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30 Days Of A Gluten-Free Diet • LIFE/CHANGE

– [Voiceover] Gluten-free
diets that cut out all food with wheat, barley, and rye have become extremely popular in
the last couple years, so we challenged four
people to change their diet for a month to see what happens when you go gluten-free. – I’ve heard that going gluten-free helps you get more energetic which is definitely
something I’m interested in because I’m always tired. – I wanna kinda get back onto a healthy eating schedule and really pay more attention to what I’m putting in my body. – I’m excited to just find
good gluten-free cake. – The reason I wanna go gluten-free is because my girlfriend was diagnosed with celiac disease and I’m hoping that by myself going gluten-free, I can make it a little bit easier for her. – What are some changes
that I should expect when going gluten-free? – It depends on how sensitive your body is to gluten, but some
of the great benefits of being gluten-free are increased energy. A lot of people who go
on a gluten-free diet end up having more energy just because the energy in their body isn’t
being used for digestion. – I’m nervous that I’m not
gonna have a lot to eat. – Think about it this way: our favorite foods
become our favorite foods because we eat them often. The good news for you is you’re not giving up your five favorite. You’re just setting it aside and saying, “Oh, do I have 20 other favorites “that I didn’t even know about?” – That’s exciting (laughs).
– So you come out of the diet and you’ve got 25 favorites. – I was just looking at
my favorite fake bacon that I eat all the time. Modern corn starch, wheat, gluten! I had no idea there was gluten in this. I might’ve eaten some
since I started the diet. I definitely have. – At work, we had free cupcake day, so I after I pouted about
that quietly to myself, I suddenly found out there
was a gluten-free option. There’s gluten-free
options of a lot of stuff, but there’s just one gluten-free option. – I’ve found it’s made my life about 60% more annoying. It’s Friday at BuzzFeed. A ton of free doughnuts right here, and I can’t eat them because
I’m gluten-free this month. Basically, I feel exactly the same. – I do not feel more energetic. – I wouldn’t say I feel
like I have more energy. – I actually get up feeling energized and ready to get my day going. In one week, I’ve lost about
six and a half pounds already. – I’m here to turn things around and gonna try some
gluten-free pizza tonight. (gasps) It’s like pizza made on
a too-thick tortilla, and they’re sweet for some reason. It’s not a substitute for normal pizza. – Better than I thought. – I have a feeling that is going to be the standard review for gluten-free food. – It kinda tastes like pizza minus bread. I can’t taste the crust at all. So, I can tell that my body’s no longer used to eating gluten, but I don’t know if I’m losing a lot of weight or feeling amazingly better. – I haven’t seen my energy level change. I’ve seen my anger and
frustration level change. – Wow! What an amazing snack. – It’s been pretty fantastic. I’ve just found myself walking a lot more, not feeling like I need to take a nap in the middle of the day. So, I’m at my friend’s engagement, still doing gluten-free, so you can see my entire plate is pretty much empty besides lentils and rice. It’s one of those things that I feel like I could continue doing
even after this is over. – My goal was to just help my girlfriend get used to celiac disease, and she hasn’t had gluten in
maybe three or four months, which is huge for her, so
that worked out really well. – Nutritionists are really good at making gluten-free diets sound fun when they’re actually awful. It was too big of an inconvenience. – I don’t think I really
feel any different at all. There’s gluten in weird things that you wouldn’t expect. I realized sort of halfway through that my face lotion had gluten in it. – Now I’ve found that I
don’t really feel bogged down by the stuff I’ve eaten
from the previous day. Even just the breakfast I’m having, it’s a lot lighter. I just feel like I’ve actually got energy to get through the day. – [Voiceover] You lost five pounds. – I lost five pounds, all right. – I lost five pounds? I don’t have a lot of body fat. I’m not sure if I can
afford to lose five pounds. – [Voiceover] Three pounds of body fat. – Three pounds of body fat? Oh (bleeped). That’s cool. – I cannot wait to eat gluten again. Internet, do you know this? Do you know how good pizza is? It’s so good. It is so good. – It was worth it just for this plate of a cupcake and a pizza. This is everything I could’ve asked for, and it just made it that much better after not having it for a month.

