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8 Foods that Are Actually Damaging Your Kidneys

Have you ever noticed that final powerful
spray of water at the carwash before your vehicle gets a rapid blow dry? The water jets pulverize any remaining remnants
of dirt. That’s one way to view how our kidneys work. Their job is to flush out toxins from the
blood by way of urine. The National Institutes of Health reports
that our kidneys filter an excess of 200 quarts of blood daily. That translates into 2 quarts of waste each
day. They don’t get holidays or weekends off;
they work day and night. Thankfully, our kidneys can wash away impurities
while retaining vital nutrients floating around in our blood. Keeping our internal filters healthy and functioning
properly is invaluable for nourishment and detoxification of our bodies. So naturally, whatever we eat and drink has
a dramatic impact on our kidneys’ health. A steady diet of unhealthy food and drinks
can strain their performance, and put us at risk. The good news is, it’s never too late to
improve your diet and lifestyle, even if your kidneys are already impaired. In today’s video we will see how our kidneys
react to too much consumption of 8 different foods and beverages. 1. Red meat
We’ve all heard that protein is good for our health. But too much of anything can be harmful. For example, a diet that is high in red meat,
which contains lots of animal protein, can damage our kidneys. The reason? Our kidneys need to metabolism this protein. When there’s a conveyor belt of rich protein
headed toward the kidneys for cleansing, they just can’t keep up with the pace. When kidneys can’t eliminate waste products,
there will be a build-up of acidic residue in our body. It’s always good to talk to your health
care professional about the diet that’s right for you. 2. Alcohol
Just like eating too much red meat can strain our kidneys, the same is true with too much
alcohol; they will be unable to properly filter our blood. Also, too much alcohol can cause dehydration. This creates a domino effect: if our blood
is dehydrated, our cells and organs will not be able to function properly. 3. Table Salt
While our bodies require sodium to maintain proper fluid balance – especially in our
electrolytes – an excess amount will cause kidneys to retain water. Too much salt can also increase the amount
of protein that is eliminated in urine. 4. Caffeine
Caffeine is a stimulant which millions of people depend upon every morning to help them
become fully awake. But all of that caffeine in coffee, tea and
sodas can jolt your kidneys into overdrive. The stimulant accelerates blood flow, which
in turn increases blood pressure. Caffeine has another effect – it can lead
to dehydration, just as salt can. Too much dehydration can lead to kidney stones. Most health experts recommend you drink no
more than 2 cups of coffee or 3 cups of tea daily. Soda and energy drinks are beverages you may
want to eliminate completely. Another source of caffeine is cocoa, which
should also be consumed moderately. 5. Artificial Sweeteners
Refined sugar has had a bad rap lately. That’s why companies began creating artificial
sweeteners. It may sound better for our health, but they
can still negatively impact kidney function. Try instead to steer away from artificial
sweeteners and use stevia or honey to flavor your food and beverages. 6. Dairy Products
While dairy products are an excellent source of protein, they should be consumed in moderation,
especially for anyone who has kidney disease. The reason? Too many dairy products will increase calcium
in urine which can lead to kidney stones. Also, as kidneys are overworked, they won’t
be able to regulate protein waste and it will rise to an unhealthy level. When kidneys are diseased, they can’t remove
the daily excess phosphorus that our bodies can’t use. When phosphorus levels rise, bones may begin
to lose calcium. Skin conditions could also appear. Further, the potassium contained in dairy
products can accumulate in the blood, which can trigger heart and muscle problems. 7. Carbonated Beverages
Sodas and energy drinks are usually the chief instigator for kidney problems; they are loaded
with caffeine, sugar or artificial sweeteners. They may taste better than thirst-quenching
water or lemon water but they aren’t providing any health benefits for your kidneys. 8. Genetically Modified Foods (GMOs)
In recent years, crops have been the recipient of various forms of herbicides and pesticides. This includes everything from strawberries
to rice. These chemical alterations can create even
more problems for those who are already suffering from some type of kidney ailment.

100 thoughts on “8 Foods that Are Actually Damaging Your Kidneys

  1. You say GMOs but then specify that its herbicides and insecticides that are the problem with GMOs. But they have nothing to do with GMOs. There's plenty of GMO free foods that are awash in pesticides and herbicides.

