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6 Nuts You Should Not Be Eating

If you’re looking for a wholesome snack, nuts
might seem like a sure-fire win. But some nuts are wildly unhealthy, or even
harmful, and the human cost of harvesting them can sometimes be disturbingly high. Here are a few picks from the nut and seed
aisle you may want to think twice about. Almonds Not only are these perennial favorites tasty,
but they’re good for you, too, and are used to make a popular alternative to milk for
those looking to avoid dairy. But all that goodness comes at a price, and
if you’re trying to make more environmentally-friendly choices, you might want stop eating almonds. More than 80 percent of the world’s almonds
come from California, and it’s a multi-billion dollar industry. You’ve heard the horror stories of drought
and wildfires in the state — now consider that every single almond you eat took a little
more than a gallon of water to grow. That toll has lead to a domino effect, even
impacting the local salmon population, which is plagued by low water levels. But wait, almonds get worse! Bitter almonds Almond production is problematic, but bitter
almonds can be straight-up deadly. Not to be confused with common “sweet” almonds,
bitter almonds are actually apricot kernels. They lend almond flavor to things like marzipan,
but eating them raw is dangerous. Raw bitter almonds have a compound inside
them that the body converts to cyanide, unless they’re properly prepared. Case studies of people who eat them raw are
nothing short of terrifying, including one case where a 67-year-old woman ate only a
handful bitter almonds, thinking they were “medicinal.” Just that small amount gave her lightheadedness
and nausea, and when she had a dozen more, she was incapacitated and on her way to the
emergency room within 15 minutes. Despite many claims online to the contrary,
actual medical professionals advise people to avoid eating raw bitter almonds entirely. So… don’t get medical advice from anonymous
internet strangers. And speaking of horrible poisons… Cashews The majority of cashews come from India and
Vietnam, and picking and processing them isn’t easy. Cashew apples have several tough layers that
need to be discarded, and those layers are toxic. Workers earn a pittance for shucking cashews,
and many of them have suffered permanent damage from the toxic liquid that the shells release. An expose by Time magazine uncovered that
Vietnamese cashews are often the product of forced labor camps staffed by people addicted
to drugs, and they coined the term “blood cashews.” If you love cashews, you might want to look
into your favorite brand’s source. But wait, poisonous nuts don’t end there… Horse chestnuts Healthy and delicious chestnuts are one of
the nuts you need to eat more of, but you should never, ever eat horse chestnuts. They look similar, but horse chestnuts are
completely smooth. The good kind of chestnuts have a little point,
and the difference is crucial. Every part of the horse chestnut has a toxin
that causes vomiting and, in large enough doses, paralysis. Macadamia nuts Sure, macadamia nuts are delicious, but they’re
not as healthy as you might think. That’s because a one-cup serving of macadamia
nuts contains almost 1,000 calories, and it’s incredibly easy to eat half your daily calorie
allowance while you’re munching. That same serving also has 102 grams of fat,
which is more than you should get in a whole day. Pine nuts Popular in pesto, pine nuts might be just
the finishing touch a recipe calls for, but there’s a weird and completely unexplained
thing that can happen to a small number of people who eat them. It’s called “pine mouth” or pine nut syndrome,
and it’s a temporary ailment that usually develops somewhere between 12 and 48 hours
after eating the nuts. For a time, everything else will taste bitter,
metallic, or rancid, and some people have had the taste last for months. The FDA issued an alert in 2011 that remains
in effect today, but there’s been no confirmation as to what causes it and how to prevent it. It’s completely unpredictable, so if you have
a special dinner coming up, you might want to skip the pine nuts, just in case. Thanks for watching! Click the Mashed icon to subscribe to our
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100 thoughts on “6 Nuts You Should Not Be Eating

  1. A calorie is not a calorie! Your body process different foods very differently. 100 calories of sucrose is way worse and adds much more fat than 100 calories of fat or glucose. And fat is not as bad as it was believed to be some years ago.

  2. 2:13 "many have suffered side affects from the liquid cashews leash" well…why dont the workers wear masks to avoid inhailing the liquid bad stuff?

  3. Stop eating cashews so the workers don’t get hurt? Millions of people are living on the cashew process industry. If the industry fails, they would have no income. So why don’t you stop being a pretentious bitch and start to really care about those people in developing countries?

  4. They once told us to not eat butter because it clogs your arteries. Now it turns out to balance your Omega 3-6-9. They tempt us to eat yougurt with sugar but it turns out that huge probiotics flush out bad bugs that eat sugar and release toxins after. Fat free turns out worse than with fat. Sugar free turns out worse than with sugar. Corn syrup has pesticide in it. Sucralose is really a super sugar yet they legally claim sugar free. 1/3 protien hemp seed should be as cheap as soy beans and soy absorbs pesticide the best.

