not to grind because it keeps the nutrients. Also sim and trim has unhealthy ingredients in the shakes….

  13. The right video at the right time. Thanks for sharing this. I lost around 20 kg in 2018 and it was great but I gained around 6 kg in 2019 and I feel absolutely terrible. Of course I'm not following the diet you shared because I'm a bit overweight and at a different level from you so your diet won't work with me. But it absolutely gave me ideas and inspiration. And I think writing down your goals is very effective actually and I think that's why I failed and gained 6 kg from the 20 kg that I lost. When I lost the 20 kg, I used to write down some encouraging notes for myself and put some goals but I haven't done that last year. I have to do it again

  14. Ohh, nicee Grace. Good to know that i felt really good doing this. I think you should try another ways to do diet and do like a flexible diet and you can keep a health body. BTW you already have a good shape and dont need to go hard. Just keep up! 😀

  15. I know it's not a health show but I want to ask something. Many K-pop idols were too short according to their ages when they started training in their company. How they grew up so fast ? I want to know. What exercises they do and what is their diet routine to grow their height so fast ?

    Plz made a video Unnie 🙏 Love you ❤️😊

  16. I had my goal to lose weight this 14 days too but I failed , I feel with our energy and now I know why, wasn't organized🤦‍♀️
    Thank you grace you are amazing 🙏❤❤❤❤

  17. Just a little info to help. Stay away from diet drinks unless they use Stevia or Xilotol. Those two are ok. The others, even though it is 0 calories, it actually will keep you from slimming down your stomach. I didn’t believe this and had to test it out myself. Turns out the person who told me was correct. As soon as I cut out all the “diet” drinks and food, I finally noticed my waist getting trimmer. No diet yogurt. Original only. I hope that helps.

  18. i'm not a fan of replacing food with weight loss drinks but it seems better than skipping the meal altogether. too many people do this and it's sooooo unhealthy so i'm glad you're talking about that

  19. 언니…! 지금 엠넷에서 언니 랩 모음 한게 있는데 듣고 너무 좋아서 놀러왔떠욤….! 앞으로 언니 팬 할래~!~!

  20. I think you did it in a healthy/good way (didn't starve yourself, ate healthy foods). It's good that you feel sexy. I think you still looked great before you did the diet.

  21. I also used a meal replacement for my breakfast!!! It makes my body feels lighter and at the same time i hve lots of energy to go to the gym

  22. Hey, you look good enough to eat 8P
    The meal replacement powder tastes even better with almond milk.
    How about a Grace tofu taco, mmmmmm delicious Grace taco kek.

  23. i'm sorry but breakfast is the most important meal of the day. for anyone watching, i'd say have a fulfilling breakfast and skip dinner or a have healthy snack instead. If u eat correctly, you won't get that hungry by night.

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