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6 Weird Ramen Creations (Cheat Day)

Miriam: Hey you guys, welcome back to Cheat Day! I’m going to talk really fast because this looks good. I’m Miriam, she’s Jessi and this is? Jessi: Cheat Daaay. Oh ramen, cheat- Can we eat already, I’m so hungry! Jessi: Oh my god Miriam: We have now taken the ramen noodles and elevated it. Jessi: Yup. They make like ramen burgers where they’ll put the bun-
Miriam: *slurps* Jessi: You need to stop drooling. Miriam: That’s why they keep saying that I’m sexual.. Jessi: They make the ramen bun for the burger out of like I don’t know how they do it, but it’s made out of ramen Miriam: Like fried ramen?
Jessi: But we took it to the next level. Miriam: What else is there here? Jessi: There is pizza, okay. There is chicken fingers, okay. Miriam: Made out of ramen? Jessi: No, yes. And then there’s a burrito and then there’s I-I don’t know what the f*** that is. Miriam: I don’t know what that is but I think it’s sugar! Oh my god.
Jessi: Donuts! Miriam: Ramen donuts Jessi: Alright, can we just start with the pizza? Jessi: Okay, bit soggy! Oohhh.. Thought it was gonna be crunchy. Whateva, cheers! Miriam: Cheers! *sobs?* It’s so good! Jessi: It tastes like normal pizza but like spaghetti. Miriam: Mmhm- It tastes like spaghet- actually.. It tastes like spaghetti! Jessi: It tastes like normal pizza spaghetti Miriam: But really good
Jessi: Yeah So the other side looks like this. It’s just like, curly Jessi: You think it’s gonna be crunchy but it’s not crunchy. Miriam: Do you want it crunchy? Jessi: No. Well, yeah I mean I would eat it crunchy Miriam: Oh my god, this is amazing! Jessi: I feel like this tastes better than normal pizza Miriam: Than normal pizza! Jessi: Which is weird for me to say
Miriam: Screw bread- Yes, this is wonderful So Both: This is- Miriam: Chicken
Jessi: So disgusting Miriam: Woah Jessi: Everyone in the comments always says that Miriam likes, like, everything Miriam: I do, I’m a hungry girl inside
Jessi: You could put anything in front of Miriam and she’d be like ‘Woah, this is amazing’ Miriam: My grandma used to feed me pigeon! *laughs* Jessi: That makes a lot of sense *laughs* Miriam: Don’t be judgin’ Just ’cause we had a pigeon coop! And we got hungry- We were poor! Do not be hatin’ on the poor! Jessi: It’s ramen crusted-
Miriam: Chicken fingers? Jessi: Chicken, but it’s so soggy Miriam: Go and find a non-soggy- This one’s not so soggy Jesse: *burps* Miriam: Woah Here we go! Jessi: I don’t like it I don’t want to swallow it Miriam: I want some ranch dressing Jessi: The thing is that in the frying process it kinda cooked the noodles and made the noodles like kinda mushy You can’t just make an executive decision
Miriam: I’m a problem solver Jessi: and put the whole lime all over all of them! Miriam: ‘Cause we don’t have ranch dressing. You can’t eat a chicken finger without ranch dressing Miriam: Eat it with the lime Jessi: Mmm now it tastes like Cuban Like a croqueta Miriam: Mmmm! Cheers! Jessi: I like it much better with the lime Miriam: Oh my god Jessi: Wow Miriam! Miriam: Thank you! Jessi: You should be a chef Jessi: Okay Miriam: No, I don’t want to move on so fast! I wanna just- I wanna just enjoy this!
Jessi: I’M HUNGRY MOVE Let go! Miriam: Aw man Jessi: Okay, I am so excited but also not that excited because you can’t see what’s insde Miriam: That’s true Jessi: You gotta like trust
Miriam: Let’s guess, let’s guess Miriam: What is inside our ramen burrito?
Jessi: There’s ramen Both: Ramen Miriam: A meat?
Jessi: Chicken Miriam: Chicken Maybe ground beef? Jessi: Maybe shrimp Miriam: What?
