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amberlynn starts to sabotage her own weight loss and cycle phase two begins

Hii everyone, today we have another video, and yes as you might have noticed, I’m posting quite a lot. I was talking to people on my Instagram about it, but it’s because I’m trying my best to not be too behind on these events. Like, there’s no point in making a video about Amberlynn’s new doctor in late December, so I’m trying my best to have a faster turnaround for this month. With that being said today, we catch up on her problems with sleep and what it seems to be the start of the stage 2 of her cycle. So, let’s start the video, and stay with me because there is a lot of good info in this one. I don’t know if everyone watching this video has watched my latest video but… If not, I’ll insert a quick clip here. (If you are an older subscriber, back on Amberlynn’s previous cycle there was something that I would always talk about, which is that Amberlynn looks miserable when trying to lose weight. And what I mean by that is that usually after starting a new cycle, we would start hearing more and more things such as: “Oh I had a horrible day today” or “My mind is just not in the right place today” So I’m hoping that we don’t get a video talking about some major secret problem And that her mind is just not there and that’s why she’ll quit both vlogmas and her new diet.) The reason why is so easy to predict Amberlynn’s actions is that we have watched this happen so many times, sometimes three of four in a year, depending on how many cycles she has. Also, one of the reasons why she might have a hard time falling asleep is because she is not tired enough, it can happen if you only sit around all day, maybe walking for a few minutes only. Although Amberlynn is moving more, which is excellent is a significant step, she is still someone with minimal mobility that stays still for most of the day, so of course, she won’t feel sleepy and tired. With her recent vlogs, I was hopeful that this somehow would be the final change, but these clips scream phase two of the cycle, especially a certain part that you’re going to watch soon About how she was having such a bad day that she did not care about eating out or not. I’ve said before that you could not just expect to stick to your weight loss journey when you feel good because it’s naive to believe you won’t have stressful moments, you won’t feel tired and you won’t crave other foods. If this is enough of a reason for you to give up, then you’ll never stick to something for more than a week. In this vlog specifically, there are other signs that things aren’t going well, but we’ll get there. For now, I want to bring this article that I enjoyed about self-sabotage and self-sabotage sums up Amberlynn’s cycles quite well. “No diet that is solely based on the food you eat will help you figure out why you gained weight in the first place. A diet won’t fix emotional, mindless, stress-induced eating, and it won’t fix habitual, compulsive binge-eating. Basically, a diet won’t get to the root cause of why you overeat.” “People often think a fear of failure is holding them back.” Does this remind you of something? Does this remind you of someone? “Self-Sabotage Happens When You’re Scared of Success” “Why would you be scared of success? Well, if you’re successful, any number of fears could be realized. For instance, you won’t have food as a way to temporarily escape or quiet your mind at work or home. Or you’ll have to deal with uncomfortable feelings such as self-doubt, regret, disappointment, or fear (because you’re not suppressing them with food).” Does this remind you of someone? Because this feels like I’m reading a detailed explanation of Amberlynn’s cycle. “Maybe you’ll lose the “Once I lose the weight I will finally…” safety blanket that protects you from taking action on an intimidating (but ultimately rewarding) prospect.” Well, this sounds about right to me, because although Amberlynn has shown improvement on her diet, and I’m not going to deny her that, she is still keeping around harmful behaviors and avoiding life-changing positive behaviors. Ignoring her health problems that don’t start nor end with her weight shifting the blame of her health problems that ARE related to her weight to something else. Avoiding seeking or sticking to treatment that can help with her ED, mental issues, trauma, sleep apnea, knee pain, back pain, headaches, and whatever caused her most recent health scares. All of these are acts of self-sabotage. According to the article, however, there’s a system to stop with the self-sabotage. (If I say sabotage one more time…) It starts with listing reasons to why you believe your life could get worse if you achieved your goal, then you should begin to seek for flaws in your own logic, and then list reasons why your life would be better if you achieved your goal. This specific example really fits Amberlynn’s case: The fear would be:
• I don’t feel like it’s possible, so why bother trying. Nothing works long-term, and failing in front of everyone multiple times is embarrassing. The flaws for this thinking(is this English?) would be:
• Is it really true that nothing works long-term? You’ve seen other people accomplish weight-loss goals, and you’re just as capable as they are. The benefits are many: • I’ll be healthier and reduce my chances of getting preventable diseases. • I’ll have more energy for myself and my family. • I’ll feel happy to be in photos instead of hiding away from the camera. • I’ll be a good role model for my children, and I must add here my audience, so they don’t repeat my negative food behaviors. • I will finally stop worrying about my weight. I don’t think Amberlynn watches my videos, but this is something that I wish she had access to, maybe it could help her to notice her self-sabotaging behaviors. (There is no footage of this in my video because the ingredients were discussed in previous videos) (Just keep in mind that while preparing the soup she said she wasn’t adding any salt in it at all.) (She kind of eats out every other day, not “a couple of times” a week) Ok so remember just a couple of minutes ago when I talked about shifting blame? Well, it HAS to be the healthier meal the guilty one for your sodium intake, right? It sure wouldn’t be the Chinese food that you just admitted to eating and that quite honestly you eat multiple times during the week. It can’t possibly be the TV dinner that you eat every night that as we know from my previous videos have around 400-500mg of sodium per package. It also can’t be the processed meat burgers that you eat for breakfast. The guilty one HAS to be the poor homemade soup that you claimed to not even put salt in it. So instead of thinking about removing the Chinese food, the TV dinner and the processed meat because of the sodium, she wants to remove the homemade soup. This is also the second reason that I mentioned at the beginning of this video that tells me that Amberlynn might be hitting a wall on this new cycle. If you guys were here for the last two or three cycles, you would know that “being bloated” was an excuse that Amberlynn frequently used to justify not losing any weight. I think I even have a whole video just about the “bloated” excuse. So, I’m 99% sure that if she is saying here that she is bloated, is because she saw that on her scale. Well, I pretty much agree with the comment… kind of. It’s not a matter of opinion that someone with more weight to lose can drop weight more easily and faster compared to someone smaller. Being so, an obese individual can and will lose weight on a diet that is considered “high-calorie” for many people, because their BMR is so high, meaning they need so many calories just to keep their body functioning. I say “kind of” because realistically speaking someone this size is eating close to 7-9k calories every day if they are still gaining weight, so getting those calories down to 3k is not necessarily a “minimal” change. What Amberlynn is saying here that if she eats 3k calories, she won’t lose weight is because of 1. She heavily heavily underestimates her calories and 2. she spends those calories with the wrong type of food. So, we’ve got to blame the metabolism, it’s not like you were doing Subway mukbangs when counting calories or anything. If you eat 3.000 calories of junk food, you’re messing up with hormones, becoming bloated with sodium, fatigued with food coma which makes you move even less than usual. All of those things will impact the weight loss progress so of course, she wasn’t losing weight, and it’s also why she might still be having trouble losing weight on an even lower calorie meal plan. (It’s finally over oh god… why did I speak so much) (Article mentioned will be in the description unless Youtube doesn’t allow me to add it) (If you watched this far, you’re the best

