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7 Secrets to a Successful Diet that Actually Works

hey this is Rich from Rich on Money.com
today on the Rich on Money show I’m doing something kind of unusual I’m
gonna talk about dieting 7 secrets to a successful diet that actually works
recently I lost 25 pounds probably more like 30 pounds and I’m gonna talk about
that today but before I do that let me first talk about Who I am this is Rich Carey Rich on Money.com usually I talk about real estate and
investing and how to do that the slow methodical and way that actually works I
usually teach military and veterans how to save money how to invest how to do it
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so today I’m doing something that’s totally different something I’ve never
done before I’m talking about a completely different subject I’m talking
about dieting I’m excited about this I’ve been bugging my co-workers my
friends and my family about this ever since January when I started my diet
January 20th if you read my blog post about this I have a chart on there and
I’m looking at it right now on this chart it starts with January 21st 2019 I
measured my and my wife did this in centimeters she’s Asian so she you know
she uses centimeters instead of inches she measured my chest measured my belly
not necessarily my waist but actually I don’t like like I have a gut that sticks
out like right at my belly button so I measure my belly at the fattest point
chest belly my butt and then I did my weight in in pounds and I measured that
like about every two weeks starting in January 20 what 20th and then most
recently on April 27th and who kind of see my progress and I’ve done pretty
good I lost 25 pounds I’ve dropped a lot of centimeters or
inches on the belly and the butt chest is not so much but it’s but it’s
changed a lot how it looks and and it’s more defined and I’m not done yet
actually I need to and want to lose a lot more so I’m gonna keep going
so are you curious what diet I used and I guess the thing I want to talk about
is what diet I used and I want to talk about why I’ve been successful this time
dieting and why I’ve sort of like why in the past have I tried so many times but
failed a lot of people have asked me why is it going so well this time so I’m
going to talk about that today I usually weigh between 180 185 pounds
and after I got back from Thailand this time on a family vacation in January I
was up to 190 which to me was kind of kind of high but what I didn’t realize
now that I’m dieting I do realize but what I didn’t realize at the time is
that even though 180 has been my kind of my weight my whole adult life I’m gonna
be a whole adult life since I was like 20 that weight is actually overweight
even though most people would say I’m skinny
even though most people would say at 180 I already look good or I look okay or I
look slim I was overweight I had too much fat around my waist I had fat kind
of hidden on a skinny guy if that makes sense so I have pictures of myself on my
website of me in a military uniform and mean a suit and I look slim and I think
people always assume that I’m slim but I wasn’t and I’m not if you kind of like
if I go to the beach and I kind of take off you know like my clothes and it’s
just like me in a swimsuit you kind of like yeah you know actually no it’s kind
of got a belly he’s kind of like the man boobs and all that forgive
me for using that term but um you know not so good I got sick of that and I
wanted to correct that what diet did I choose well I went with the Paleo diet
Paleo diet diet again I talked I got a little graphic on my website but
essentially what I ate was meat and vegetables
that’s like primarily what I ate and then very little fruit very little nuts
and nothing else so there’s no bread no sugar no milk no
rice no corn no beans I sometimes eat green beans no potatoes there’s no
peanut butter and no peanuts because peanuts is actually a bean and peanuts
is really high in calories and so I love peanut butter and peanuts and you just
can’t get away with peanuts it just doesn’t work for me and dieting
breakfast let me talk about breakfast on this diet that I did pretty much is a
picture of my typical breakfast here on the post almost always scrambled eggs
and a vegetable of some kind and that was my breakfast almost every day
scrambled eggs sometimes when I didn’t have time to make breakfast I would buy
scrambled eggs and bacon at a cafe once I got to work or you know kind of kind
of like go to the gym really early in the morning and then I would just go to
this cafe that’s breakfast very simple gotta have a protein and got to have a
veggie lunch was always almost always leftovers from a healthy dinner that my
wife made for me my wife was a huge part of this she totally supported me in this
diet so lunch was almost always just a leftover of the meat and veggie that my
wife made for dinner dinner the most basic dinner was like chicken breast and
bay – broccoli I baked so many vegetables
because I don’t like vegetables that much
I baked cauliflower baked Brussels sprouts baked broccoli baked everything
on the picture on my website here I have sauteed mushrooms cauliflower actually
