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#7. [ENG CC] DIET VLOG I’m gonna be walking for a diet 다이어트 브이로그 걷기다이어트 #고도비만 #1일1식 #WalkingDiet

Hi, I’m Daniel living in Adelaide, Australia. Today I’m going to show you V-Log, which is a walking exercise for my diet. I’m walking to a shopping mall nearby today! I’m going to keep on a walking diet with browsing Australia houses!! Always cross the roundabout to see if a car comes first~ It seems that not many people are walking in Australia Since the shopping mall is nearby,
I brought the cart to the front of the house.
And in Australia, cart are called trolleys. There was a roller skating rink in the neighborhood. I will walk again the way I walked for diet^^;; I saw a house decorated for Christmas. I will walk hard without giving up for a diet. I think there are many roundabout in the Australia neighbothood. I think the house is neat and pretty~ In Australia, the car is coming to the left lane,
so you have to look right.
I’m still confused when I cross the street^^;; Someone left the trolley here. There is another trolley?! Finally arrived at the shopping mall by walking!! A lot of cars pass by, so I’ll cross it carefully. Now!!! Let’s run!! I entered the shopping mall. Let’s take a look at BIG W. My favorite Ferrero Rocher offers a discount 🙁 There are headphones and earphones. There are various home appliances. There is a popular Nutella. There is also a famous Mentos. Australia has many different kinds of Chocolates. Thank you for watching my video today. Please Hit the subscribe and like my channel for better videos. See you with a next video ~ It’s a very personal video of my thoughts.
Thank you.

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