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African Dwarf Frog Care, Diet, And Tank Set Up

hey y’all welcome back Mandy with my hectic
life pets where we talk about all things pet and pet related and today
let’s get to know the african dwarf frog so the african dwarf frog is a tiny
little aquatic frog they are 100% aquatic so they cannot survive outside
of water for more than 15 to 20 minutes now they are a social frog so you do
want to have at least two in your tank a 5 to 10 gallon tank is usually pretty
suitable for them depending on how many frogs you want to keep now they are air
breathers so you don’t want to keep them in too deep of a tank if you have like a
50 gallon tall tank you definitely don’t want to put those frogs in there smaller
tanks tend to be on the more shallow side which makes it easier for them to
come up for air now for filtration these guys are not the strongest swimmers so
you do want to get a low flow filter or add a baffle under gravel filters sponge
filters these are great filtration methods for your frogs if you do have a
power filter or internal filter that you do feel is a little strong some of these
are adjustable where you can turn the float down on the water pump and if it’s
not adjustable you can always add a baffle filter floss or a filter sponge
can do wonders on slowing down the flow in your tank so the african dwarf frog
can be a little on the clumsy side sometimes and they can really easily
injure themselves so you want to make sure that you are using a smooth
substrate in the tank and you want to use decorations that does not have any
sharp edges these guys are a little bit on the shy side so giving them a little
bit of safe decor that does not have sharp edges and live plants or even silk
plants is going to be a huge help for them and make them feel more safe and
secure in their tank now the african dwarf frogs lifespan is on average about
5 years but there have been reported cases of them living as long
10 plus years so you might be able to get to enjoy your frogs for many years
to come so for the african dwarf frogs diet of course these guys are
insectivores so there are manufactured pellets out
there available for aquatic frogs and tadpoles but they will also enjoy things
like mices ramp tube effects worms brine shrimp and blood worms just be cautious
if you are feeding things like life to FEX worms to your frogs as they can
carry parasites so just be on the cautious side there so moving along the
african dwarf frogs ideal temperature range in their tank is gonna be between
75 and 78 degrees now like most aquatic life you want to make sure that there is
not a large fluctuation going on in the tank temperatures so depending on where
you live and how warm your tank water stays you might need to get a heater for
your frogs and as with most aquatic animals and fish you will ideally want
to cycle your tank before adding them in now do be aware though that these guys
tend to do best in a species only tank they can sometimes survive with other
fish sometimes with larger shrimp but do be careful with shrimp they need to be
large enough that the Frog will not eat them or they will eat them and with
other fish these guys do tend to be a little bit of a thin nipper so
definitely keep an eye on that some are more nippy than others I had a female
that was super aggressive and would even bite at the other frogs so it can be on
a frog frog basis as to how aggressive they are gonna be okay so that’s all for
today’s video if you liked it please give it a thumbs up and subscribe to my
channel where I post new videos every week thanks for watching guys bye

94 thoughts on “African Dwarf Frog Care, Diet, And Tank Set Up

  1. Will 1 frog be able to fit in a 1 gallon? Right now he is in a 5 gallon and I feel it’s too much and have a 1 gallon sitting there planted with no fish.

  2. Hi! Thank you very much! This video helped a lot! But would it be ok to put 4 frogs in a 5.5 gallon tank and is waiting one day ok before putting the frogs in? Thanks again and I hope you answer!

  3. I randomly thought of a frog and know I really want a frog great video and now I might save up my money and get one but more research is needed ❤️

  4. HI this might sound stupid… but since I never had frogs or anything close to it… do all african dwarf frogs carry salmonella? Where's a safe place to put them? I tried looking them up but it keeps sending me to a woman who had frogs that made her kids sick. I just got these frogs and if there's a risk I need to let them go since I have young ones as well.

  5. Is API QuickStart good? I’m getting ready to get and setup my ADF’s. API QuickStart allows you to add critters to a tank in less than a day.

  6. Hi, I’m trying to decide if I want to get a dwarf frog for my 10 gallon tank. I have a stronger filter so I would need to either upgrade it or add what you said at 1:03. What is it and what does it do? Also, what are the details of adding a sponge to slow down the flow of the filter? Thanks.

  7. I have 2 acf in a 10gal tank with a pleco and 3 snails and NO FILTER yes i have to clean the tank more but its better to keep the frogs calm then freaking them out almost ALL filters can freak them out even if its a low current filter the frogs are super sensitive to movement in water

  8. I was cleaning my tank and it cracked if i leave them in a cup with water for a few hours while I get my other tank ready will they be okay?

  9. I have a question you know those fish with lumops on there head but look like gold fish and are kinda big would you be able to put African dwarf frogs in with them?

  10. That was really well done, very pleasant to watch and very informative. Job well done, and thank you for sharing your knowledge

  11. I have two african dwarf frogs, and I was wondering if reptile carpet is safe to use in an aquarium with african dwarf frogs.