there’s one Brussels sprouts it’s kind of weird and I have baked broccoli I
wasn’t afraid to have fat you don’t have to be a fate of afraid of fat on the on
this die the Paleo diet so I’ll have steak I’ll have ground beef I’ll have
pork chops I’ll have fatty cuts of meat I am
careful not to go overboard with these cuts of meat so if I’m having a fatty
cut I’ll just make sure to have like a little bit less then I then normal and
I’ll just kind of okay I’m gonna have less steak today and more veggies if
it’s chicken I’ll have like more chicken you know steak okay less steak but I
because I know I’m getting some some fat drinking I used to drink a lot more with
the job that I that I’m in now in my time in my career I drank quite a bit
well I cut back drink on drinking like 90% and I drink rarely now much to the
chagrin of my co-workers and my counterparts at work I feel much better
and I’m losing weight much faster because I’m not drinking and I would
also argue that helps with sleep and with many other things why is this diet
working I mean I’m losing weight fast lots of people are noticing I feel much
better about myself I have more energy got all the typical success things he
usually here why is this working a lot of people ask me that I spent some time
writing this post and I came up with seven reasons
I’ll give it seven seven reasons that this is working the number one reason is
motivation you have to have a strong motivation or you just give up fast
right I essentially had like a New Year’s resolution
that I didn’t give up on in one or two weeks for me the motivation was I kind
of got sick and tired of like this got it was way out I mean it was sticking
way out like a little Santa Claus that nobody else could see just because of
the way a skinny guys are I mean you know you couldn’t see it but I saw it
every night and it got this stick stuck out and I had love handles and they were
pretty significant and I was sick of seeing it and my kids could see it and
my wife could see it and it’s they kind of make fun of me and I’m like you know
what after a while it gets old I care about my kids think I care my wife
thinks but more than anything I care what I think
and I just got fed up and I’m like you know what not only do I want to get rid
of this but like I want to get in the best shape of my life and I just made a
decision and I guess he could say that primarily that was the major motivation
call it shallow call a superficial but that’s primarily yet now there’s also
there’s obviously health reasons behind that two very very healthy to get rid of
all that fat that I don’t need and there’s probably more than 30 pounds
that I don’t need that’s number one number two is support my goodness for me
it’s been support it’s been huge I would have given up a long time ago if I
didn’t have a wife that cooked this food for me when I get home from an
exhausting job each day she knows the diet I’m on she supports me she cooks
the healthy food it’s like they’re waiting for me when I come home from
work and then I pack it for lunch the next day so my dinner and my lunch are
prepared for me each day and I make my own breakfasts which is really freaking
easy and I think that’ll be my major complaint a whole life with diets is
like I don’t have time to make these healthy meals so my wife’s making them
for me for the most part I could have done it without her I think
at this point it’s important enough to me that I think I would do it if she
wasn’t doing it but that’s been a huge support goals and accountability I’m a
on three I hope so I put those together because they’re kind of the same thing I
have a goal of losing weight and I’m making myself accountable by telling
everybody I tell my co-workers I tell my wife I tell my kids I just told you so
obviously if the next day I start eating a bag of Cheetos right or if I you know
if I’m eating a like whatever I go order an ice cream and people are like I
thought you’re on diet you know then you’ve sort of you’re right
you’re making yourself accountable by telling people and now you’re not just
letting yourself down but you’re like letting others down and others will hold
you accountable to what you told them the more people you tell the more
accountable you are not just yourself but others so imagine using social media
to put out your goals and accountability that’s important planning I think is
number four two perspectives one is planning to make sure that you’ll always
have access to healthy food all week long the second is planning your
approach to the temptations of bad food that you can anticipate seeing all week
long for me I have a co-worker who is the best Baker I’ve ever seen in my life
she makes these wonderful cookies and wonderful pastries and all these awesome
things and she bakes them all the time and brings him into work I also have
co-workers that bring in Donuts all the time also we have this tradition Oh
so-and-so’s birthday so we’ll bring in a cake today so I know all this stuff’s
gonna happen and I make the decision ahead of time I’m not eating any of that
stuff no birthday cakes
none of my coworkers baked goods none of the donuts I’m saying no to
everything regardless you know no matter what and I
