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hey everyone and welcome back to my
channel and welcome it to a new video in today’s video I’m sharing with you 25
different healthy hacks that you can do that are not only gonna make your life
easier but make it easier to live a healthy life win-win if you’re new my
name is live and I make lots of healthy recipe lifestyle and wellness videos on
this channel I’m a naturopathic intern which means I see patients during the
week and yeah it’s super fied and I love sharing all of my tips tricks and
recipes with you guys so let’s go ahead and get right in so the first tip is to
switch to unsweetened nut milks I see a lot of people making a switch to nut
milks which is great but a lot of the time you don’t realize that there’s a
lot of added sugar into them because first of all why are we adding sugar so
buying unscreened at least that way you can control the sugar and if you’re
weaning yourself off you know exactly how much is going into it but always
reach and look for the ingredients in your nut man my current favorite one is
the Elmhurst brand there’s only two ingredients in this filtered water and
walnuts and they also do cashew they do all men they do a lot of it but you want
to look for unsweet my next tip is to start using Himalayan salt as your
staple salt if you’ve watched pretty much any of my videos Himalayan salt is
my staple salt and that’s because it is full of electrolytes so it has trace
minerals and vitamins in it that are gonna be good for you and good for your
food so it’s better for you than your standard table salt
so this is just what I use in all my recipes and it’s just an easy way to get
more health into your food without making a huge change so you can even get
on Amazon and I said I put it in my lemon water in the morning switch to
that is your staple salt an easy healthy thing you can do the next thing I do is
to make bulletproof pods for my coffee so if you follow me on Instagram
you know that I love my bulletproof coffee in the morning it’s just honestly
I think he would taste better at this point I’m just so used to it but to save
time so I’m not measuring up the cinnamon and the ghee and the brain
octane I like to make little pods that I then
freeze and then I pop them out so they’re like little disks so in the
morning when I’m in the rush trying to get to clinic I just pop a pod in my
coffee and I use my hand broth to blend it up it’s super easy you’re not getting
a bunch of things out of the drawer you’re not measuring
it’s a one-stop shop guys this hack is perfect my next one is a great way to
make juice if you don’t have a juicer if you’ve watched a couple of my videos
again you’ve seen me do this on Instagram too and what I do is I blend
everything in a blender so I take all my greens my kale my lemon my ginger
cucumber all that great stuff and I blend it and then I run it through a nut
milk bag that you would use to make almond milk and I squeeze it out it’s
kind of like how you would make almond milk and this is a great affordable way
to make green juice at home a nut milk way I will probably cost you
about 10-12 dollars so it’s a lot more affordable than like 160 or $200 juicer
and you probably get the same kind of benefits you get pretty much the same
amount of juice out of it you just need to make sure you squeeze really hard but
again it’s a great affordable way to make your own kind of green juice or any
kind of juice at home my next hack is one for keeping your greens fresher
longer I don’t want you guys but there are times where I buy a bag of kale or a
bag like lettuce and it actually goes bad and that’s because it actually has
moisture around it you need to absorb that moisture so what you do is you take
a paper towel or you can take a napkin and you put it either in the bag or the
container of your greens and that will help absorb the moisture and help them
stay fresher long my next pack keeping with the trends of keeping things fresh
is keeping berries fresh because I don’t know about you I feel like berries stay
for like a day or two if you buy them in the the plastic which they come in and
then they’re all moldy so the great way to make them stay fresher longer is to
put them into a mason jar pop them in like when you get home just wash them
and then pop them in so they’re ready to go and they’ll stay for my next hack is
for your nut butter so if you have those nut butters which separate which look
the oil goes to the top and the bottom which is good because that way it’s
doesn’t have any other weird stuff in it this naturally happens with a lot of the
natural ones you don’t want to pour up the oil because you’re losing a lot of
the benefits but then your almond butter is gonna be really really dry so what
you do is you store it flipped upside down and what that does is that makes
the oil go to the bottom but it actually mixes in so to store upside out in your
fridge or in your pantry and that way the oil goes to the top and when you
flip it back over the oil is now on the bottom my next hack is to use stasher
bags of these silicone bags for storage I find that my avocados
chillie stay fresher longer and they don’t go with brown as quick with these
silicone bags it’s also better than using plastic because plastic if you
heard my hormone video which I talked about the ways to balance our hormones
you know all about the dangers of plastic so minimizing your exposure is