62 thoughts on “amberlynn starts to sabotage her own weight loss and cycle phase two begins

  1. I spoke sooo much in this video and therefore took me a life to add all the subs so you better watch with your CC on! lol What do you think? It's phase 2 of the cycle here? Do you agree with the self-sabotage theory?

  2. Your insights on health and its effects on morbid obesity are always timely, no matter what nonsense ALR is up to. I like it when you cite other sources related to the topics you discuss – it makes you look very credible and scholarly. It makes you more than just a reaction channel – you're treating ALR more like a case study, which is refreshing.

  3. You are very clinical and matter of fact. No trouble seeing your take on the "situation". I adore my Moon Eyes. Don't be afraid of uploading, the most nit pickiest would not find fault.

  4. Big Moon Eyes, Wise Owl Brain, LOL 🙂 She's refusing to believe that she gets so sick BECAUSE OF HER WEIGHT. It's a contributing factor, akin with smokers getting COPD, lung cancer, etc. Do nonsmokers get lung cancer? Sure, but you INCREASE YOUR CHANCES when you SMOKE. Do skinny people get sleep apnea (my uncle, being one of them)? Sure, but YOUR CHANCES INCREASE WHEN YOU'RE FAT. You increase your chances of diabetes, cellulitis, skin infections, "downstairs" problems, heart attack, stroke, etc. WHEN YOU'RE OBESE. I really hate how she's trying to compare apples to oranges here; "I'm sick, but it's not because I'm fat, I mean, skinny people get sick, too." Yeah, but not nearly as frequently as you do, you fat cow.

  5. Hmmm…could the reason be not your metabolism which is still grappling with the remnants of your Chinese conquest but instead the fact that you overeat every single day? I wonder.

