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7 Healthy & Easy Salad Recipes for Weight Loss | Weight Loss Salad Recipes in Hindi | Easy 7 Salad

Hello Friends , Today I have got for you exciting Very Tasty and Delicious 7 Salad Recipes Which are my Favorite I have lost lot of weight by eating them and i want that you should also use and enjoy them From Monday to Sunday 7 Different Salad Recipes for 7 days I have specially got for you for your weight loss program to help you . To make your Monday more Exciting Come Learn the First Salad Recipe for Weight Loss Indian Style Tasty and Yummy Split Bengal Gram & Split Green Gram Sprout Salad Recipe for Weight Loss This for sure you have to eat & try Yummy ..So tasty These are the Ingredients , we require to make this Indian Style Weight loss Salad Come now let’s start mixing all the ingredients We First take about 100 grams of Sprouts And then start adding all the finely chopped vegetables in it like this You must have noted I am using Capsicum of all colours As they are very healthy and full of Anti Oxidants If you are able to find raw mango then you can always use Green Apple Instead We have taken 50 grams of Cottage Cheese As this the first day of the Salad Diet Plan ..i want it should be from my Favourite Salad Make 2 Bowls of it and have it for your Lunch and Dinner Now its Tuesday ! You must be feeling like eating some thing special , then then why not Pasta Salad Have You had it ? So Yummy For this Healthy Weight Loss Paste we start with its Topping We take 50 gms of Cottage Cheese Cubes We will sautee with dry herbs and black pepper We wait for it to get little brown This is a amazing weight loss salad for you . Lets mix all the salad dressings ingredients like this Carom Seeds we are using is very good for the digestion We have to sir it well, so that all the lumps are removed from the Salad Dressing Put this Salad Dressing after we have assembled the Salad The Cucumber is without Seeds We only have to use fresh pine apple This weight loss Wheat Pasta Salad is ready for both lunch and dinner Now its Wednesday . You might be getting bored with eating Salads Its to try this Buddha bowl Chines Salad This is Chines Style Indian Salad , so tasty don’t forget to try it Friends , this Easy and Heathy Diet weight loss Salad We have Saute the 100 grams cubes of Tofu with herbs and salt and black pepper Remember we should use very little oil only for this warm salad This will help us a lot in our weight loss diet plan Crush Garlic and ginger help us a lot in increasing our metabolism Once our metabolism is fast , we will be able to lose our belly fat and fat in our body very fast Now see all the ingredients we are adding in this Healthy and Easy Warm Salad for Weight Loss If you want you can use any more vegetables which is available Make sure on a Gas you Saute these vegetables for at at-least Tips : Please use only low flame only or our your weight salad will get burnt Dont put led on it or the vegetables Remember we will add Capsicum and Onions in the End ! These are soft vegetables and they Dont need to be cooked for long This is a very Delicious and Easy weight loss recipe which you can have for both lunch and dinner Infact don’t only have it for yourself but also for your family members This is my Guarantee that if you watch and follow my 7 days weight loss salad plan then very soon you will be able to lose all your weight fast Healthy Red Kidney Bean Salad Recipe is coming up for your Weight loss for Thursday Who don’t love Yummy and Heathy Red Kidney Beans Now if you get your favorite Comfort Food as a way to salad , what could be better This Healthy Salad , you have to Try Friends We are adding Boiled Red Kidney Beans. Looks at this at perfect combination of Fibre and Protein Time of Make Dressing of this tasty and healthy salad We have mixing 1/2 a teaspoon in our Salad Weight Loss Tip : Use only limited Salad in your salad as it promotes water retention Now our Amazing & Tasty Salad is ready! Serve it the moment its ready Now its time for our Weekend Block Buster Salad – Fruits and Nuts Salad This very special fruit and nut salad is very tasty friends If you eat this Salad , I promise you will forget all the other salads To make this weight loss diet Salad we start with Salad Topping We using 2 Tsp to Jaggery and 2 Tsp Water We are using powdered Jaggery We will make this in a low flame till the colour of the Jaggery don’t change and it becomes dark brown We have used all Dry Fruits , but don’t add cashew as its quite fattening Time to assemble this Fruit Salad for weight loss , We will only add those fruits which have a low GI Index We will only add those fruits which are healthy for us in this Weight Loss Salad You can add apple , oranges Remember Dont put any fattening fruit in this Salad Because you want to do your weight loss diet plan properly Yes you must achieve your weight loss goal We have added some lime juice and mint leaves also This is such a refreshing salad Now Its time for our Saturday Salad the Chickpea Detox Salad We have added so many healthy ingredients in it which will work as anti oxidants for you See how thin i have cut the apple slices , if you also do it ..the salad will become even more crunchy Put Everything in this Salad very thinly cut Time make the low calorie healthy dressing for our Weight loss salad We are adding 5 Spoon of Low Fat Yogurt We will add 1 Tsp of Jaggery This a very yummy Indian Style Salad , it will taste just like the Famous Indian Street Food “Chaat Paapri ” Just imagine you will get to eat your favoite chaat paapri but in this very healthy form , what could be better This will help you in your weight loss ! Yes all the 7 Days Salad Plan for weight loss Out of all this is the most tasty and yummy of them all Tip : Moment you put the dressing have it immediately as its very crunchy now or it will become soggy Our Sunday Vegetable Salad for the Fun Day For this we require lots of healthy vegetables Dont forget to note is this recipe ! This is so tasty ..wow

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