always great and these are reusable great for the environment and they keep
your food fresher longer I mean what’s better than that my next
hack is to use healthy websites that are discounted products so things like
thrive market if you live in the States or if you’re from Canada and ature a
market or pure feast and then there’s also I herb which I know a lot of you
guys are international and I don’t always have recommendations for where
you can get stuff but I herb has ships to like a hundred and something
countries so chances are they shipped to yours and they have a lot of like health
foods like chia seeds and all that for a discounted rate um so there’s ways that
you can get these items that are affordable or if you can’t find them at
your local grocery store to get them shipped
my next tip is to steam your greens like spinach and kale if you’re like me or if
you’ve been following on my Instagram you know that I’ve been trying to get
seven servings of greens a day now a serving of leafy greens is one cup so
one cup raw so if you do that like steamed everything kind of wilts down as
you know like you’ve seen them mean like you cook a big bunch of spinach and then
it turns into a smaller amount then I can actually eat more ingredients
because sometimes you know I get full of raw kale or uh spinach so this is a
great way to get more greens in for volume is just to like steep my next tip
has to do with avocados it’s kind of like a dual tip so I’m gonna leave an
image here about how to tell you if your avocado is ripe because I’ve been
getting a lot of questions about it and it’s really hard to explain in words um
with a little knobby thing on the top is called but you’ll see the picture and
you’ll be able to decipher even when you’re buying them in the grocery store
whether they are soft but if you happen to only have hard ones and you want to
ripen them fast you simply put them in the oven at 200 degrees Fahrenheit for
ten minutes up and then you have a ripe avocado you don’t want to do too high
because you don’t want to cook the avocado but just warm enough where it
ripens this was a tip I share it over on Instagram for a tip Tuesday and a lot of
you loved it so I want to bring it here side note tip Tuesday is the thing on my
Instagram where I share tips so make sure you follow on there so you see
the next hack is how to make a really good quick healthy rose a sauce and I do
this like almost a couple times a week if not three times a week because it’s
so easy so if you have your tomato sauce and you want to make a nice rich
decadent creamy sauce but you want to be dairy-free because you know you don’t
want cream or dairy and your stuff I use either coconut milk or if I have cashew
cream cheese in the fridge I put a couple spoonfuls of that stir it in and
then the tomato sauce gets nice and creamy and it feels like you’re kind of
having like a rosy or alla vodka sauce and it’s so good and it just it makes
more fun I’m just a tomato sauce I don’t know about you but like a rosy sauce is
my favorite type of like a tomato or pasta sauce so this hack is like key for
me my next hack is to start your meals with a salad so let’s say you want to
have pizza you want to have something indulgent I always try to get my
patients to get away from the mindset of that you’re subtracting something so
let’s just try adding something in so just start your meal with a salad that
way you’re getting in your vitamins your minerals your nutrients and then if you
want to have your pizza over and ever that comes second and at least that way
you’re getting all the nutrients in and you’re doing it first – so you don’t
you’re not full yet and so it helps to partly fill you up because of the raw
vegetables but then you’re not like getting deprived or you’re feeling like
you’re I know suffering or something like that so start your meals with
greens or salad and get those veggies in in accompaniment so think about it as
adding instead of subtract my next hack is to wrap your proteins and lettuce so
a lot of the time when I’m having my bunless burgers which knocking away I
have fun with burgers pretty much every Saturday night for a while now I use
lettuce buns sometimes I’ll use a gluten-free but
sometimes I just want a lettuce bun and it’s a great way to kind of wrap around
your protein if you’re going gluten-free and you’re struggling or you just want
to have a caloric ARB grain-free diet it’s one of the things I’ve been doing
for years and years and years I specifically get the butter less I feel
like that has more flavor than your iceberg lettuce but isn’t quite as
bitter as a collared wrap so if you’re not a big fan of kale and collard which
is a bit bitter butter lettuce is kind of the way to go
butter lettuce is also great for like tacos I’m the guy taco my next hack is
to use cauliflower in place of a lot of grains and gluten grains if you guys see
and I’ve made cauliflower gnocchi cauliflower bread cauliflower hummus I
mean there’s pretty much nothing cauliflower can’t do and the great thing
about cauliflower is that it’s actually loaded with choline and choline is
amazing for your brain concentration and not having any brain fog so the
cauliflower trend is what I love because cauliflower is so good and it’s actually
a great way to sneak in more veggies I even do cauliflower instead of ice cubes
in a smoothie again more veggies this taste isn’t as overpowering as some of
