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$5 Fried Chicken Sandwich Vs. $15 Fried Chicken Sandwich | Sydney

hello everybody
hope you all having a wonderful day new to my channel my name is Walter from
Sydney Australia today I will be taking you and showing
you the best chicken sandwich you can get in Sydney so just stay tuned till the end of the video, I will be showing you best the chicken sandwichs you can get in Sydney if you are new to my
channel please subscribe and hit the bell button so you do not miss any videos in the future, so stay tunned all right right now I’m at the Sydney
Kings Cross, I am right at the Thirsty Bird one of the famous chicken sandwich you
can get in Sydney, so come on let’s join let’s check it out so here comes my
first taste of Thirsty bird sandwich that is a massive patty of chicken
sandwich check this out check this chicken looks so crunchy goodness and
looking massive, I cannot wait to try so it’s basically chicken with coleslaw as well and their spacial sauce incredibly crunchy man umuh you are not gonna believe how big this is, look at the size of this, big as my face yeah very delicious the mayo man, the perfect combination of sandwich Perfectly crunchy, so juicy and moist I’ve also ordered the one piece of
chicken so let’s try the chicken out Very moist, crunchy and juicy inside just listen to the crunch, so juicy I think after that chicken sandwich I need fresh juice hello how are you? What fresh juice you got? okay I’ll get the that one watermelon
and I’ll get the medium size yeah watermelon and what else what makes
mixed you do normally? Apple all alright let’s get the orange and apple then all right watermelons orange and apple
juice all right I’ll sit down here okay yeah Kings Cross is one of the busiest place in Sydney, lots of stories about Kings
Cross, I can see a lot of backpackers a lot of tourists that live around here a
lot of food stalls yeah it’s quite handy so let’s wait for just for my juice do you accept card? how
much is it $5:70,
thank you thank you very much me too
all right fresh freshly made juice do you have some ice? Can i get some ice please? it’s a very hot day today freshly made juice is going down very well so thirsty I’m at Liverpool Street Searching for Down N out Burger so let’s check out one of the best sandwich joint you can get in Sydney so just order the chicken 14 got a
I’ve heard about the good reviews about this burger so let’s check it out anybody’s inside chicken chicken is very juicy there’s a special sauce really good delicious forever as I was
expecting the green leaves and everything this narrow alleyway would be
hard to see that there is a restaurant exists right upstairs so here comes the $5 double tender KFC
Burger sorry so loud over here it’s a shopping
mall you must be thinking why the hell I beat kids playing to the gold man blogger
show the reason behind I can’t see the lowest price per chicken sandwich
because biggest chain questions
his channel like Kelsey can only afford to provide the quality
chicken sandwich with the low price the other hands
burger joints mostly they cannot afford to provide the quality
chicken sandwich with a very low price Oh capture burger for device they go to singular standard a where
they serve in Australia anywhere in the world one of my favorite at the KFC chicken
football all time you just stop eating today
first the third down and house and the Karen didn’t sandwich
of all of them really delicious first of all and the there the Coleman won’t they’re very
popular in Sydney we go and check the reviews that will
never pop up over time it is great that you used to have well now you know so
the best you can sandwiches in Sydney well that’s it for today if you like the
video please give it a thumbs up and don’t forget to subscribe and also give
their like button as well I will see you next time

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