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35 Days FILET MIGNON Dry Aged Experiment!

I’ve dry-aged quite a few things
including prime bone-in ribeyes, beautiful strip loin which I cut them
into incredible New York strip steaks and of course we can’t forget the queen
of all meats picanha which I did for a hundred days, that is just insane. And
most of my experience with dry-aged has been wonderful and one of my favorite
things to do with beef. If you never had dry aged before it is hard to understand
the reason why we go through this entire process but always in the end it leaves
you wanting more every single time . I even dry aged a brisket for 60 days and
it was probably one of the most delicious and surprising results I’ve
ever had with this dry aging stuff. And today I’m going to try to dry age one
of the most popular cuts there is; it is the filet mignon which comes from the
tenderloin. Filet mignon is already tender as is and
my idea with this experiment is to find out if it is worth dry aging it or not
because usually dry age does two things one it makes the meat a lot tender and
you also changes slightly the flavor profile of the meat. So I’m really
excited to find out how this is gonna turn out. So let’s do it! I started with a whole tenderloin as you
can see it is not trimmed. I got it from sterling silver premium meats. It is very
important that you use an untrimmed tenderloin because when you were dry
aging you will create a crust and you want all that extra fat and silver skin
to be there before dry aging. To dry age it I am using a special bag it is
called UMAI Dry I hate to call it a bag because it is not just a regular
standard bag that you have at home. UMAI actually calls them a membrane. And
what this bag does it allows moisture out without allowing any of the bad
stuff to go in so in essence it evaporates all the moisture out of the
meat tenderizing the meat and also changing the flavor profile. And when you
open the bag it comes with everything that you need in the kit. It is simple
and easy to use. Once that’s done dry it well and you are
ready to start dry aging .You can use a regular cutting board but I prefer
aluminum paper to make everything easier. Try to keep everything as clean as
possible I use gloves and I recommend it. Then the next step is pretty easy just
transfer directly into the UMAI bag it is important to keep the meat moist.
Remember this is a membrane and the moisture will help it stick to the meat
this will give you a much better result. Once the meat has stuck into the
membrane it is ok to wipe out the excess, but never on the meat itself. The kit
comes with this special little fabric that allows you to suck all the air out
with your vacuum sealer. Once the air has been removed it is important to seal it
twice. Right after that just fold all the additional parts. Now I’m afraid that my
tenderloin would just lay flat completely and then when I cut it open I
won’t have perfect round shapes so for that reason I’m tying it up so that it
keeps its shape. Once that was done I transferred it to a cooling rack so that
the air can circulate throughout the entire thing allowing it to dry from the
top and bottom in all sides. Now when I did this I had a little bit of extra air
towards the edges it was a simple fix, I just cut it out pushed all the air out
as much as I could and resealed it with my vacuum sealer. After that my
tenderloin was ready to be dry-aged and all there’s left to do is put in on my
regular refrigerator for a total of 35 days. After 35 days this is what it looks like.
As you can see the meat shrink quite a bit. Tying the tenderloin was a perfect
decision because he kept its round shape. I removed all the butcher’s twine and
opened it up. As expected it had a wonderful smell, the smell of dry aged
which is difficult to explain. Now all there’s left to do is cut him into
steaks check it out . As you can see, they turn out as good as it gets and I’m very pleased with these results. To do a real fair comparison I am getting another
tenderloin. I want to compare and see if there’s a lot of difference between a
fresh tenderloin and a dry aged tenderloin. I’m looking for tenderness
and flavor. So I quickly trimmed this one up and I put one next to the other and
here you can really tell the difference between them. Check it out. Once that was
done I cut the fresh one into beautiful filet mignons and all my beautiful
steaks were ready Then I had a real hard choice which is
to choose which ones to try it out today. So I went with the best ones I could
find and these are today’s contenders. As you can see the intramuscular fat is
quite similar so this is gonna be a good test. Then I quickly removed all the
