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36 thoughts on “A Workplace Wellness Program that Works

  1. No way I woke up this morning having a plethora of epiphanies about chip after watching a couple of your videos yesterday that I thought were older referencing chip. I've had so many synchronicities with you it's mind-blowing!

  2. This is hardly earth shattering news. If the TRUTH be told, you can do BETTER than a plant based whole foods diet. It is called a SPECIES APPROPRIATE diet. Simply face the facts that the humans are FRUGIVORES and their digestive tracts are practically identical to primates – who eat mostly RAW FRUIT and then do what they do. Eat mostly raw fruit and watch the diseases disappear! Follow 76 year old Annette Larkins diet https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hCyVKGgJkqs

    She's been a raw vegan for decades while her meat eating husband who was a butcher kept eating meat and look at how they both look now. He looks his age or older and she looked 30 or 40 years younger.

  3. Too bad that for it to really save money, one has to be on pharmaceuticals first… Then again I heard that in the US, the majority of people above 40 are on one or more medications, so that would make it feasible for the majority.

  4. Cutting processed foods and refined sugar from the diet, and replacing them with whole foods,… works!

    What that has to do with reducing whole food meat consumption,… You can be sure that most participants still eat meat, except maybe for the advantists because they already don't eat a lot of meat. But hey, it works just as well for the other participants,… so,.. less meat isn't the reason for improved health. It's the reduction in processed "crap".

  5. Why Southern US is the unhealthiest part of the country, it seems they lead the nation in everything bad – stroke, obesity, diabetes. Having mild subtropical climate it is easy to grow all kinds of fruit and vegetables there, so instead of enormous swine farms planting orchards would be a good start for accessible produce.

  6. I live in Canada with socialized medicine. Imagine if the government paid for this program for our population and how much tax dollars we'd save in the long term in health care costs. This should be done country wide.

  7. The more I learn, the more I realize that the worlds "problems" actually have super easy solutions, the real problem is that nobody wants those solutions lol… but in the age of information, ignorance is a choice, so if people wanna stay in the dark who can help them 🤷‍♂️

  8. i told everyone abt this when i saw the last nutritionfacts video. my mom looked into it & told me it's abt $700 😐 not cool. we live in NC

  9. I wish my former employer had offered this instead of signing us all up for Weight Watchers. WW is such a scam…

  10. The only thing is the unfortunate acronym. CHIP is already taken by the Children’s Health Insurance Program. I would suggest renaming it if they have aspirations for a nationwide program.

  11. If the government cared for it's people it would offer this CHIP for free to all instead of peddling meat dairy to satisfy those industries.

  12. Am I the only one to find it SO hard and unpleasant!!! to understand / follow dr greger' s unusual way of speaking/ awkward stopping in between sentences??

  13. Why do people with higher cholesterol have a proven track record of living longer?


  14. This is a business. They are making money off this product. I was sad to hear this because the group I'm working with would gladly pay for the expense of the materials and instructors, but not for someone to profit for the information. Does anyone know of a non-profit that does this work? Thanks.

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