  6. I think that ALR needs to go cold turkey on the eating out. That is her kryptonite. Also, she needs to go to Allrecipe.com and actually learn how to cook properly instead of shoveling out garbage. So yeah, she'll be in phase 2 within the week, since she is NEVER going to do those things.

  7. Doesn't sleep, eats massive amounts of high fat/low nutritional value food, only leaves the house to eat/go to Walmart, depends on fickle media platform for her paycheque, no real friends… I can't imagine why her mood is so low.

  8. Trying to pin point her issues, really. Start by taking Twinkie for a walk, move, motavation, stop using a scooter, stop with the exsucess, stop living in denial, change your out look, her legs look like there clotting, get an exercise bike, change your attuitde, don't blame others or justify professional advice, come on girl.

  9. That’s because she always go over her allowance by several hundred maybe if she cut to 2000-2500 she might actually be closer to the 3000 limit

  10. It's the first time I've heard a figure being put on how many cals she's eating to gain weight….that's an eye popping amount, and clearly not what she shows us as eating day to day! I enjoy all your vids, I appreciate your hard work! And no, there's not too much talking 💝🌲

  11. She’s probably tired or constipated. I wish she would use other adjectives besides “crazy” so she could tell the doctor how she feels.

  12. Her BS excuse that her BMR is 2000kcal or less is nonsense. She can afford to bodpod and analyze her body to figure out exactly what it is.

  13. Yep, if you don't do anything you definitely have sleeping issues. I can tell from experience. I needed meds. And slowly more and more until I said enough. I'm hospitalized for quitting the benzos, and also to relearn to move more, because getting up at 7:45,am and allowed to go to bed at 9pm I fall asleep like a baby. And I don't do that much, it's just that I'm not used to getting up at an early time same time every day and no sleeping in.

    The hardest part won't be the quitting, but to keep off sleeping meds by doing more.

  14. What I like about you is that you're on point about everything that you say about ALR's 'weightloss journey', you have a slight accent while also speaking perfect English. You kinda sound like a woman doctor Nowzaridan! I love it!

  15. She is a narcissist, and her watchers are her codependent mates all over.

    With narcissists everything is a cycle. They are stuck on same level.
    They NEVER change. They NEVER get better. They only deteriorate slowly, painfully. Wich leads them to narcissistic collapse and decompensation.
    She gives hope she can change. Then takes away. This gonna last for the last day of her short life.

    And that creature talks about having children?
    Wow, woman. You're so delirious.

  16. Amberlynn tells us she is depressed and yet does not seem to understand that the symptoms she is displaying are those of chronic depression – also Becky not being well must be difficult on her – blaming the night medicine shows either she is wilfully ignorant or truly does not understand what depression is

  17. One of the ingredients of weight loss is personal honesty. No on is one-hundred percent in this regard, least of all Amber. A late friend of mine was a regular member of Overeaters Anonymous. An expression she often used was: "When you put the food down, the $hit comes up." This sentiment was to recognize how food can be used as anesthesia against painful thoughts and memories. I believe that Amber needs professional help in reckoning with past trauma in her life, and the unhealthy methods she uses to cope.

  18. I really appreciate your videos because you are helping me learn more about nutrition. I’m obese and trying to lose weight but know nothing about nutrition. I’m learning so much from your channel so I get excited when I see you’ve uploaded because I know I’ll be able to learn more! Also, thank you for linking the articles you reference because, again, I am excited to be learning about nutrition to help myself! I’m only 21 as of October but I am trying my hardest to change before I become Amberlynn 😰

  19. Her problem is mostly the food she makes at home (and weak/no willpower). Of course the stuff in restaurants is great if your own food is just shit. If I would be hating every unseasoned, dry, basic, tasteless meal at home, I'd go out to eat more often as well. The food she makes is just sad. Either a veggie something dish "fried" in WATER or something like the pesto stuff, which again, is just processed garbage.

  20. I do agree that she greatly underestimated her calories. And she doesn’t spend her calories on food that will keep her satiated. She is definitely eating much much more than she claims because she keeps gaining weight. Idk if she counts her soda all the time.

  21. In her Q and A vid yesterday she said she knows that eating out was a trigger for her. And yet… she keeps doing it. She might be losing weight but she is just going to regain it all and more if she doesn't learn how not to repeat her cycle

    She knows that calorie limits are not a goal right?