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  3. This Channel don't know what they speak of cheese is actually beneficial for you it has many good properties. But beside that point you really want to be healthy take oregano oil collodial silver and wormwood oil. These three together are so much more beneficial for your entire body every Oregon from brain to skin and kidneys liver cooling all of them. Remember oregano oil collodial silver wormwood oil you can also take turmeric root

  4. I have pkd…. why do I get really dizzy after I eat food. It dont matter what kind of food . I get dizzy after eating food.

  5. Vitamin K2 will put the dairy where it belongs: hard tissue (your bones) and take it out of the soft tissue (your heart, joints, kidneys etc.).

  6. Hello I need help to improve of help my kidneys function I am only 19 years old and have CKD my function is at 39% I need help to control my blood pressure if you guys have anything I’d great appreciate anything 🙁

  7. Thanks for the video. Planet Ayurveda is offering revive kidneys pack for kidney patients and it is very effective.

  8. Watched this video last year. My kidneys were bad for two decades. I eliminated these things and added parsley, bell peppers, blueberries, and watermelon. My recent checkup shocked my doctor. My kidneys are almost perfectly normal now. Thanks for the good advice.

  9. Good advice. I would love to see more educational videos on Kidney Disease. I've started creating my own to share, but there is so much information to get out to people so that they can fight kidney disease and prevent kidney damage. Thanks.

  10. I'm not eating all those foods that she mention, not to avoid kidney diseases because I already have a kidney disease called A.G .N (acute glomerulonephritis).

  11. Talk to your "health care professional"? Really? Mainstream medical doctors receive about 8 HOURS of nutritional study in their 7 to 10 years in medical school! They're TAUGHT to dispense pills, so that's all they do!
    Also, there is more refined sugar in fruit juices than there is in soda!!!

  12. Total nonsense,,,,,filled with antiquated information. This video is basically saying live on water and chicken…..you will look and feel like shit

  13. I eat kidneys and it’s true I bye them from the shop there yum there called lamb kidneys 😋😋😋😋

  14. Chinese herb is killing millions kidney,but it is still so amazingly popular among Chinese people,because Chinese government was their brain to make them believe in Chinese tradition meds in order to make more many.

  15. Great video do you know of any medications that are great for blood pressure high blood pressure that is and have very minimal effect on the kidneys I am taking metoprolol 50 mg and it's not doing well in the kidneys…. the ultimate goal it's not be on any medications but my blood pressure is under control but just have been on Metropol off for a while now and I know it's not helping the kidneys as seen in my blood work.. thanks

  16. I'm glad I watched this. I was previously under the impression that our kidneys took holidays and weekends off.

  17. Fwi proteins are metabolized by the liver then it become urea nitrogen waste gets into blood then filtred by the kidneys.

  18. Kidney damage is caused by chronic high blood sugar and insulin NOT protein!!! A low carb ketogenic diet with Intermittent Fasting mimics caloric restriction and can prevent and/or stop and even reverse damage !!!

  19. This is outdated crap information used as a scare tactic by the food amd drug administration. Red meat isn't bad for you! I agree with alcohol and artificial sweeteners being bad, not all dairy is bad nor,is it good for all people to consume. I think people just want to be told what to do because they can't think for themselves any longer.

  20. As a twice cadaveric kidney transplant recipient, latest from September 2013 and in between on dialysis for two years, this message is so important!! Just difficult to stick to those even though I don’t touch alcohol 🍺 and sweet stuff. More to do with my beloved white rice 🍚, stews🥘 and meats🍖🍗🥩🥺!!

  21. "sodas and energy drinks are usually the chief instigators for kidney problems. They are LOADED with caffeine, sugar, or artificial sweeteners… they aren't providing any health benefits for your kideyes." "Loaded" is a loaded word. When is a soft drink "loaded" with sugar, when it has 20 mg of sugar, 60 mg of sugar, 150 mg of sugar? The answer is that "loaded" can mean any of these numbers. It is not a measurement. Therefore it is meaningless. Some sodas contain No caffeine whatsoever." Saying that they contain caffeine is a lie. Saying they are LOADED with caffeine is pure bullshit. If you want facts instead of fear-mongering, you will learn which soft drinks have caffeine, and how much. Coca-cola has about 40 mg per 6 ounce cup. Coffee has 100 to 120. More than twice as much, perhaps 3 times as much. This video is loaded with bullshit.

    Crops have been the recipients of… pesticides. Sort of. But strawberries and rice are not pesticides or herbicides. They are not "chemical alterations."

  22. It is water that the kidneys filter out more. So, to reduce the strain on kidneys, one should avoid taking excess water. Otherwise, we have to accept that the strain on kidneys does not lead to kidney failure.

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