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3 Amazing Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Under Eye Wrinkles

Hello and welcome, in today’s video we will
be talking about wrinkles. Wrinkles can be caused by several factors such as direct exposure
to sunlight and harmful pollutant, smoking, excessive use of drugs, excessive stress and
several other factors. But dont you worry, Help is at hand. We will
provide you with home remedies you can use to reduce wrinkles.
Take a few drops of glycerin in a bowl, add a little honey to it also add a little olive
oil, mix this well and apply it on your face. This will help tighten the pores and also
help tighten the saggy skin. Take a little grated ginger or ginger powder
add a tea spoon of honey to it, mix this and have this to avoid skin wrinkles.
Take a glass of cold water add the juice of half a lemon to the water now splash your
face with this lemon water and let it air dry it. Repeat this twice a daily for best
results. Hope this video help. Stay healthy and don’t
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21 thoughts on “3 Amazing Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Under Eye Wrinkles

  1. if i slash the lemon. and water on my face will my skin get lighter or will it be coo cause i dont want to lose my skin color only wrinkles

  2. Your skin is actually glowing, love this video. Solvaderm has beauty care products that do not use harsh ingredients worth a look.

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  4. I have applied ginger and honey remedy but my skin is feeling heating and burning sensation Is it ok or should I discontinue that?

  5. Antioxidants such as Vitamin C are also crucial in anti ageing as they block the damage to skin cell DNA that causes ageing. Vitamin C is crucial for anti ageing but its not enough to just use botanical ingredients to give you vitamin C – its imperative to combine with safe green chemistry to create potency and results. Rubbing a rose petal on your skin won't give results, but combining with green chemistry will. Think advanced science but without artificial chemicals – orange stem cell technology exists to actually produce vitamin C from within your skin! And in this day and age we should all be aiming for cruelty free and free of harmful chemicals. Look after your skin from the inside and out, look at what you're fuelling your body with, drink plenty of water, avoid harmful chemicals, bulking agents like mineral oil, and preservatives, protect your skin from UV and pollutants. If you read a label and see chemical names, think about what you're applying – you are what you absorb! You don't just want your skin to look 10 years younger, you want it to act 10 years younger! Skin health is what you should be aiming for. Look after it and it will last you a lifetime! https://bit.ly/2sSBbvj

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