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amberlynn doesn’t want to talk about her weight but uses it as click bait

As you just saw I started this video with two clips from Amberlynn’s “Gaining weight” video. I wanted to use this opportunity to talk a bit about the flavored waters, especially this one that I can’t pronounce the name at all because they were involved in a lot of scandals this year. I have no intention of making you stop drinking flavored water but only to let you know what’s going on. Initially, they were sued over accusations of using synthetic ingredients in their formula, which was against what the company tries to sell, which is a natural product. One of the ingredients in question was “linalool”, a chemical known to be used to kill cockroaches. There were also other ingredients linked to kidney problems and tumors. In January 2019, the University of Georgia tested some samples of the products and found some ingredients that were 98% synthetic. None of these lawsuits and allegations had a real impact on the company because the FDA The Food and Drug Administration – doesn’t even have a definition for the term “natural”. They say on their website that they “have not engaged in rulemaking to establish a formal definition for the term”. This means that brands have a lot of gaps to use the term in the wrong ways, relying on technicalities. Remember my freelee video where I discussed how scientific articles can be “correct” technically but still be incredibly misleading? Well, that’s the same here. If the FDA is not strict on what is considered natural, you can’t be punished for wrongly using the term to sell your products. So, at the end of the day, the brand does not use the same type of artificial sweeteners that no-calorie drinks such as zero coke uses, they instead use “natural” sweeteners. But knowing what “natural” means to the food industry, It is up to you to decide if there’s room for this drink on your life or not. On the topic of multivitamins, In this article published by the Annals of Internal Medicine, they state that well… you should just “stop wasting your money”. Regardless, the point of multivitamins is that they can maybe provide your body with nutrients that you are failing to consume in your diet. If you have a deficiency, they might be necessary. If you have a somewhat healthy diet, they can help you boost your vitamin intake, considering that they usually have common ingredients such as vitamin A, B, D, potassium and others. However, when your diet is unhealthy, and you find yourself eating junk food most of the time you are quite literally wasting a lot of money. These vitamins are found in common ingredients, and the body quickly absorbs them in their natural state compared to the pills. It’s like trying to fix a massive hole in your wall with a band-aid. In Amberlynn’s case, is just another way to take away from her unhealthy and poor in nutrients eating habits, taking away the responsibility from her own eating choices. Also, is worth noticing that just like with the “natural” situation that we discussed, the NHI – National Institutes of Health – doesn’t have a clear definition of what must be in these multivitamins. So, in short, if Amberlynn were actually on a healthy journey and felt the need to turn to multivitamins to help her, it would be one thing, but multivitamins won’t be able to compensate for her diet that is filled with junk food and Chinese buffets. See this is what I mean, I’m sure that Amberlynn’s situation hasn’t changed much from the times where we saw her struggles with her weight more clearly on her channel. Rather than having a steady journey with a few slips here and there is almost as if she tries every day, but she also fails every single day. It’s so common now for me to watch these vlogs and notice that her breakfast is usually healthy, or at least a meal that fits Amberlynn’s definition of healthy, only for her to end the day with either a take-out or going out to eat for lunch or dinner. It just seems like she is always waiting for the smallest opportunities to cheat on her diet. and listen if you are trying to lose weight treating yourself here and there isn’t a problem, but Amberlynn’s case is so unique that 3 out of 5 meals are unhealthy. These two random healthier meals are not enough to make a REAL change. The last time Amberlynn did weight in was in Late September, more than two months ago. By now, following a diet similar to Dr Now’s she would have dropped a good 50-70 pounds. Repeating that she is aware of how dangerous her situation is over and over but refusing to get help or treatment or even follow a diet that fits her situation is the real proof that Amberlynn does not see herself the same way that we do. When you can calmly state that you would have a heart attack if you tried to walk only to go to a Chinese buffet the next day like it’s nothing is because you don’t take your situation seriously, there’s no other answer. I do wish very badly that I am wrong and that Amberlynn could successfully show us a weigh-in in 2020 showing how much progress she made in this past soon to be three months. But I don’t think that will happen. Your scale does not perform miracles, and if your routine and lifestyle are not fitting to a weight loss journey your scale won’t lie for you, and we are NOT watching the lifestyle of a woman on her way to losing 400 pounds. Her words are amazing and show awareness, but her actions do not. At least, as I said in my previous video, the actions that she is choosing to show us in these vlogs. Do you think Amberlynn has lost any weight in these past two months? And more importantly, do you see a real improvement in her lifestyle from two months ago? Do you think that her lifestyle now shows someone who is actively losing weight or at least trying to lose weight? If you made it this far and are seeing this subs you’re the best

45 thoughts on “amberlynn doesn’t want to talk about her weight but uses it as click bait

  1. I had some extra time, so here's a new video! Don't forget to turn your cc on to understand it better. I'm trying to avoid being too behind on these videos so more videos shall come soon. Hang in there for the rest of the week the weekend is comingggg <3

  2. She’s like the polite version of Steven Assonti, which was a sensation on My 600 lbs life. She’s manipulative, and gets the attention of both her supporters and haters

  3. I feel like ALR claims that shes losing weight, and starting 2 be more healthier. But I feel like in a couple of days or even weeks shes gonna go back and eat unhealthily and go back 2 the Cheesecake Factory and the Chinese Buffet. It's a cycle she has done this multiply times in the past and is probably still goning 2 do it this day. I want her 2 be healthy and lose weight but tbh I dont think shes gonna. ALR had 2 many chances and wasted them. She laughs and makes funny of her health, thinking it's funny and not serious. Shes so close 2 700 pounds. She may be losing weight very slowly now but it's not gonna stay forever. Soon shes gonna lose focus and go back 2 eating junk.

