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Arthritis Diet and Exercises

[Music] prejudice to today’s topic is the basis of all the work done in recent years on this youtube channel I ask you a undivided attention because what I’ll say could literally change your life all started many years ago when not I knew nothing frequency vibrations the law of attraction meditations and all the magic that this around we I was just a kid who already rolling in scooter without much thought for the head I went to a friend’s house to play legendary playstation and I remember her Mom brought us a glass of water for visit a little while we males Alpha were committed to compete in some fight game after a while I shoot thirsty and go kitchen to take another glass water and saw a beautiful bottle with written with the hand I just remember that there was a word is a number for fear that there was a medicine inside opened the cinnamon tap and starts to fill my glass with water were the years of the scooters heartedness of first crushes love and peace of mind from that my friend I went back many times he He had the playstation I do not so we could really have fun without doing too much damage to outside world I remember one time for some mysterious reason I asked my friend that bottle of water with the word handmade that I always saw in the kitchen for me was a new thing a discordant note something had attracted my attention I had always seen bottles you buy bottles filled from the faucet jugs water bottles, but that bottle had something different I still remember that that enemy said this sentence lets make my mom is mad normal tap water but he says it is good if we drink from that daughter only many years later I understood the importance of the written on the bottle and how wise My friend’s mother in this video we will talk about our There rationally and how to raise it each person has their own layer more vibrational energy level will be taller than our thoughts our attractions our health our life will be good and rich binding ourselves satisfaction even to the law the attraction seems that everyone can attract only what is in its energy level as a kind of game every level you passes will acquire new weapons and abilities Special increasingly fanciful else to say it seems that every person is born with its own vibration specific so as always there are those who It born in Vantaggiato and who will scale layers with more commitment here it will definitely happen to have fantastic days where since Awakening from morning’re rich say desire to do desire to create tireless and motivated these are energy due elevations are particularly likely to good that somehow there has activated in the morning a power Vibrational better than your standard you think it would be nice to wake up every day with that kind of enthusiasm just mentioned every day be beautiful attractive motivated towards your purposes filled with love of life and gratitude to everyone and everything we begin to see what we can do to rise to the next level and Beat the final boss of the game I will make a list of six points that I They helped to grow energetically but surely there will be other methods of which I am not aware then leave the free rein in comments to share techniques and information that could be useful in all begin one we are what we let’s eat my advice is to eat as healthy as possible to avoid Never would you give to grow heavy gasoline a diesel engine Have you ever tried to water down your plants with all the alcohol mechanical or living beings if they are not fed with their more or fuel die less quickly they get sick malfunction or break’m not talking about a pizza or a beer with friends I’m not talking of the wine glass with meals or sandwich eaten at mcdonald race I’m talking about your lifestyle I’m talking about the majority of your daily habits 2 Remember that we are made for Eighty percent of water drink heavily is advice like eat healthy also remember that wine beer coffee sweetened the tea Coke is not water returning to the mother of my friend on water bottle had written the word health and a rate not I remember into practice and exploiting the principle It is known that water has a voluntarily read or memory inadvertently written on bottle will write a determined thought the water molecules believe it or not there Dental It costs nothing 3 meditation and group meditation meditate daily will lift Your energy level in a constant remaining in the video game theme meditation a kind of bonus daily contributing energy to the growth of character sometimes I even attended to me collective stations in that case Depending on the purpose of meditation is an electrifying boost vibrational but in my experience fades within a few days 4 attention to energy vampire theme already faced on this channel energy vampires are like anchors that will not allow you to raise them choose the next level well with those who spend your days and if You can get close to people energeticamente senior reputed to you They can only help to increase your vibrations 5 avoid stress to the limit of You can always look for the calm hectic life definitely does not help the evolution vibrational try live in peace even with minor inconveniences of a day delay of 5 minutes must not be one trigger for stress a glass broken should not agitate Always look for the calm and peace interior where possible six positive affirmations and mantras a good energy food for thought surely are statements positive belief in abundance and telling us is a natural conception of our minds we are led by the company not to believing the good things and positive of life simply turn on the news and the journalist duty c repeated the mantra that there crisis if television and newspapers do not there were probably about instinct we will all be rated to be more positive and evolved very well these 6 are the points that I consider important for create a solid energy base if there think about it are all tasks easily realized no one asks you to stay in equilibrium between two skyscrapers during a day of rain and wind we can decide what to eat are not advertisements that encourage us the colors and sounds we who are inter He called the body with cigarettes and other Electronic junk often even we create it even stress totally quiet for days As for the energy vampires remember that only family members are Mandatory in life but everything else The world may be removed I do not say that I always simple possible Then there was meditation for me I put after hours of mathematics in many cultures schools use it routine but fortunately we Westerners are more advanced and much more stressed the question then is whether this will eat the better you can attract more money probably yes will have the mind and body that vibrate in a better way if you seek a lifestyle more more relaxed more natural healthy possible you’ll definitely made a big step in your physical evolution and spiritual The really nice thing is that when you will be at the higher energy level your wishes will be a change natural consequence will come Automatically level bonus game and more will go forward in the levels new bonuses will come ten years ago I was trying to attract beautiful and expensive things Now that kind of attraction not I feel the need I know that this is a concept that not all They can understand but if you follow me in This path in a few months or between few years You understand these my last words thanks and good life to all [Music]

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