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5 Foods a Dietitian Eats I In the Kitchen With Pampered Chef

– Hi, I’m Sandy and
I’m back in the kitchen with Pampered Chef. I’m gonna talk to you about
one of my favorite topics: my favorite ingredients
to cook with and to eat. As a registered dietitian,
people ask me all the time what are the best foods
that they should be eating and what do I eat, exactly. Well, I’ve narrowed it down to my top five favorite ingredients. Here’s the reasons why I love
them: they’re good for you, they’re also easy to find
in most grocery stores, and they work in a variety of recipes and you can prepare them
in a variety of ways. Essentially, they’re my staples. Let’s dive in. First up, black beans. Did you know that black beans are one of the most nutritious legumes? One cup has 15 grams of
fiber and 15 grams of protein and the skin contains
powerful antioxidants. So canned or dried, which should you use? First of all, canned beans
are fast and convenient, but dried are great when
you wanna make them in bulk and they’re less expensive. Canned beans have more sodium, but did you know that if you
rinse and drain your beans you can reduce the sodium by up to 40%? In the end, it’s up to you
on the best type to choose. My advice is just to eat them. So some of my favorite
ways to prepare black beans are in salads, stirred into soups, blended with beef to make burgers, and this fast and easy breakfast burrito. So I just have two eggs
and my ceramic egg cooker. This is a really easy breakfast when I’m busy in the mornings and trying to get out the door. Splash of milk. Little bit of salt. Give it a shake. And in the microwave for about one minute. So now I’m gonna add
my beans and my cheese and microwave for about another minute. So I’ve got my eggs with my
beans and cheese all ready. Just gonna put it on my tortilla. I like mine with a
little bit of hot sauce. We’ll roll it up. And there you go, a
fast and easy breakfast. And I will show you something
else with black beans a little bit later. Next, Brussels sprouts. I have to say, with Brussels sprouts, if you don’t like them, you probably haven’t had
them prepared the right way. Boiling Brussels sprouts can make them slimy and pretty stinky. But there are so many other
ways you can prepare them. You can slice them really
thinly and put them in a salad, you can roast them so they
get all brown and crispy, or you could sear them with some bacon, like our butternut squash pasta with Brussels sprouts and bacon. Or you can steam them and cover
them with cheese and panko like I’m about to show you right now. So why do I love Brussels sprouts? Well, Brussels sprouts are part of the cruciferous family of vegetables with broccoli, cabbage,
bok choy, and kale. And even though they’re small, I like to call them nutrition powerhouses because they’re low in calories, they’re high in fiber, low in carbs, and actually really
surprisingly high in vitamin C. One cup of Brussels sprouts actually has more vitamin C than an orange. So I’m just trimming my Brussels sprouts and putting them right
here in my steamer basket. Okay, so I have about pound
and a half of Brussels sprouts. And I have a cup of water I’m gonna put in the Quick Cooker first. This is gonna help create that steam to cook the Brussels sprouts. Gonna put my Brussels in. Cover with a lid. I’m gonna select steam and
set it to five minutes. And when that’s done, we’ll
cover it with the cheese and panko and broil for
just a couple minutes. Okay, now I’m just gonna
take my Brussels out. Put them on my grill stone. And then I’m gonna smash them. Steaming is a great
way to make this recipe because the Brussels sprouts get so soft that it’s easy to smash them. Now we just top them with some olive oil mixed with some lemon
and garlic and herb rub. Gives them some good flavor. And then we have some
white cheddar cheese. And some Parmesan cheese. And some panko bread crumbs. The panko helps them get brown and a little crisp on the top. So these just go into the
broiler for a couple minutes. All right, this is looking so good now. Now, one of the reasons
why I love this recipe, it’s really a different and unique way to serve Brussels sprouts. It tastes so good and
you should give it a try. Next, avocados. Who doesn’t love avocados? The most impressive
nutrition quality of avocados is their amount of heart-healthy
monounsaturated fats. This type of fat can help
lower LDL, or bad cholesterol, and can help prevent heart disease. Now, one misconception about an avocado is that it’s a vegetable. Now, it’s actually a fruit
and it should be considered nutritionally as a source of fat. After you buy an avocado, it can take about four to