the other veggies and it’s a great way to you know get your choline my next
hack is how to remove the skin from ginger super quick so all you need is a
spoon you turn it upside down and you scrape off the skin this I find works a
lot better than a knife not sure why but this is definitely something that helps
me peel ginger my next tip has to do with lemons or making lemon water so in
order to get the most juice that I can out of 11 I like to roll it on like with
my hand at first now the key is you can’t just roll it like without putting
your weight on it you need to really get on top of the lemon and put your way
into it and roll it that way really releases the juices a lot of you guys
say you don’t know how I can get so much juice out of my lemon when I’m squeezing
it in my videos but that’s definitely how put your weight into it and roll it
and you’ll get a lot more juice my next hack is to always keep a couple cans of
coconut milk the new or the canned one I use in all my videos in the fridge and
that’s because when it separates you get this nice thick part that can be used
for so many different things like I said I use it my Rose a sauce you can make
sour cream you could make yogurt you could make whipped cream you can make a
lot of different things you may get chia pudding like there’s just so many things
coconut milk is such a good basic pantry thing that I buy all the time and I
always keep a couple of my fridge because you don’t want to run into a
problem where you then need it to separate because it does take about 12
to 24 hours for the thick part to separate from the other part so always
just throw a couple cans and my next hack is to massage your kale not only to
make it less bitter but to make it easier to digest so I do a squeeze of
lemon and then a pinch of Himalayan salt and I physically massage the kale and
this helps to break it down so it’s a not bitter and be easier to digest my
next hack is to use frozen fruits and vegetables I learned this recently but I
didn’t know that frozen vegetables are already like pre blanched or like
they’re cooked slightly so if you ask defrost frozen vegetables you’ll notice
that they’re already soft they’re not fully hard like they would be if you
bought like broccoli at the grocery store so you don’t need to recut them
for a while there I was like defrosting cauliflower like using frozen
cauliflower and cooking it and then refreezing it for smoothies but then I
learned that it’s actually already kind of precooked my next hack is to stick to
the Dirty Dozen mainly if you’re going to be buying organic to save some money
so you don’t need to buy everything organic most things with a shell you
don’t need to buy organic like a banana has like a shell kind of on the outside
you don’t need to buy our game and then all those ones that are all a Dirty
Dozen which I will leave the list and below those you want to buy organic so
apples peaches berries are on there kale all those things are more important to
buy organic because they have shown that they have more pesticides on them my
next hack is to use spices to really kick up and flavor at your food I feel
like a lot of people don’t use spices and they don’t feel like they’re healthy
food might be like bland or boring but there’s so much limitless possibilities
with spices my favorite ones are probably ginger cinnamon and garlic but
you can use rosemary you’ll experiment with cardamom experiment with curry
powders and paprika and tumeric and just find ones that you like and I can just
spice up your food and a lot of them actually have so many benefits and have
more benefits dried than fresh so for example rosemary is really good dried
and a lot of the benefits you’ll get more for the amount in rosemary dried it
than you would in fresh my next hack is to add a little fiber boost to your
meals in order to help fill you up and also keep you regular so that could be
anything from sprinkling some chia seeds on your toast or your oatmeal or your
porridge or hemp seeds in your salad or flax in your smoothies and all these
little additions of fiber are gonna help fill you up and also help with
metabolism and healthy weight and they’re really little easy things you
can do you just sprinkle it on whatever you’re eating just a little dose of
fiber is gonna go a long way and my last hack is to use apple cider vinegar if
you guys follow it along with bloat week last week on my Instagram where I was
doing a bunch of tips all week long for bloating which if you missed are saved
under the gut health highlight on my profile apple cider vinegar a tablespoon
15 to 20 minutes before meals is a great hack to improve digestion
it’s also great in the morning in your lemon water too I like to put in a
couple capsules then just to help kickstart my digestion in the morning it
also helps keep you regular it helps with GERD it helps with reflux so it’s a
great all-around inexpensive affordable thing that you can do for your digestion
I hope you guys enjoyed these healthy hacks and you learn something new and
that you implement some of them let me know what other kind of like
informational videos you’d like to see I’m full of lots more tips believe me
yeah I hope you guys are all having a great day thanks for watching this video
thank you for your support I will see you guys next time
bye guys

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