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5 Bad Food Combination That Damage Kids Health || Mother Care

Hello Everyone !! Welcome Back to My Channel I am Niharika welcoming you to my youtube channel Mother Care So today topic is five food combination that is bad for our child health If you are new to my channel please subscribe First Combination is Banana and Milk This combination is mostly used together Banana and Milk Combination is strictly not allowed in Ayurveda It can produce toxic in your body if you had given this to your child you will feeel that your baby is feeling more sleepy It can also increase chance of cold & Cough Second combination is
Food and Yogurt It will also increase the chance of cold and cough It can also bring Allergy Third Food Combination is White Bread & Jam It increases the Sugar Level Your Child will feel extremely Tired Never Give this combination in breakfast or tiffin box Fourth Combination is Meat and Starch Fifth Combination is Tomato & Cheese I hope you liked this Information So thats all for Today.. Meet you in Next video Soon with some other useful Information So Please Subscribe my Channel , Like my videos Share with your friends and family

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