five days for it to ripen. You know it’s ripe when the
skin turns pretty dark purple and it’s soft to the touch. Now I’m gonna go ahead
and cut this avocado. Easiest way is just to
cut down the middle, rotate the avocado one full turn. Woo, this one’s really nice and ripe. Now, one thing about the
pit is that people think magically the pit helps
this side of the avocado not darken or ripen too fast. That’s partially true,
but what it does do is it helps the area underneath
the pit from browning because it’s not exposed to oxygen. So I’m gonna actually go ahead and remove the pit for this recipe. Gonna hold it with a towel
to keep my hand safe. Just pierce it with a knife and then you go ahead and
just push the pit out. So this is my Super Green Smoothie. It’s got just a half a cup of apple juice. One whole banana. It’s got a cup of torn kale leaves. And then I’m gonna use
one half of the avocado. Avocado in smoothies is really a great way to use up avocado if it’s just kind of on the verge of turning too brown. And then I’ve got a half cup of ice. (machine beeping) (machine whirring) Oh man, avocado in smoothies makes the texture so rich and creamy. If you’ve never tried it, you
should give this recipe a try. You’ll see avocados one
more time in my next recipe. And now sweet potatoes. The main reason why I love sweet potatoes is they’re just so delicious. I enjoy them all year round,
roasted in the wintertime or grilled in the summertime
or anything in between. Now, the name sweet potatoes
actually suggests that they’re super high in sugar. Well, quite the contrary, sweet potatoes are really nutrient rich and they’re actually
lower in carbohydrates than a regular potato. They’re also impressively high
in vitamin A and potassium. Now, I’m gonna show you one of
my favorite all-time recipes that I created here at Pampered Chef. And it also contains four out of five of my favorite ingredients that I’ve been talking to you about. So right here, I just
have two sweet potatoes that have been cut in half. And I microwaved them in
the Deep Covered Baker for about 10 minutes. So as you can see, I’ve
already scooped out some of the insides of just
two of these potato halves. And I’m gonna go ahead and
finish with the other two. Now, in this bowl I have
chicken, black beans, corn, and some Colby-Jack cheese. Now, when you scoop out
the inside of the potatoes, you wanna make sure that
they’ve cooled down a little bit so that they’re easy to handle. This is sort of a new take
on a twice-baked potato. Okay. That’s looking good, I’m
just gonna mix this all up because this is gonna become my filling. I actually love this mixture
alone right here in the bowl, just to eat. It’s really tasty. Just gonna go ahead and use my
scoop to fill these potatoes. I’m gonna stuff them really good because I have so much filling over here. That looks good. And if you have a little
bit of filling left over, you could just eat it on its own. So now I’m gonna top these with a little bit of extra cheese. Then put them back in the microwave for just a couple minutes. All right, these are looking great. Now, you can top these any way you like, but I love to put some avocado, of course. Some Greek yogurt. And some cilantro. And how beautiful are these? These make a really great, filling meal for either lunch or dinner. You can even make them ahead
of time and freeze them. Last but not least, we have Greek yogurt. If you’ve watched any of my past videos, you understand my true
love for Greek yogurt. Now, how is Greek yogurt made? Regular yogurt is actually strained and the liquid whey portion is removed, leaving behind a really
thick and creamy yogurt that’s super concentrated in protein. Now, Greek yogurt is used in so many ways, but here are some that I like to use. You can use it as a substitute for mayo in chicken salad or tuna salad, stir it into soup or chilis
for a nice, creamy finish, or you could substitute it for sour cream in tacos or in dips. But Greek yogurt is not
just a substitution. I love it as just a great
ingredient to add to dishes. Now we’re gonna make a creamy
peanut butter chocolate mousse with Greek yogurt. So we’ll start with some Greek yogurt. Little bit of peanut butter. Some milk. I’m gonna get that mixed up first. I love how the Greek yogurt
really thickens up this mousse and gives it a slightly tangy taste. Now I’m gonna add my cocoa powder. And maple syrup. All right, now there you have it, my top five favorite ingredients: black beans, Brussels sprouts, avocado, sweet potato, and Greek yogurt. I hope you learned some new ways to incorporate these
ingredients into your meals. Thanks for watching, see you next time!

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