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A guide to Hydration – Huel Nutrition

today we’re going to talk about
hydration we need to drink plenty of water or fluid in general doesn’t have
to be a specific amount there has been actually no study that has given an
exact figure of how much fluid we need to have a day so we just say drink
plenty 8 glasses is a great rule of thumb though for people with just a
typical lifestyle but if you’re exercising or got a manual job you need
more than eight glasses our bodies are about 60 70 % water and we need fluid in
our bodies for blood for transport of nutrients around the body from muscle
contraction for joints and numerous other body functions so it’s essential
that we have water we don’t have enough or die within days when it comes to the
temperature of your beverages that’s not not so important if you just drinking
routinely and tea and coffee can be useful hydrators however when you’re
exercising or doing physical labor the temperature of the fluid is important
the rate of gastric emptying is the speed at which fluids leave the stomach
and this is the is crucial in hydrating one of the factors affects the rate of
gastric emptying is the temperature of the fluid cool drinks empty from the
stomach more efficiently than hot drinks it’s a tea and coffee aren’t ideal for
exercise ideally the temperature should be about
8 to 10 degrees but it’s better to have them too cold and of course in exercise
you know if you’ve been exercising harden your heart having a cool drink
gives you a lot of gratification as well so need to be brought into it
caffeine or is found in both tea and coffee but slightly more in coffee is a
diuretic so if you have a lot of tea or coffee
leave the directive effect will come in and you might be losing more of the
fluids you’ve actually drunk from the water that’s that makes the tea and
coffee however one mogul in the morning one in the afternoon there’s going to be
no directing of effect of caffeine it doesn’t kick in
do you’ve got a certain in your blood a key for most people to
make sure that you’re drinking enough is to have a drink near you all day
or to have regular sort of times when you have a drink all right like we said
earlier eight cups a day is a good rule of thumb if you’re exercising a lot also
make sure you’ve got plenty of fluid just before during and after your
exercise the evaporation of sweat from the skin is the best way of calling if
your body temperature goes too high that can be dangerous and of course it will
limit your performance so sweat on the skin is it’s really important that’s why
we sweat so if you sweat a bit and you start rubbing it away that’s not ideal
obviously you don’t want to get you sweat everywhere in the gym because you
won’t be popular with the other gym members but the sweats there for a
reason is to evaporate and call you down some people you might sit on really hot
days when they’re really exercising hard actually
put some water on the head on the skin that’s a great idea that is exactly what
sweats for and will actually stop your sweating as much and help help hydrate
you but drink plenty the other thing of course is the is what is in your drink
we said earlier that the tea and coffee aren’t the best during exercise because
they’re they’re hot and cold drinks can be quite gratifying you know to call you
down so if you have a cool drink that’s ideal
the isotonic drinks that contains some of the electrolytes they’re great as
well because the relative concentration of electric electrolytes in your drink
will help hydrate you also carbohydrates some small amount of sugars in sports
drinks is great they’re not just there to give you the energy but actually
there to help the rate of gastric emptying and to keep you hydrated if
you’re a regular consumer of Huel you’ll be getting plenty of water when you mix
up your Huel but don’t forget to drink a lot more water during the day as well
to sum up the key points are drink plenty of fluid has spread the drinks
throughout the day it’s always a good idea to have a drink nearby if you’re
exercised a lot you’ll need to drink more especially
around the time that you’re actually I’m training and you sweat for a reason that
you sweat to cool you down so splash some water on the skin and
don’t quite the sweat away unless you’re really
– I hope you found this video on hydration useful if you want more
information please see Huel.com and don’t forget to subscribe to the Huel
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  1. When I make my Huel shake I use 20 oz of water in the shake. Does that water count towards my water intake?

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