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– Welcome to marcusg.tv,
I’m Chef Marcus Guiliano and I’m a chef on a mission. – [Woman] Today’s mission is: we’re gonna be talking
about 20 collective reasons to drink lemon water every morning on an empty stomach.
– Lemon water, now, I love to drink lemon water, a lot of people like to
drink lemon water with meals, you see, let me rephrase that. You see a lot of people putting lemon in their water during meals, such as, you’re at a restaurant and
you get a slice of lemon. I don’t think people really realize the powerful benefits of
lemon juice in their water and/or the best time to actually drink lemon juice in their water. – [Woman] I think they’re
just putting lemons in the water just to flavor it. – Just to flavor it, right, right. So it’s just a twist
of lemon in your water, and most people like that
small essence of lemon, they really like that
small essence of lemon, that’s us owning Aroma
Time, owning a restaurant, a lot of people ask for
lemon in their water. It’s just, you know, a habit. My point is, I don’t think
people really realize the exact benefits that are coming about, so here’s a great article
from Natural News, naturalnews.com, 20
collective reasons to drink lemon water every morning
on an empty stomach. That’s important. So, I drink lemon water every morning, Jamie, you really don’t
do it as much as I do but you put lemon in
your water all the time. But I have a habit of
taking two organic lemons, squeeze them into a quart of water. Now just recently, my
father started doing this. – [Jamie] Oh, wow. – Yes, he started doing
this about a month ago, six weeks ago, ’cause
they got a half a case of the organic lemons
that I’ve been getting, they’ll take a half a case, and he has reported back some changes in his health. Now, my father’s not the
healthiest person to begin with, I’m not sure what he eats or what he doesn’t eat
but he needs to be better and he needs to work out,
he needs to lose weight and he needs to get off
some of his medications, and it’s unfortunate to see a loved one in that kind of a situation, however, the lemon water, he’s claiming, is giving him a lot more energy. – [Jamie] Wow! – And he’s feeling better and he’s sleeping better
at night, he said. – [Jamie] How long has he been doing it? – I think about six weeks now. – [Jamie] Wow, okay. – So he’s claiming that he’s
getting some effects of this, he’s directly linking it to lemon water, it’s the one thing that he’s
actually changed in his diet, and that’s first thing in the morning, lemon juice in his water. I just roll the lemons on a table, I cut them length-wise
and I just squeeze them, if seeds get in, who
cares, I swallow a seed, I don’t swallow a seed,
some of the pulp gets in, but my general rule is one
lemon per pint of water. – [Jamie] And this article
actually talks about putting it into warm lemon water, you don’t necessarily use warm, but… – I use room temperature water. – [Jamie] Room temperature. – Room temperature water, I had to use cold water this morning
and it drove me crazy, it didn’t taste as good and
it wasn’t what I was used to. – [Jamie] Uh huh, so why are lemons, lemons contain substances
that are really good, do you know what the substances are? – So, a long time ago,
probably about 10 years ago I heard one of my favorite health gurus, Gary Null, talking about
the power of lemons and how lemons can actually detoxify you. And he made this great,
great case on scurvy and sailors, we all know
the story of sailors when they would sail across
from Europe into America, they would get scurvy,
and the one thing that they would take on the
boats with them was citrus, was lemons, to get vitamin
C to combat the scurvy. Well, Gary Null totally
presented this whole case that totally blew that out of
the water, that whole theory. He claims that he went to Europe, and to London specifically, and really studied
sailors diets of that era and went back into the museums and really did a lot of research, and here’s what he claimed: he claimed that the chemicals
that they were using to make wooden ships, to seal the wood, and to make these ships, was actually getting into people’s liver and causing scurvy or
causing something else, causing a malfunctioning liver. When he looked through their diets, he goes there’s tons of
seaweed in their diet, seaweed is loaded with vitamin C, but it wasn’t until they put the lemons on the ship that the scurvy of
the liver corrected itself and the scurvy went away, and his theory was that the lemons were detoxifying the liver
of the harmful chemicals that they were treating
and making the boats with. And that previous to
lemons there was plenty of vitamin C on the sailors diets, and I was like, wow, that’s fascinating. And seaweed, he said,
seaweed was the one thing in their diet that’s
loaded with vitamin C. So, let’s jump into now, Natural News, the health ranger, Mike- – [Jamie] Some 20 collective reasons. – So, that piece that I told you about, the sailors, might make
sense once we read this. So here we go, go for it. – [Jamie] So lemons have
many health benefits that have been known for centuries and drinking everyday warm lemon water can make a huge difference. Lemons contain many substances, notably citric acid, calcium, magnesium, vitamin C, bioflavonoids, pectin and limonene-
– Limonene. – [Jamie] That promote
immunity and fight infection. It’s also a great energy booster for when we wake up first thing in the morning as our tissues are dehydrated and in desperate need of
fluid to push out toxins. – Now, we use lemon, speaking of limonene, it mentioned limonene, limonene