trimmings from the dry aged and I was left with two beautiful steaks. To really taste the profile of the meat I am not using any garlic powder or pepper.
I’m only seasoning with salt and basting it a little bit with regular standard
unsalted butter. I’m using regular table salt so that the penetration of the salt
can be as quick as possible. Today I’m going to be cooking the steaks in direct
heat instead of reverse sear. I’m first going to put a beautiful sear on them
and then slowly cook them until they come unto an internal temperature of a
hundred and twenty degrees Fahrenheit. But enough talking it is time to cook
them. So let’s do it! I’m going, I’m ready to go man. Are you ready to go Angel? My nephew Angel he’s ready to go for this one and I
don’t blame him. Today I use a different technique everybody and the reason I use
a different technique which is just a regular way you normally cook a steak
because I wanted to get a very nice and strong sear on these filet mignons. See that color? Really nice on the outside. Very good. Maybe wanna eat fast. You
hungry? Let’s gooooo! Okay so we have our very first steak here. I want to know if
there’s any difference for you. So what’s this one? This one I’m not gonna tell you
we’re gonna tell you after all right so that we can find out if there’s a
difference on taste profile my friend. Cheers!
Let’s go for it. hmm lord have mercy Wow I think I like this one. You think
you like this one? I think I like this one bro. All right enough talking you ready for
the second one? Let’s go oh my god this one is way okay
enough talking cheers buddy. What! What! What is this Angel? All right bro. Okay which one
do you think it’s better more tender and different flavor profile? This one is more
tender. Definitely this one is like chewing I would say that texture of
jello. Almost. Yeah like jello you bite on it there is zero resistance. I
think it’s just a little bit tougher than jello I could break jello with my tongue.
Yeah I think we might be able to break it with you in with your tongue on this one. But
the crust is so pronounced right I’ve got a really good sear on that one. right this one here is do you think it’s so soft that
is too soft? No no no it’s perfect. It’s perfect, you
know when I started this experiment I really thought that it’s not
worth, by the way this is dry-aged Angel. We got the dry-aged filet mignon versus
a traditional filet mignon. So is it worth dry-aging a filet mignon? Yes I
agree with his a silent man right now. It is worth dry-aging.
As long as you’ll do it untrimmed if you get a tenderloin that
is already trimmed I think you’re gonna have too much loss but if it’s untrimmed
it’s good. Yes? I think that if you keep explaining the flavor uh-huh. You’re
gonna keep finishing? Im gonna keep eating. I hope you guys enjoyed this video if you
do enjoy this video make sure you give it a thumbs up. If you’re not a
subscriber be sure to subscribe for future videos. Remember if you are
interested in anything I use everything is always in the description down below
thank you so much for watching and we’ll see you guys on the next one take care
everybody. Bye bye Alright bro. Hold on bro we gotta share! Bro, I have a knife tranquilo I have a knife. I have, I have teeth! You have teeth? Ha, ha!

44 thoughts on “35 Days FILET MIGNON Dry Aged Experiment!

  1. I honestly hate that you dont let your steaks rest and instead let all those juices and flavor go to waste, but that's nothing compared to how much I love everything else on your channel

  2. Is it possible to use the umai bags in your normal everyday fridge? Will it make everything else smell like meat or is it ok. I am about to ask for the umai starter kit for Christmas but we don’t have a second fridge… should I wait or is it ok to use in your main fridge. Sorry for the long question. Keep doing what you do, your videos are amazing!

  3. Filet Mignon… filet mignon… i hate saying that word more than you can think. Its sounds like the name of a french pirate

  4. I smoked a brisket for 50 hours once with justapplewood and hickory, I only used charcoal to get it going for the first couple hours cus I like that taste….then I dropped it on the ground :C

  5. I really enjoy your videos, I watch them all the time. But I have yet to see you mention where you got your wireless thermometers from. Can you please let me know?

  6. I tried this and I don't recommend doing it. Filet mignon is already very small. Dry age it and you will be trimming off A LOT! You get tiny little steaks after trimming

  7. Don’t you think that when you rolled the bag up on one side it restricted the ability of the moisture to exit the bag on that side?

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