just make that decision and that makes all the difference in the world you got
to think about Christmas party Thanksgiving I mean okay give yourself a
break of Thanksgiving but I mean you got a can every event of the week
think ahead so-and-so’s promotion so-and-so’s you know going away you got
to make your decision of what you’re gonna do with food and alcohol and the
expectation that you’re supposed to you know eat and drink next on my list is
cheat meal I wouldn’t know there’s a great picture
on here go look at the pizza that I usually eat once a week as my cheat meal
there are 21 meals in a week I eat 20 according to the diet and ie 1
whatever the hell I want and that can include a dessert or desserts and that
can include alcohol if you want that’s a lifesaver for me I think about
that damn cheat meal all week I found that as I lose weight and as I go along
further in this diet my cheat meals get less and less absurd less and less over
the top but you can do it ever the hell you want at the beginning of your diet
and I think that as you go along your cheat meals will will calm down bravery
I listed on here as an attribute you need to I know I have a lot of
attributes but these are important I mean nobody hardly anyone ever gets
diets right bravery what do I mean by that again it’s sort of this temptation
thing and sort of how do you survive a diet there’s so many expectations that
when you go to certain dinners go to certain you know meetings go to certain
holidays go to certain people’s houses could be even your own family certainly
it could be extended family and relatives that you have to eat certain
things you after drink certain things you have to
do certain things I have an expectation most dinners I go to for work that I’m
supposed to get really drunk I don’t do that anymore I’ve just told them like I
know I was supposed to get drunk with you guys but I’m on a diet and they
don’t do that anymore and everybody’s kind of like whoa what you can’t do that
like what is your job I don’t really care like I care more about my health
than I do sort of the silly working expectation um you just got to be brave
and you just got to decide that your health is more important than insert you
know silly expectation here calorie deficit I can’t believe I have to say
this but I do calorie deficit if you’re on a diet
if you’re on a diet it doesn’t work unless you’re eating less calories then
you need to each day why do I need to say this I know it sounds like common
sense but you pick a diet you pick vegetarian diet whatever diet you’re on
vegetarian diet right well you know you can eat like bread you can eat fruit
right you can eat like I don’t know hummus right you can eat peanut butter
these things are all high in calories so on a vegetarian diet it is really easy
to overeat all right you got to have a calorie deficit not only do you need to
eat vegetarian but you have to eat less calories and your body needs every day
or you won’t lose weight paleo diet the one that I’m on the Paleo diet okay
that’s great paleo is awesome right you can eat fruits and nuts every day oh
crap almonds cashews walnuts I’ll tell you
what mangos you know like bananas you can get a lot of calories when you start
going nuts on those nuts or when you start going fruity on fruits I eat very
little fruits and nuts you got to have a calorie deficit you got to keep those
calories low that’s the whole point of a frickin diet
people blow that all the time including me I think I named seven I hope I didn’t
skip any I’m gonna go back down through them again motivation support goals and
accountability planning cheat meal bravery and calorie deficit thank you if
you enjoyed this if this is helpful please give me a like please give me a
subscribe leave a comment below about what’s going on with your diet what has
worked for you hasn’t worked for you give me some support I mean anyone gonna
like this you guys gonna think I’m nuts like why is the why is the real estate
guy talking about dieting because I want to because it’s my freakin website peace

5 thoughts on “7 Secrets to a Successful Diet that Actually Works

  1. I did paleo/ low carb for over a decade and while I did lose some weight, I wrecked my health and never got down to a healthy weight. It started out great but my cholesterol, glucose, and blood pressure all went up significantly over time. I have been eating WFPB for several years now and am reversing the damage caused by paleo/ low carb dieting and have been able to maintain a healthy weight with no effort.

  2. Fellow Airman here! Just started my diet after watching your video/reading your blog. Thanks for the inspiration! Mahalo!

  3. Fellow Airman and fellow "skinny overweight" guy here! I recently lost 28lbs, down from 178 to 150. Looking a lot leaner. For me my method was to plan out my daily calories using a spreadsheet (didn't want to pay for My Fitness Pal!). It was relatively easy to stick to the spreadsheet since it was a written plan. Before that I was just counting calories as I went, and it helped a little bit but not much. Sort of like budgeting, counting dollars as you spend them isn't really budgeting, a written plan is critical. Thank you for this post!

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