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6 Foods To Eat To Boost Your Energy

Do you sometimes feel tired , no energy or
sleepy ? Are You Eating The Right Food To Boost Your
Energy? Hi I’m Anna welcome to my channel
Today I will be discussing 6 Foods to eat to boost your energy. You do not need to buy energy drinks from
the convenience store to make you more energetic. There is so much energy-boosting food that
you can buy or make out of items from the supermarket’s counters. Here are just some of them:
1.Sauerkraut Sauerkraut is not only good for serving along
with bratwurst, it is also easily digestible which means that you are left with energy
that was supposed to be used to break down food. If you prefer something more spicy, kimchi,
the national food of Korea made from fermented cabbage, is an alternative. 2.Lemon Water
What makes lemon water different from regular water is the fact that adding lemon packs
water with electrolytes, which are essential in the cells’ production of energy. Even just water alone is already a mood booster. How much more if you add lemon? 3.Nuts
Most nuts have high magnesium content, which helps in the conversion of sugar particles
into energy. They are also rich in protein and fibers which
keep you full and regulate your blood sugar respectively. Brazil nut, for example, is rich in selenium,
known for its mood boosting properties. Almonds are also known for preventing overeating. Other nuts, meanwhile, hold a considerable
amount of magnesium. 4.Fresh Fruit
Fruits contain natural sugar that would help stabilize the glucose levels in your blood. Pineapples are also known for containing iodine
that slows down how fast the body is consuming energy. Strawberries, on the other hand, have so much
vitamin C, which will help in turning fat into energy, while blueberries have nutrients
that help you focus on your tasks. 5.Dark Chocolate
You might start eating dark chocolate as your post-lunch dessert as it contains theobromine,
a natural stimulant that imitates the effects of caffeine on the mood and energy without
the harmful effects. It also has just a little bit of caffeine,
enough to energize you but not enough to affect your health. 6.Tea
Various research groups have said that tea improves memory, reaction time and alertness. According to studies, the tea that gives the
most energy boost is the black tea, arguably the most popular variety. You might want to try the two most popular
blends: the English Breakfast or the Earl Gray. Black tea, however, has the most caffeine
content. So if you are trying to lessen your caffeine
intake, you might want to try green tea or white tea. Oolong tea is also an option. Thanks For Watching
See You Soon Bye For Now

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