  12. also i have translucent shrimp in my tank and i want to add dwarf frogs and the lady said that they would be fine together but if they eat shrimp should i keep it seperated

  13. Also be very cautious they are absolute escape artists! Make sure you have a lid! I had one escape lol! I had it one night. I have a turbo snail, and a Male beta that do perfect together. I think I'm going to get a shrimp or two next week and a few more live plants

  14. I know this video is kinda old, but hopefully I can get a reply? I have a problem with my five gallon. It get too hot! It’s usually about 70-75 degrees but in the last week it’s been staying about 80. I’ve had my heater and light off. Any tips to help cool it? I don’t want my little girl to get too hot.

  15. My new frog had been floating alot and i feed it bloodworms i haven’t seen it in awhile im really worried is this normal behavior when he’s not floating he’s hiding

  16. Hi there! I've 2 in a 160L, sharing with bristle nose plecos! And they doing really well!! I'm thinking of getting a few more to put in a 260L, sharing with guppies and mollys! Is 22-24 inches tall ok?

  17. So would two be ok in a 5 gallon? Or would that be on the small side. I would love to have a tank with two of these little guys.

  18. Hello, I have had my AFD for about 2-3 weeks now and i am scared that one is pretty fat. i put sinking wafers in there for them to eat but they turn out to expand pretty big, any ideas how i can get my frog back to normal?

  19. Can I keep these frogs with snails? I wanna start a snail tank (nerites and maybe one mystery, ones that won't breed much or at all) and I was hoping theyd be okay to keep with adfs

  20. my dwarf frog doesn't bite my betta at all. but recently, I was feeding a live earthworm to my betta and my frog happened to be sitting near the betta during live feeding and the betta when trying to get the earthworm ended up accidently grabbing the frogs arm instead, and the frog was being dragged for a second when the betta realized what it did on accident and quickly spit the arm out and luckily, the frog was not injured, however I will be keeping a close eye on both of them from now on. I only have 1 adf for now but I will hopefully be getting him buddies in the future. In the meantime, I purchased a 2.5 gallon aqueon tank for the ONE frog by itself nothing else in the tank besides a moss ball and a small hiding decor. I will be setting the tank up this weekend. when I do get more adfs, obviously I will be upgrading but before that happens, I heard that its a good idea to quarentine adfs for at least 3 months because after 3 months of receiving adfs, health issues can commonly come up for these frogs and since the frogs have no evolution history, they are one of the worst for resisting illnesses which means they will be the first in your tank 9/10 to catch a disease or illness. if the frogs do get a disease or illness after 3 months in quarentine, I will treat accordingly. TLDR My betta accidently bit my adf but is not injured, and I am soon moving it to a 2.5 gallon by itself to prevent further accidental attacks. better safe than sorry.

  21. I need urgent help! One of my aquatic frogs got caught in my filter! It is an African dwarf frog please help!!!!!! Its a 55 gallon short but I need help. His leg is swollen and red I got him out.

  22. I have a lazy green tree frog and I wanted something more active but I still love frogs good to know that there are species of frogs that are active

  23. My frog jumped out of my 40 gallon tank and he jumped out of it becuse I forgot to close the lid and my dog ate him 😭😭😭😭

  24. question how bad of a idea is it to have one of these frogs in a tank with a adult eastern newt? I realize they are not animals that would co exist in the wild.

  25. my ottos and frogs have formed a gang. A favorite activity of these misfits is to slap my betta when hes asleep then swim away before he wakes up.

  26. i went to shop today and got a dwarf frog. but the thing is i only got one, i already have guppies and platies and one corydora do i need another frog

  27. I have had my African dwarf frog for 11 years, and enjoyed every minute of her. Thank you for all your info. the only thing I am wondering about is breading them what does it take to make a safe place for babies??

  28. Awesome video! gave it a like and love your take on these adorable frogs
    Minor note though DO NOT give your African Dwarf Frogs blood worms in any way shape or form!
    Blood worms can cause internal damage and I along with others have lost frogs by feeding them blood worms!
    Again, awesome video, but please don't feed them blood worms

  29. I want to fill the tank all the way so they have alot of swim room and get attachments so they can bask and stuff would this work?

  30. I might be getting African dwarf frogs and you helped so much also I heard on petsmart.com that you can put them on a 2 gallon but I decided to get a 10 gallon

  31. I had two when I was little that I got at a home store and one lived around a year before my friend at the time wanted to “hold him” which is why he only lived a year:/ the other one tho lived for another five years after so I guess that’s good

  32. i just got 2 African Dwarf frogs,its very cold so i do have a heater, i don't know there age. there in a 2.5 gallon and have been for 3 days i am moving them to a 5.5 gallon tho. i have 2 live plants a silk plant and a plantball, i'm getting them some blood worms and im going to add a log that sits above the water, i am new to Dwarf frog's so if i am doing something wrong let me know.

  33. Can I put one inside of a 3.5 gallon one with a betta fish I really wanted one because I'm a kid and you know I like frogs and fish that kind of stuff please respond it be nice and they're really cheap at PetSmart for some reason $4

  34. What about housing with Glofish? They are Tetras which you said were ok, but won't they have trouble getting to food is the Tetras go for the bloodworms? 10 gallon, I would create a "float" for them to leave the water…. Thanks

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