  22. i don't like very loud volume so it's hard for me to hear when someone is speaking in a video. and when i try to use subtitles it's always a pain because they're incorrect. thank you for taking the time out of your day for the subtitles!

  23. Her eyes look sunken in. Despite being morbidly obese you can tell she doesn't eat high quality foods. Some pasture raised animal products, especially liver, would probably help her out a lot. But since she has the palette of a 7yo I doubt she'd even try to eat it (or if she cooks it herself she'll make it inedible)… She certainly doesn't have a calorie deficit considering she's maintaining weight (pure speculation considering she refuses to weigh in publicly since she's above the 600 pound threshold).

  24. Yeeeesss. Let’s blame NyQuil on your overeating. I’m mean, does she fucking realize how much sodium is in a Chinese buffet?! The damn soup isn’t the problem, Amberlynn.

  25. I woke up feeling not that great today soooo I’m going to stuff my fat face until I’m sure I’ll feel worse by the time I go to bed. Oh and I truly enjoy these researched talking videos.

  26. I think her biggest issue with trying to lose weight keeping to 3000 calories is two parts; she has this belief that the number is just a guide so she constantly allows herself to go higher, and she only sticks with it for a few days. Weight loss takes time and effort

  27. I am less than half her weight and 5 inches taller and my obesity is really affecting my physical and mental state in a negative way. I need videos like this to remind me how important it is to lose weight and not give up.

  28. She doesn’t know why she feels this way, or why she does this….

    GORL that’s the food addiction.

    She needs inpatient help. Let’s be real.

  29. Wow, lots to unpack here.

    1. Setting goals, when you need to lose so much weight. Honestly, this is a tough one. Most overweight or obese people need to lose 30 to 100 lbs. So hypothetically, take a 300 lb man or woman, and set a goal of 200 lbs. 2 lbs a week is a calorie deficit of 1000 calories a day, through a combination of diet and exercise. And this person would have to do it for a year. But, the 300 lb person should be able to exercise, where as the 500 or 600 lb person has difficulty exercising, so their calorie deficit is mostly from restricting calories. And the 600 lb person needs to eat at a calorie deficit for 4 years, which, for someone used to eating 4 or 5,000 calories a day, is difficult to impossible to sustain WITHOUT OUTSIDE HELP.
    2. Basal metabolic rate. Yes, she is probably lying to herself and her audience about how much she is eating. I would suggest she see a specialist and figure out her BMR rather than just guessing.
    3. Sodium and bloating. Yes, this is a real thing. Since I started my current weight loss journey, I have seen how salt affects my weight. I can see a weight gain of 2 to 3 lbs just from one salty meal such as Chinese food. It happens. But, that is not reason to give up. If it is just bloat from salt, that water will come off in a few days. If she is overeating at the Chinese restaurant, than it isn't just water. FWIW, what helped me when eating restaurant food is to avoid the obviously starchy food such as rice, noodles, and bread. I am not necessarily promoting the Atkins diet, but at restaurants especially, there are a lot of hidden calories in these foods and in Chinese food, I noticed that when I stopped eating the rice, I also ate a lot less of the sugary and salty sauces that the rice soaked up. Now it stays on the plate.

  30. She could have lost soooo much weight over this past year if she would have stuck to the 3,000 (healthy) calories and actually walked around, not for only a few mins.

  31. No shit taking Nyquil every night is bad for you? It’s addictive and long term use is linked to cognitive decline. Also, repeatedly drying out your sinuses is a sure way to screw up your body’s natural fluid production and mucus membranes.

  32. Damn, you are SO articulate, and you really have a way of effectively illustrating your thoughts on certain points. Much respect for the work put into the breakdown and presentation of this video!

  33. it's sad that she is only ever happy when she is: 1. Cooking food and eating
    2. Going out to eat
    3. Spending ridiculous amounts of money online or at Wal-Mart
    4. Hanging out with Destiny not Becky

  34. I used to turn to food for comfort. i would only be happy when i ate but i was unhappy because i was overweight. It didn't take long for me to realise what the problem was and after i stopped i lost a good amount of weight. I still want to go to food when I'm stressed or upset but it's more under control now.

  35. The more I think about it, the more that I think the story about Twinkie was made up for attention. And when she got called out for neglecting him, she just played it off with an excuse…after which she was called out again. The woman is a train wreck.

  36. Gah! You just want her to win for once, but she won't do the things she actually needs to. She doesn't know what's best for her. She doesn't care for her health

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