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6 Acidic Pain Symptoms, You Should Not Ignore

6 warning sign that Your Body is Too Acidic The “acidity” of your body refers to the
amount of acid in your body fluids, while the “alkalinity” of your body refers to
the ability of those body fluids to neutralize the acid. The acid levels in the body must fall under
a certain too much acid in stomach symptoms range to avoid harm to the body. Here are some symptoms that indicate your
body is too acidic. 1, Excess Weight. When your body’s alkaline balance is not
maintained, there is excess waste product in the form of acid in your body and too much
stomach acid. This excess acid is not being eliminated because
the colon, kidneys, lymph system and skin — organs responsible for flushing toxins
out of the body— are overwhelmed with a torrent of toxins from the excess acid. 2, Weak Bones. When your fluids are too acidic, your body
will do everything in its power to maintain an alkaline balance to keep functioning properly. The body will compensate by pulling minerals
too much stomach acid from your tissues and other organs to alkalize and minimize acidity. One of these minerals is calcium found in
your bones, necessary for maintaining their strength .
Your bones become weak when your body depletes their calcium reserve in order to neutralize
the acidity of your body. 3, Dental Problems. Just as your bones hold calcium reserves,
so do your teeth. Excess acid in the body also results in your
system pulling calcium from your teeth to alkalize your body and prevent it from getting
sick. A 2015 study published in the International
Journal of Chemical Engineering and Applications notes that low pH levels in the mouth can
cause demineralization alkaline & acidic foods of the tooth enamel. Further exposure of the mouth bacteria to
sugary sweet foods and beverages can exacerbate the amount of lactic acid production in the
mouth, resulting in cavities, the study further notes. 4, Fatigue. Too much acidic content in the body also makes
it more susceptible to bacteria, fungi and viruses. An acidic environment is perfect for these
microorganisms to thrive. Thus, hordes of microorganisms acquire a foothold
in the digestive tract, gums, and other organs and tissues, triggering the immune system
into overdrive to fight these acidic body test infectious entities. Overtime, the immune system wears out and
your body becomes deprived of energy. Furthermore, these organisms interfere with
your body’s ability to absorb essential nutrients, such as minerals and vitamins. Poor absorption of nutrients affects the manufacturing
of hormones and enzymes needed to produce energy. This further induces a state of fatigue. 5, Skin Problems. Skin problems are dermatological manifestations
of a low pH level. The skin is also one of the detoxifying organs
of the body. When there is too much acid floating around
your bloodstream, it becomes prone to bacteria and toxin overload. In such a scenario, the liver often falls
causes of acidity in the body short of symptoms of acidity in the body eliminating all acidic
toxicity from the body, and the skin tries to compensate by trying to flush them out. This process of detoxification manifests itself
in the form of acne, allergies, rashes and eczema. 6, Mucus Buildup. Mucus production is the body’s natural defense
mechanism against an acid buildup in an effort to flush it out of the body through the nasal
passage. It might also indicate an acid buildup in
the nasal passage itself. If you suffer mucus buildup regularly, it
is a sign that your body is overloaded with acid. Urgent medical attention becomes necessary
in such a case because the constant exposure of the lungs to mucus expands and compresses
it too often, eventually irritating it, and resulting in excessive coughing, wheezing,
sinus problems, breathing problems and chest pain.

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