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6 Simple Exercises to Lose Weight Without Diets

You stick to the healthiest diet, exercise
regularly, drink plenty of water, and nothing – the number on the scale just doesn’t change! I guess no one told you that it’s probably
your lymphatic system failing to work properly. But don’t worry, I know a couple of simple
exercises that can completely transform your body, no menu changes necessary! But before I tell you about these miracle
workers, let’s take a sec to figure out what’s really happening in your body. The most noticeable symptoms of a problematic
lymphatic system are face puffiness, body swelling, skin issues, and cellulite. These are signs that your lymph vessels may
circulate more slowly, letting toxins accumulate in your body. Thankfully, this problem isn’t that difficult
to solve – you just have to improve the circulation of your lymph! And that’s exactly what lymphatic drainage
is all about. These exercises and massage techniques work
in different ways – they prevent water retention (goodbye, puffiness), boost your immune and
nervous system, help with weight loss, and even make your skin more elastic! However, there are a couple of precautions
you shouldn’t forget about. If you’re pregnant, suffer from cancer, have
inflammation in your body or blood clots in your legs, lymphatic stimulation is definitely
not for you. People with lymphatic gland inflammation and
lymphadenopathy should also avoid these techniques. So let’s check out these little lifesavers… Clavicle area massage
The best way to start working with your lymphatic system is through a simple clavicle massage. For this one you have to lie on your back
on a completely flat surface. Cross your arms over your chest, so that the
fingers of your left hand would be under your right clavicle and the fingers of your right
hand would be under the left one. From here raise your elbows and gently apply
a little pressure to these areas with your fingers. Repeat this at least 15 times. And don’t forget about breathing – you should
inhale in the starting position and exhale as you do the massage. Shoulder shrugs
This one is very easy and you can do it pretty much everywhere, without looking too crazy. Stand up or sit down in a comfortable position
(keeping your back straight, though). Inhale and draw both of your shoulders all
the way up toward your ears. Hold in for a second and exhale, lowering
your shoulders back into the starting position. Do it about 15 times. If you notice any painful stretches in your
shoulders or just feel uncomfortable during the exercise, skip it and move right along
to the next one. Feet rolling
Okay, you started from the top of your body, now let’s go all the way to the bottom and
give your feet a little treat. Stand up straight with your feet parallel
to each other. Get up on your toes and freeze in this position
for a sec. Then return to the initial position and roll
right back on your heels. Repeating this 20 times will be more than
enough to nicely shake your lymphatic system up. Solar plexus area massage
The top of your body is done, the bottom is done, time to go right in the middle! For this massage you can either stand up or
sit down, keeping your back straight. Keep the thumbs and forefingers of both hands
together. From this position inhale and put your fingers
on the point under your ribs in your solar plexus area. Round your back, press the point, and exhale. Hold this position for a couple of seconds
and release. Continue to do so for no more than 20 times
a session and you’re good to go! “Japanese vibration” exercise
Let’s throw some fun exercises into the mix! For “Japanese vibration” (which sounds
very cool already!) you have to lie on your back on a flat surface once again. This time, though, raise your arms and legs
up in the air, slightly bending your legs. Your job is to shake them all at the same
time and try to relax your limbs in the process. Believe me, you’ll love this exercise but
don’t go too crazy with it and perform it for 3 minute tops. “The frog” exercise
Sit down on a flat surface, bend your legs, and make your feet touch each other. Put your hands on your knees and push them
quickly to make them bounce. Don’t go too intense, though – the point
is to make certain areas of your system work, so medium intensity will be alright. Do it at least 30 times before moving on to
the next exercise. Crunches
If you’re familiar with working out, you definitely know what this next exercise is
all about. And if not, here’s what you have to do. Lie on your back on a flat surface, keeping
your legs straight. Inhale, bend your legs, try to bring them
closer to your chest, and exhale before returning to the initial position. Repeat this about 20 times and make sure to
stop right away if you feel uncomfortable or experience pain. Jumping jacks
This is another popular exercise that you can find in pretty much every workout. To do a jumping jack you have to stand still,
keeping your feet together and your arms by your sides. From this position jump up, spreading your
legs to about shoulder-width apart and stretching your arms out and over your head. Then quickly jump back into the starting position. Continue to jump like that for about 30 seconds
or 1 minute tops to really get the lymph flowing. And there you go, that’s a whole workout for
ya! Pretty easy, right? But this one is for your body and you need
one for your face as well. Doing lymphatic face massage regularly improves
your skin’s condition and reduces puffiness. All you need is 5 minutes of your time and
these movements: • Start with lightly stroking your skin
with your fingers from the middle of your forehead to your temples. • Then move your forefingers under your
eyes from your nose toward your temples. • Now it’s time to apply some pressure! Go from the point above your upper lip to
the sides, then from the corners of your lips to the sides, and finally from the middle
of your chin up and to the sides. • Complete the massage by gliding your fingers
from the upper part of your forehead down to the chest. Yup, through your entire face and neck! This will help direct the lymph outflow. Try to repeat each of these exercises for
about 5-10 times and you’ll see prominent results in a week. Good luck! Do you have any easy weight loss tricks of
your own? Let me know down in the comments! If you learned something new today, then give
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  2. Workout is only 20 percent of being fit. Diet is the other 80. So good luck and have fun! I’ll be dieting and working out.

  3. I would recommend people to report this video for giving false and harmful information. People may take the info from this video as an excuse to eat what they want and too much of it which will lead to weight gain and possible death, no matter how much you exercise if you are consuming to many calories you will gain weight and face negative health problems down the line.

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