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7 super foods you should eat every day in Hindi, India | Fitness Rockers

Hello friends welcome to fitnessrockers.com Having nutritional foods in routine life is very important for staying healthy In this video we will talk about 7 foods you should eat everyday which are extra beneficial for your health for adding a big dose of fibers and omega 3 in your daily routine include Flaxseeds in your meals Purchase these in bulk and consume it by sprinkle it on Fish, green salad, yogurt or on any other meals. Beans are full of soluble fibers It soaks up cholesterol before it sticks in artery walls And thats why its good for heart Beans contain more protein than any other plant food but its “incomplete” Eat a grain such as rice at any time of the day to “complete” the protein. Adding kidney beans in daily breakfast may give extra benefits to health Blueberries contains loads of antioxidans if we compare it with any other fruits It can be consumed by sprinkle it on low fat yogurt and can also be consumed by adding it in any salad Broccoli is one of the healthiest vegetable broccoli detoxifies the cancer causing compound and knows as no. 1 cancer fighter food. so, its good for health if we consume broccoli salad daily. Olive oil contains healthiest fats in the world. it lowers “bad” LDL cholesterol and raises “good” HDL cholesterol Apart from that live oil is also packed with antioxidants which helps in protecting artery walls from cholesterol buildup. olive oil can be used for cooking or consume it by dressing salad with olive oil . Green Tea is also full of antioxidants which gives protection from cancer, heart diseases etc. Green Tea contains ECGC compound which temporarily increases metabolism and hence good for weight loss too. Low Fat Curd is a great source of bone-building calcium It is also good for healthy digestion system It can be consumed by adding fruits like kiwi, blueberries, strawberries, apple etc, vegetables or nuts into low fat curd.

21 thoughts on “7 super foods you should eat every day in Hindi, India | Fitness Rockers

  1. Nice Informative!
    Pls suggest any post work out veggi meal aprat from whey protein shake.
    Is fruit and yogurt smoothie is ok for that??

  2. bro plz slow down the background volume next time u create videos, as it create difficulty to hear your sound properly.. thanks

  3. very good sir 🙂 
    sir lean body build karne ke liye best foods bataiye jo diet me mostly hone chahiye please

  4. Pro tip: heating olive oil destroys almost all of its beneficial effects. so if you are planing to use olive oil do not apply any heat to it. coconut oil is a much better source for cooking oil

  5. Hlo sir apne jo bhi bataya wo bhut usefull rha or jo bhi apke articals hai main hamesha read krta hu or usko follow bhi kafi changes bhi aye hai wait loose krne main ……bs thodi confussion hai kya hum virgion olive oil main all food cook kr skty hai kya isme bhut confusion hai plzz sugest kre thnku and gud luck

  6. Sir jo ye leonardo medicin apne bataya hai ye kaise wrk krta hai iske side ifect to nahi hai or ye medicin malesia main mil skti hai kya or iske cost kya hai

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