  5. The thing about curing cancer with apricot kernels is true it does cure cancer you're just only supposed to be like 10 of them not a handful that's like 75 it is dangerous at those levels but it does cure cancer if you take like 10 a day until your cancer is gone it does work

  6. Almonds and marijuana require alot of water to grow. Almonds are a very healthy superfood. In most cases, marijuana is an addictive drug that just dumbs people down. Less pot, more almonds.

  7. Geez I’ve grown to hate Mashed now it’s near click bait status. Just entitle the video “Why you shouldn’t eat almonds or cashews.” And leave it at that. When you include macadamia nuts which are super healthy just because they have fat and calories or toxic nuts that no one would ever eat it just discredits you…. sigh. So long.

  8. Cas-SHOES? :P~ Interesting factoid about pine nuts, never knew…sadly they are becoming rarer and rarer though. A lot of pestos are now substituting pine nuts with other nuts because of this.

  9. Maaaan. I was into this and on the edge of my seat until you got to macadamia nuts and a 1 cup serving. A serving of nuts is 1/4th cup, and even things like peanuts or almonds come in at like 180-200 calories. A 1/4th cup serving of macadamia nuts then would be 250 calories, yeah it's more than an average nut, but not by that much. I get it that if youre counting calories every calorie counts but if youre counting calories youre probably weighing your food anyway so you know a serving size and how to account for things that you like that are higher in calories.

  10. This video changes nothing! Almonds for life!!!!!!!!!!! However, I did learn where bitter almonds come from, so thanks for that ^_^

  11. This info is to stop you from being natural. Who ever created this fals lie and information should eat some nuts

  12. Apricot seeds contain high levels of vitamin B17 and cures cancer. The propaganda regarding the production of cyanide in the body is from the medical industry. Check out the kid who went to jail for a decade for selling apricot seeds. Bitter almonds cure cancer.

  13. Water shortage is created by geoengineering via cloud drying aerosols and frequencies. Also, there is no shortage of water, only the shortage of knowledge that is kept from us. That is the knowledge that earth creates water has a natural process under ground. Check out primarywater.org for more info on this.

  14. Wow you're really brhind with information. The cause for pine mouth has been discovered over a decade ago. Some cheapass exporters harvested pinus armandii pine nuts which are an unedible species and those found their way in several nuts and serd mixes. Nowadays quality control on pine nuts is much stricter and no armandii nuts are sold anymore.

  15. This video is awesome the leftist demofaciopaths are intolerant of nuts now now who is the real Nat I guess we should call them the Nazi nuts

  16. California drains its freshwater into the sea, so we can't eat nuts? Wasn't it Teddy Roosevelt who said water should be utilized seven-times before allowing to run into the sea? California's blowing-up dams and not even using its precious water once. Degrowth. One Leftist principle is to return the land to nature and human suffering is part of that plan. America's West was always dry, but irrigation and plant-life water vapor aspiration increased rain for the entire West. Plants exhale water vapor and Easterly prevailing winds carried that moisture to make the whole West greener. No more. Leftist degrowth hurts us all.

  17. Macadamia nuts are perfectly fine to eat.

    1. Calories aren't a bad thing. They're just the unit of energy.

    2. Saturated fats are actually crucial for the human body. It's needed for hormonal and proper brain functions.

  18. 1:54 — Medical advice from anonymous internet strangers? Here it is! It's like saying you shouldn't wear shoes because you could get athlete's foot.

  19. I thought all of these were bad for the human body, but they're not so I'm gonna keep eating most of these

  20. Before taking advice from this wildly biased video, ask yourself who put it together, who paid for it and what their motive was for making it. Educate yourself before believing anything.

  21. Some of the worst poison tastes like almond …PROOF they are no good ….just use logic like THIS …."Cashew" sound like "Huhchew" which sounds like gross homeless person sneezing in your FACE …PROOF they are NO damn GOOD!

  22. i eat 10 to 15 bitter almonds every day , have been for years. with no side effects, you cant believe every thing you here on you tube.

  23. I invite you to watch in the following video: https://youtu.be/-Sj6JUK_Yco (with subtitles)
    3 types of nuts to accompany a tea, a coffee, a mate, yogurt or ice cream.

  24. trash video nuts are way better then any American eats daily so fuck off with the dumb argument that nuts got fat in it and such. never heard of good calories? these are the kinds you should eat. not the shit you get from fast food. thanks for wasting my time.

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