Jessi: *laughs* Ramen comes with shrimp Miriam: Should we just smell it and see what happens? Jessi: I just smell sriracha- Oooh! Stings the nostril Miriam: Smells so gooood That’s smells so good Jessi: Should we put some lime on it? Miriam: Yeah *limes* Miriam: Sorry, I need both hands Jessi: I’m just gonna- We don’t know if we’re supposed to put lime on it Miriam: I don’t know, it looks pretty though Okay, here we go. I don’t now what’s in this Jessi: What if there’s something icky? Miriam: They wouldn’t do-
Jessi: *laughs* Miriam: Yeah, they would Cheers! Oh! Jessi: That is sexual Oh my god, I’m so turned on! *weird laughter* There’s jalapeños in there. Watch out Miriam: Mmmmmmmmm! Jessi: Watch out Miriam: Mmmmmmmmm! Oh my god, ramen makes everything better Jessi: There’s a napkin on the floor Yeah, I would order it somewhere
Miriam: I would totally order this I would definitely order that pizza. That s*** was awesome *teeny burp* That was because I’m a lady
Jessi: Wow Miriam: That was lady-like Jessi: This feels like a cinder block Oh, I was hoping it would make more of a sound It just made a mess Miriam: Jessi, you are so ungrateful! Someone put effort into making this good for us Miriam: Alright
Jessi: *burps* Mm-kay
Miriam: Oh my god Jessi: Okay…okay It tastes like a donut that is so old I mean How old would you say that donut would have to be to taste like this? Over a month, for sure. Like not even joking
Miriam: I was gonna say the 80s Jessi: Mmm Jessi: I’m not even joking. This is like a year old donut that you found and you were just being brave Miriam: But I would like to clarify that they did the best they could
Jessi: *laughs* Jessi: Oh god, Miriam! Miriam: Can you-can you tell that I really like the girl that cooked all this food? Jessi: She’s very sweet but this donut sucks! Miriam: I want her to feel wanted and loved Jessi: I can’t quite gage this Miriam: Look, suck on just a little bit and try-
Jessi: No I’m okay *sucking noises* You always find a way to make me feel so uncomfortable, Miriam It tastes like chocolate I guess Miriam: I don’t know, it’s brown. It’s just brown It’s like brown and kinda sweet Jessi: There has to be cacao powder Miriam: You know, I just think it needs more sugar Jessi: Yeah Yeah, It’s not sweet enough. You’re right Miriam: I think that’s what it is Jessie: But it’s super still stale Miriam: Like a nice glaze Jessi: F*** yeah Miriam: A little
Jessi: OKAY Everyone’s acting so suspicious Everyone’s like turning around, chairs are creaking
Miriam: Something’s happening guys Jessi: See but, now I don’t want to eat that now I wanted to eat that 20 minutes ago Miriam: We need to break this down We have got a double decker ramen burger with arugula because we are fancy bitches Jessi: Oh my god Honestly, too much meat Miriam: You think so? Wait, why is there something hanging from mine? Jessie: Way too much meat for my preference
Miriam: Watch that. Why, why Why is there always a hair in my food? Miriam: It’s fine. I’m third world country y’all, whatever. Cheers! Jessi: I can’t fit this whole thing in my mouth Miriam: Yeah you can Jessi: Why is there something inside of it?
Miriam: No! Jessi: I DON’T TRUST YOU Miriam: You’re saying why are we being bratty like this is good, we got treated to all of this Jessi: I. Can’t. Fit. This. In. My. Mouth. NOO! OOWW OW! F***!
Miriam: See? I think I can, I think I can, I think I can Jessi: It’s so dry! Jessi: Nope, I’ll do my own thank you Jessi: No, bitch. Bitch!
Miriam: No, you- Okay, hold on! Jessi: Bite it! Miriam: You’re killing me! Jessi: Ew! Miriam: I’m a man Jessi: I don’t like that at all Miriam: You don’t like this? Jessi: You can’t pay me to eat another bite Miriam: Are you serious?
Jessi: I mean you could Miriam: We are literally paying you to eat another bite Jessi: I realised it as I was saying it Stupid Jessi, stupid Um, that’s disgusting The double decker
Miriam: I think you should take another bite Just ’cause she’s getting paid to take another bite and I don’t like that she said that Jessi: Oh god!
Everyone: One more bite! One more bite! Jessi: How demeaning!
Everyone: One more bite! Jessi: It’s so dry It’s greasy, it’s disgusting, I hate it It makes me angry Miriam: I think this is wonderful I think it just needs some cheese!
Jessi: Just keep on eating Miriam: And a little bit of ketchup Cheese would be great You know, let me put a little lime on this Lime makes everything better Can you do this for me? Jessi: Stop with the lime Miriam: Oh my god , that’s going to be so good Are you jealous? Do you want this? Jessi: Nope
Miriam: Fine by me Jessi: Enjoy Miriam: Uh, it’s not that great Not that great
Jessi: You haven’t even- Miriam: It’s not as squishy as bread
Jessi: The thing is that this burger is dry ‘Cause I like my burgers with a little bit of pink in them Miriam: Ooh Jessi: This is like- I could, I don’t know This is like a brillo pad Miriam: I have feelings on this
Jessi: It’s good on its own Miriam: It is?