is in the oil of the lemon and we use these little tiny bottles of lemon oil from Young Living, which we flavor the water here with and we use them in our personal life and we use them at home
and clean our hands, limonene is one of the major constituents that’s located in a lemon oil, which has a lot of
health benefits as well. And I’ve read over the years the benefits of limonene and a cancer connection, that they’re using limonene
to help with cancer. – [Jamie] Interesting, so
there’s 20 collective reasons to drink lemon water every
morning on an empty stomach. The first one, the liver
produces more enzymes from water with lemon
than from any other food. – That is so important, now this is going back to the lemons, then to the liver and the vitamin C and the scurvy and the whole thing. So, for liver health, the liver, it’s extremely important for liver health and we don’t realize how
much we bombard our livers with everything we do in life everyday. The food we eat, the
processed food we eat, the alcohol that we drink, even the smallest amount of
alcohol is not good for you. And I know people say oh,
a shot of whiskey a day and this and that, you know, and this’ll lower blood
pressure, a glass of red wine, your liver doesn’t see it like that. Other parts of your body may say oh yeah, there’s a certain part of that alcohol that may have something in it, like resveratrol in red wine but your liver doesn’t
look at it that way, so if you’re drinking any type of alcohol, lemon water is probably
extremely important. – [Jamie] Water with
lemon cleanses the liver, lemon juice stimulates the
liver to release toxins. – Now, your liver is
your filter of your body. So you want your liver
to release this stuff ’cause that’s where
everything’s going into, everything gets filtered
down to your liver and your liver is, you
know, the organ that is, like I said, your filter. – [Jamie] Lemon helps
in protecting our body against the immune system’s deficiencies as it is rich in vitamin C.
– Very rich. – [Jamie] Drinking lemon water helps in maintaining the pH levels in the body. – pH is extremely important, there’s tons of books out
there and a lot of doctors, medical doctors and
alternative practitioners, have written books on or have prescribed this high alkaline diet theory, the most notable one is Robert
Young out of California, he has his pH Miracle
book, he has his pH clinic, he has his pH products
and a lot of doctors, medical doctors and
alternative medical doctors, claim that if you can
get your pH in your body, your alkalinity up, that
you’re gonna have less disease, you’re gonna promote better
health from having a higher pH. So lemons, even though they look acidic or you look at a lemon
and go that’s acidic, once you ingest it, it turns alkaline. So it’s actually very alkalizing, so don’t get confused with the acid that you think a lemon is, it’s very alkalizing to the body. – [Jamie] Lemons act as
a powerful antibacterial as it contains pectin fibers, which is beneficial for the colon. – Now, speaking of fibers,
when we make juice at home, we use the whole lemon, of course we’re using an organic lemon so it hasn’t been sprayed
or artificially gassed or anything like that and
it’s a cleaner product but you still wash it very good. So we use the whole lemon and that’s extremely
important because the pith, the white part, the skin
and the flesh itself and the fiber inside all
have different properties, and to be able to get
all of those properties, juice the whole thing. – [Jamie] Drinking lemon
water in the morning on an empty stomach will
help in flushing out toxins. Vitamin C in lemon improves our skin by rejuvenating the body, drinking water with lemon
regularly every morning will improve the condition of your skin. Water with lemon is
beneficial for pregnant women since lemons are loaded with vitamin C, it acts as an adaptogen
helping the body cope with viruses such as colds. Lemon water relieves heartburn, for this, mix a teaspoon of lemon juice in a half a glass of water- – And again, because it’s very alkalizing, so it’s helping your body, it’s almost like baking soda at that point but you take baking soda
to relieve heartburn, Tums, something like that, so the alkalizing effect in the body, it helps you alkalize your food better, digest your food better. – [Jamie] Water with lemon helps dissolve gall stones, kidney
stones, pancreatic stones and calcium deposits-
– I’ve actually known people that have gone on
lemon flushes for gall stones and things like this,
very, very effective. I’ve heard of people’s success
stories personally with this. – [Jamie] It helps in digestion as lemon contains citric acid, it interacts with other enzymes and acids which easily
simulate the secretion of gastric juice and digestion. It provides the body with electrolytes, which hydrates your body, as lemons contain good
amounts of electrolytes such as potassium, calcium and magnesium. – That’s extremely
important, electrolytes, I like to run and electrolytes
are very important with endurance athletes, however, there is a cleanse out there called the Stanley Burroughs cleanse
and it’s lemon juice and maple syrup or lemon
juice and cane juice, or lemon juice and molasses
if you have diabetes or not, depending on how you wanna do that, it’s a very famous cleanse, I think it was developed back in the 60’s by Stanley Burroughs, and the main thing of that is lemon juice, fresh lemon juice in your water, and you can go days with this mixture of lemon juice and maple syrup. I’ve known people, I’ve done it personally for 10 days, 14 days, but I’ve known, we’ve known people that have