  4. Regardless of needing a scooter, she should respect the store policy on said scooters. She's been over the weight limit for those store scooters for quite some time but continues to live by "rules/laws don't apply to me". Another example of this is her never wearing a seatbelt. This girl is always bragging about having so much money but can't even buy a seatbelt extender to keep herself slightly safer in a vehicle, not to mention keeping other people in the vehicle safe from a massive body possible flying around in the event of an accident.

  5. I wouldn’t take a multivitamin. My vitamin A is already more than adequate. Has she even claimed to have seen her vitamin profile?

  6. There are people that actually need a scooter. Not just because you’re gluttonous and cant quit eating. So you’re worried about having a heart attack, walking in a store, but not worried about the enormous amounts of you eat. You don’t see the correlation?

  7. I was screaming when she showed her instant oatmeal flavored with maple & brown sugar. I make instant steel cut oats with flaxseed. I love it with a teaspoon of peanut butter and a cut up banana. It’s maddening that she claims to be so knowledgeable about nutrition when it’s clear that she’s not.

  8. Wearing that still too small dress because she's not leaving the house….then films a vlog for thousands to see. She's not lost weight.

  9. I would love to see a video of what you would suggest for her to eat in a day as an example, What your suggestions would be for calories and food choices, especially low prep choices for her since she doesn't like to cook.

  10. No she hasn't lost any weight at all she's all talk as usual. You would immediately start seeing it in her face if she had lost even 20 lb

  11. La Croix??

    My nana went on keto a while back, and when she was visiting me she bought packs of Bubly from Costco, giving me a few, but damn, it's an acquired flavour. I can see how someone can shift to drinking it and not caring about the taste, but I like sweet drinks lol and could barely get them down🤢

  12. Natural means: Botanical adulterants. If you ate a massive bag of almonds online because you heard they are natural and thus healthy, you'd die from cyanide.

  13. I love La Croix except for the pear flavor. That tastes like perfume to me. If you expect them to taste like regular soda, you'll be disappointed. I also drink Zevia which is flavored with stevia. Zevia is more like regular soda but without the horrible unnatural sweeteners. AL should try that if she has to drink something sweet.

  14. She’s eaten out 3 out of the last 4 days. I wonder if she thinks eating broccoli cancels out the Chinese buffet MSG food.

  15. the moment you said, that she's on the new diet since over two month and that she could easily lost 70 lbs in that time frame, I was instantly convinced that she hasn't lost any weight. 70 lbs should be visible on her right?

  16. On multivitamins: it really depends on who you are and what your situation is. If you are trying to lose a lot of weight, it's probably a good thing to take one to make sure you're getting enough nutrition to support your large body on low calories. Similarly, if you have a mono-diet or are limited in what you can eat (such as if you are a vegan or have Crohn's), it could help. Otherwise, you're better off getting bloodwork done or looking at your typical days to see which exact nutrients you are low in and just take those. If you have significant deficiencies in a particular nutrient, a multivitamin probably doesn't have enough of a dose. If you don't have deficiencies, the multivitamin is wasted.

  17. Tbh she eats like how I ate at my heaviest. I would eat a couple healthy meals but then eat pizza or fast food. So I would say NO, these are not the habits of someone trying to lose weight. I eat out once a month now.

  18. I don't know anymore because to me I see minimum changes like she did when people unsubscribed from her channel so she diet and exercise loss some weight and once she got her subs back with likes she stopped so at this point I don't believe her

  19. I've made my own cosmetics (soaps, lotions, scrubs, deoderant) for the last few years after being diagnosed with a hormone disorder. Its shocking what is allowed in the store bought stuff, even the 'natural' ones have hormone disruptors and are mostly synthetic. Most soaps in the store (dove, dial, ivory, etc) are actualy classified as detergents..as are most shampoos. and learning about making my own the "natural" stuff is a grey area because of not being regulated. If you are a person who buys or wants to buy homecrafted prodcuts make sure to learn what the ingredents are because even some of them are in a grey area.

  20. Are you using background music by Silent Partner? I JUST was listening to their music – another YouTuber played a selection of free music and I was checking them out. I'm pretty sure this was one of the selections. Small world.

  21. I am still mesmerized when I see american supermarkets. These large amounts and variety on sodas alone is kinda scary. In europe most, not all supermarkets dont have this much and the drinks departments are mostly water…

  22. All these comments listing the healthy foods and decisions they make, meanwhile I'm living off snacks. Not the healthy kind either.

  23. She won't lose weight. She thinks that if she does than she would lose subs and views. She is making money on all the controversy about her "weight loss journey".

  24. Big AL is only talking about diet & weight loss because it "Vlogmas" and she needs something to talk about in her daily uploads AND she's greedy as h*ll and wants the money that comes along with her claims of "dieting". Everybody can see that she's EASILY over 600 pounds now….I would honestly put her weight around 670 pounds or so in her latest videos.
    Big AL is disgusting and she needs to wash her hair and take a damn shower. She's GOT to smell HORRIBLE!!! You can tell just by looking at her that her hygiene is terrible!!!

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