100 thoughts on “30 Days Of A Gluten-Free Diet • LIFE/CHANGE

  1. The absolute most unfair thing is that anything that is gluten free costs sooo much more than the original item like what the heck?! I have celiac and I can't eat anything so the fact that so many people need to pay extra for the basic food is absurd

  2. What a bunch of pathetic whiners!! I'm allergic to gluten and have to read EVERY label in the store when I shop (why does cream cheese have gluten ffs??). I also bought gluten free cook books and learned how to cook tasty foods so I could work with my allergy and not let it ruin my life.

    Gluten free foods don't have to taste like crap on cardboard. A little work using recipes and pans on a stovetop will get you a meal that doesn't taste any different from one that has gluten in it. But it does take work and perseverance.

    Also, many restaurants now have gluten-free menus available. You just have to ask for them. But be sure to let them know you have an allergy when you place your order and that your order needs to be "red flagged" or you might encounter cross contamination.

    I have lived the gluten-free life for several years now. The biggest challenge hasn't been the food, but instead the labeling of packaging and deciphering ingredients. A little more clarity from food manufacturers would go a LONG way for those of us with problems with gluten.

  3. I have a family member with hashimotos and they haven’t had gluten in over six months and it’s really hard for them to find food to eat

  4. I have Celiac disease, and curl up in a ball of pain whenever I ingest anything that contains wheat or anything of that nature. It isn't a fad diet like most people see it, it helps those like us who will suffer if we eat anything like normal cereals or breads.


    Sorry I just hate how they reacting and no I have no Idea how real pizza taste

  6. This video was honestly kind of offensive to us Celiacs- going gluten free is more than a “30 day challenge”. It is a struggle that sometimes just makes you want to cry for hours. Also, constantly saying “Oh, gluten free food is so bad, I can’t wait to go back to gluten” was hurtful, because some of us here actually have to live with the disease.

  7. I can't eat gluten because I have Celiac Disease and I will throw up and feel extremely sick. This is what annoys me though. People go gluten-free to be "healthy" but it can actually be bad for you if you don't need to stop eating gluten. It's so annoying

  8. Um…my hubby and daughter are gluten intolerant so we eat a GF diet and I don’t feel any difference at all. Making food is SO complicated and gritty ie pancakes, pizza crust cakes 😩. GF has a noticeably not-so-tasty flavor. It’s funny I think attitude is the real difference.

  9. I normally love buzzfeed, but this one was a lil umderinformed. Ole boy who feels better probably has a gluten intolerance. This gluten free diet makes people feel all these great things, when they have an intolerance to it. (Most of the time)

  10. I've been gluten free for 9 years because I don't digest wheat very well. I'm just hoping there will be a donut tree in heaven for me.😇

  11. something about these people just doesn't seem like they actually ate gluten free through the study. so can't really trust their results.

  12. I feel like some of these people (not naming names) took this seriously and then some people didn’t and made it a joke. It really offends me that the people who made it a joke at the end don’t realize that people with celiac are really struggling. Please don’t hate on me

  13. I have gerd and im gluten free and I got back from a party everything was gluten and I ate a lot of the food and now I feel like throwing up 😢

  14. Americans and their weed obsession with gluten. In Europe this diet is only excusable if you have celiac disease.

  15. GLUTEN IS GOOD FOR YOU UNLESS YOU HAVE CELIACS OR AN INTOLERANCE SO SHUT MOUTH I HAVE CELIACS…..there are no changes in anything unless u have intolerances….You will still have no energy, ance, etc if you don't have the intolerance bc it's the cause the something else…you don't lose weight from not eating gluten you lose weight from not eating crap

  16. I was diagnosed with Lupus a couple years ago and since I started just limiting my gluten intake I found that my flare ups became less of an issue and I sometimes barely remember I have it. Im going to try to go completely gluten free because I was just diagnosed with Hashimotos. To anyone who is going through a similar situation know that the fight is long but the road to feeling good again will lead to sweet victory. Sadly we dont have a cure for Lupus (nor do I think we do for Hashimotos) but it doesn't mean you should give up hope or stop fighting!❤

  17. I am getting the endoscopy next year if I am tested positive my mum is going to put me on the trial or let me get the immunisation so I can eat gluten again

  18. I’ve been Celiac for four years now and it’s not as bad as people think apart from going to party’s I have to bring my own food which was super annoying

  19. The video was good, i quite liked it.
    I have Celiac diasese myself and i can relate to a lot in this video, but 4:00 made me drop a dislike, disrespectful person who should not be in the video.