done it for up to 40 days. It has some remarkable health benefits. So the electrolytes in the lemons, ’cause I had one person
tell me one time oh my gosh, you’re not getting your electrolytes, this was a medical professional, you’re not getting your electrolytes, you’re not getting your
electrolytes, and of course, the electrolytes are in the lemons. I’m not suggesting anybody go on and try that fast without
really diving into the book and understanding what’s going on but we have a lot of
friends who do it annually as a cleanse to welcome in the new year. – [Jamie] Water with lemon
is good for the joints, reducing pain in the joints and muscles. Water with lemon helps fight infections of the respiratory tract, sore throats and inflammation of the tonsils. This is due to the anti-inflammatory
properties of lemon. Lemons contain pectin fiber, which helps suppress hunger cravings. Studies have proven people with a better alkaline diet have lost weight faster. – So, it really does suppress hunger, and if you do this before a meal it helps you with your meal. Or you take two pints, a quart of this, and drink this during the day, it really does help suppress your hunger. I personally experience that. – [Jamie] Water with lemon helps with tooth pain and gingivitis. Water with lemon prevents cancer, this is due to the fact that lemons are highly alkaline foods, multiple studies have found that cancer cannot thrive in an alkaline environment. It has antibacterial and
antiviral properties, which fight harmful
bacteria, fungus and virus that cause disease and infection. It’s antioxidant properties help eliminate toxins from the body. Water with lemon aids
in proper functioning of the nervous system, the nervous system needs a sufficient amount of potassium to ensure sustainable
signals to the heart. Lemon water can help lower blood pressure. Daily intake of one lemon can reduce high blood pressure by 10 percent. – That’s interesting,
that’s very interesting because a lot of people do
suffer from high blood pressure, and, you know, the one
thing with blood pressure is people don’t realize blood pressure can be helped by drinking water in general, just by being properly hydrated, and then you add lemon into it, you know, you’re gonna get double the effect here, but if you think about
it, your blood is thick, your body is working harder, and by drinking water
you’re allowing everything in your body just to relax
and move much easier. So one of the ways you can
tell if you’re dehydrated is when you go to the bathroom
the color of your urine, and that’s the true sign,
when I go oh my gosh, my urine’s a little on the dark side, I immediately go drink water and that just happened recently to us when we were traveling in Italy because we didn’t have
enough water with us and especially traveling in the airports, and that’s, like, the worst time, because we were on a plane for 11 hours and the last thing I
wanted to do was drink all this water and have to get up again and go to the bathroom
and go to the bathroom but when I did go to the
bathroom, I was like oh my gosh, I need water, I need to hydrate. – [Jamie] And the last
one, lemon water creates an alkalizing effect in the body, even if you drink it
immediately before a meal, it can help your body
maintain a higher level of pH. The higher the pH, the more your body is able to fight diseases. – So Mike Adams lists a bunch
of references on that article, some really good
references on that article, you can easily Google,
the title of the article is 20 collective reasons
to drink lemon water every morning on an empty stomach, and many doctors and medical literature does talk about the
benefits of lemon water. And like I said, people
are drinking lemon water, or lemon in their water, not really realizing the powerful effect. Or not putting enough
lemon in their water, so my personal suggestion
is one lemon per one pint, squeeze it out really good,
roll that lemon really good, get as much juice as you can. If you’re making fresh
juice, get organic lemons, juice the whole lemon, like I said, we probably do three to
four apples per lemon, then a cucumber and maybe
whatever else we want, you can add beets, you can add carrots, you can do a bunch of things, juicing has become very
popular over the last 10 years and if you go on Facebook you’ll find a lot of groups out there, a lot of people that have juicing blogs, juicing websites, juicing
fan pages, juicing protocols, there’s tons of books out there, you can find lots of
literature on juicing. And lemons… important, important part of our daily
diet and our daily rituals, I think it’s important for people to have sort of daily rituals, we have daily rituals
where we brush our teeth, we have daily rituals
where we put on deodorant, we have daily rituals where we take the medicines that our doctor, some of us, take the medicines that our
doctor prescribed to us, but we overlook certain things that can really help our health. So hopefully that helps people, gives people some insight on lemons, lemon juice in their water, lemon water, specifically. I’m Chef Marcus Guiliano. – [Jamie] And Jamie. – Thanks for tuning into this, if you like our videos, please hit like, subscribe to our channel,
share this, pass this on, leave your comments and do you have any specific success
stories with lemon water? If you do, we wanna hear about it. Leave those in the comments below, thanks for watching. (upbeat music) – [Man] ♫ I can’t stop it tonight, ♫ This epidemic, demic, demic, demic ♫ I’m trying to fight, ♫ Blood pressure’s rising now, ♫ It’s in the danger zone, ♫ Somebody help me, I’m
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