Jessi: Mmhm It’s kinda good
Miriam: It is Jessi: The burger, ruined I could just eat like ramen cakes Miriam: I think the burnt ramen is the best part Jessi: Yep, the crunchy
Miriam: The crispy part right here has amazing flavour I think it would use a little more seasoning because since it’s not bread I feel like this just needs a little love on it *better burp* I’m so sorry! Jessi: Don’t be sorry
Miriam: Don’t keep it in there Jessi: Keep it in there Miriam: I think this has been the most pleasurable least offensive episode of Cheat Day that we have ever participated in Jessi: I do have to agree with you there Jessi: Goodbye everybody I told you! I never trusted her She let us go with the thanksgiving episode because she wanted us to think that when we were done, we were actually done What is that? Is that pudding? Lily: So where did you say this was- Chris: Somebody researched it that this was a real thing Jessi: No, you guys just made this up Chris: No, I swear to God Jessi: No, no, no, no Miriam: I want everyone to calm down and tell me what’s going on Chris: You have to mix-
Jessi: No, what do you mean what’s going on? I see what’s going on Miriam: I don’t get it
Jessi: I’m not eating that Miriam: I’m gonna have the noodles I’m gonna finish this and then I’m gonna have a pudding Chris: You’re going to mix them together
Lily: Yup Jessi: I know like- OH MY GOD Jessi: Could you not have at least picked a decent flavor of snack pack? Miriam: Yeah, like chicken to go with noodles Lily: This is a thing you guys Jessi: I’m sorry, I’m trying to like hide the fact that I’m actually upset I know it’s a joke but I’m mad at it Miriam: I feel better that there isn’t pickles in here Jessi: I’m gonna-
Miriam: So long as it’s not pickles I can do this
Jessi: Either gonna throw up or I’m gonna cry Miriam: Oh, it smells horrible We’re gonna throw up Jessi: I’m not gonna put this in my mouth! I’m so upset! I’m already crying! I’m really mad! Jessi: Lily!
Miriam: Ugh, I’m so torn because it smells like two things I really like I’m smelling them at the same time I think I really love it I’m so confused Lily: Do it together. The bonding experience
Miriam: I- I am a worrior I can do this Jessi: If Miriam can do it, I can do it I swallowed it It was so warm Ugh *retches* Oh my god! Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god Miriam: I’m okay with it Jessi: WHA- Miriam don’t- *gags* I can’t watch you take another bite I gotta turn away I can’t watch you take- This is a cup of noodles Noodles There’s corn! There’s carrots There’s vegetables Miriam: Okay and now let’s break down butterscotch pudding is butter and scotch Jessi: You need to stop liking everything
Miriam: Fructose corn syrup Jessi: It’s disgusting and disturbing Miriam: Mmmm mmmm mmmm!
Jessi: Miriam, I swear Don’t put that in your mouth
Miriam: A little little piece of carrot is gonna go in my mouth Jessi: Well have fun with that
Miriam: With butterscotch pudding Mmmmm! Jessi: This is like you were really dru- Oh you no like it?
Miriam: It’s not, it was the corn Jessi: Aw, you no like the corn?
Miriam: The corn was the only problem Jessi: Aw, she doesn’t like the corn with the butterscotch pudding Miriam: Oh! I know what it tastes like Chicken nuggets with honey sauce on it It’s a mixture of chicken with sweet So that’s kind of what chicken flavoured noodles with butterscotch tastes like Jessi: I’m sorry, when was the last time you dipped a chicken nugget in honey? Miriam: Within the last month Jessi: I’m done, I don’t like this Miriam: The consensus is if it doesn’t have pickles It’s somewhere between great and okay! Jessi: I’m surprised you don’t like pickles ‘Cause you like everything!
Miriam: I know What did you think? Jessi: It was okay Miriam: Just okay?
Jessi: Yeah I mean, some was delicious and some was not Miriam: You ungrateful little bitch Anyway you guys let us know what you guys do all the wild things you guys would use ramen for Definitely subscribe because we’re here every saturday
Jessi: Every saturday Make sure you guys watch us puke or almost puke And uh-
Jessi: Puke Twitter: @miriamisa @jessismiles__ And thanks for supporting Jessi: Yeah
Miriam: Wire us some Pepto Bismol Lily: And for more gross Cheat Day Click to the left to see Joselyn and I eat a bunch of gross savory ice cream sundays With yes, you’ve guessed it one has eggs I almost threw up I actually think I did Anyway, then click to the right and see us debate the best movie couples of all time.

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  3. You canโ€™t hate on jessi because you would do the same thing!if you didnโ€™t like something you wouldnโ€™t eat it and although Miarum is positive it doesnโ€™t make Jessi a bad person so yeah sorry if I spelled names wrong

  4. Miriam with her Hispanic culture and putting lime all over the chicken and burritos to make it betterโ€” me too girl me too

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