  20. Im 13 and gluten free its torture when you're at a birthday party and the only thing they have to eat is pizza and cake and you're there for 4 hours😫😂

  21. I have a celiac disease and i hate it. I can never eat out because i’m also vegetarian. So I sometimes have to eat gluten even though i know i’ll get sick later, just so I won’t starve

  22. I've been gluten free since i was 2. at 2 i was diagnose with Coeliac disease

  23. Shout out to all the gluten free people out there when this video ends we can’t just go eat gluten or pizza or other stuff we used to enjoy 🙁

  24. I have celiac disease and I get that you are healthier or whatever if you don’t eat it but if I could get rid of this disease I would in a heartbeat, why would you deprive yourself of the wonderful world of wheat?

  25. I was diagnosed with celiac disease almost a year ago, watching this video was extremely upsetting. If you do not have a reason medically to go on a gluten free diet, it is not SAFE for you. We are not gluten free by choice but by disease. There is no cure for celiac disease so our medicine is gluten free food. One of my symptoms of celiac disease was major weight loss. It is still hard for me today to maintain my weight because gluten free foods are so low on calories. No one in this video felt more energized because they didn’t have a reason to go gluten free. They were avoiding proper nutrients for THEIR body. I know gluten free food doesn’t anyway taste great but it’s what keeping me alive and healthy. It’s not something to joke about. I don’t have a choice.

  26. I’m so glad that you guys got to experience what it is like for me and other people every day. I have Celiac and I was diagnosed when I was 5. I’m glad no one got hurt because some people have to eat wheat for nutrition. Any way hope you enjoyed it!

  27. honestly unless gluten makes you physically ill, eat it. Making gluten-free a fad diet creates problems for people who have to explain that they get sick from eating gluten

  28. I have been trying to do gluten free for 3 months now but no luck. every week I have gluten stuff at least twice. It is better than before, when I used to have gluten food every day. But it is tougher than being sugar free. I love my fried food. best to get fried food made of other types of flour. I cheated twice this week and it has only been six days since I started. I don't think I would ever be gluten free but I think I will just eat it less often.

  29. Gluten free is a fad the only reason why people claim to lost weight when they eat gluten free is because they we're aware of there diet and eat less

  30. I am allergic to gluten……I have been doing this for 6 years. “Hey do you know how good pizza is?!” Thanks for rubbing it in my face. I just makes you think how you don’t realize how important something is in your daily routine until it’s gone…..just be grateful

  31. Stop moaning! I've had celiac disease for 10 years now and I'm only twelve.

    Like if you want less moaning in our life

  32. I ate pizza 2 days ago and havnt been able to move from my bed since, so unless you feel bad like that you're prolly fine

  33. Things have changed so much. Today I had a gluten free pizza and cookies and they were both great. I got them from a Walmart in Oregon for less than $10 total and they’re as good or even better than their regular counterparts AND I don’t feel sick after eating them! I’m thankful that this has gotten so much more recognition even if it’s because it’s been a fad diet

  34. Y’all know you can still have sugary soda, chips, hot dogs, chocolate, etc and be gluten free, right? Not eating gluten is not synonymous with eating healthy. Sure there is a chance you might eat more vegetables in place of pasta and garlic bread, but there is gluten free junk food.

  35. This whole video feels very discouraging to anyone who has a real gluten intolerance or celiacs. “I don’t feel any different” yeah because you already tolerated gluten fine and it never made you sick HELLO??? This is why people think it’s a fad to be gluten intolerant

  36. I have celiac and GLUTEN IS GOOD FOR YOUUUUU it’s not a bloody weight loss diet . I have to take a load of supplements and vitamins to make sure I grow and don’t get osteoporosis coz I took gluten out my diet . So please just stop and it really frustrates me because I would never choose to go gluten free coz I still hate it and I’ve been gluten free for 3 years now but I have to or I physically can’t get out of bed because I have ever symptoms of celiac under the sun and don’t even get me started on the regular blood tests 🙄

  37. celiac people go through hell we can’t even have the same toaster and those cupcakes we couldn’t even eat those cupcakes cuase of micro crumbs and if we won’t to eat gluten we get SICK

  38. I find this video nearly offensive? Gluten free diet is not a fad diet. It’s a cure for people like myself living with coeliac disease. I invite them to suffer the pain and cramps we get and then see much we rely on the gluten free diet. Well done to the guy who embraced it and took it seriously.

  39. Belive or not gluten is bad for everyone, if you don't have any condition this not mean you are ok to eat food , witch is not full absorb in a gut.

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