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18 thoughts on “Alkylphenol Endocrine Disruptors and Allergies

  1. Excellent work Dr. Greger!  I found this article which illustrates this topic is far from new http://www.wisconsinwatch.org/2013/04/21/concerns-grow-about-hormone-disrupting-chemicals-in-wisconsin-water/  My wife has been plagued by allergies, taking tests and they determined she is allergic to everything (even the needles 😉 ).  She constantly has ear/allergic issues with headaches. Today, she found the symptoms and definitions of Mastoiditis of which she has had them all.  I wonder if endocrine-disruptors which are everywhere in WI could be causing her problem. 

  2. EED's are also implicated in the increase prevalence of, for lack of a better term, Gender Identity Disorder (such as Transsexuality).

  3. They also cut down a lot of natural forests and replaced them all with cedar, which produces a ton of pollen. And, of course, cedar allergy is way up. You've got to take that into account.

  4. The part about the crocodiles got my attention, I'm not swimming near places like that from now on, does boiling the water help ?

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