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AMERICAN vs. BRITISH McDonald’s Food

about a month ago I made a video comparing the supermarket in the U.S.A and in the UK and a lot of you guys requested me to compare McDonald’s food Because you wanted to see what the sizes were and you want to see if the food with difference by itself so here is the video I HOPE YOU ENJOY IT!❤ 😊 The first thing I ordered from the menu was a big mac because I thought it would be actually quite easy to see the difference In sizes so I asked them to give me the largest sides The largest side they could give me was the fries and the drink. Starting with the fries This is so big. I’ve never seen anything like this! The size of this is insane! I’m going to try them for you guys because you guys liked it very Similar to give you tasted anywhere in the world Which is exactly what I love about McDonald’s is you can go to McDonald’s Anywhere in the world like it sort of feels like home. [I] approve I also approve of the size I wish We [have] this side in Europe, but not even close. the next thing. I brought here is the big Mac [itself] I think it might be very similar to the big Mac in the uk but um I can’t swear But you’ll see the difference in the video. I mean, it’s a big mac. It’s big and it looks very tasty [I] was by the side with more cheese because that’s just what people do. I never ordered a big Mac But this is actually very delicious um It tastes. I think very similar to a taste in Europe. This is what impressed me The most is the size of the drinks. This is very big Really, [not] this is the thing that tastes the most different a diet Coke in UK is not even Close to being a sweet as it is in the US So here in the UK I went to McDonald’s and I ordered the same Big Mac meal And they forgot [to] give me the actual big mac, so I got the drink and the fries That’s that’s that’s not important because the thing we wanted to compare the most of the sizes. this is the size or the large fries I mean, it’s much smaller than II was in the US, but [was] kind of expecting that already I think these are slightly saltier than in [US] and this is our large drink This is as big as it gets around here. This is just like embarrassing UK taste very similar So the thing I ordered from the menu after was chicken nuggets And I thought it would be nice to see what’s the difference in the amount of chicken nuggets They’re allowed [to] serve so I asked the lady at the McDonald’s in the US “Give me the largest amount of chicken nuggets You’re allowed to as in one order like as an actual order That’s already made in the manual”, so the lady from McDonald’s told me that the largest amount of chicken [nuggets] You can have is 50 so, so that’s what we got here. I’m actually meeting some [friends] later So they’re actually going to enjoy all this insane amount of chicken [nuggets], but you can order 50 chicken nuggets in the u.s. I don’t think the amount you can orange you guys even close to 50, but you’ll see in this video I actually think the chicken nuggets of us are slightly darker, but I could just be [imagining] things And they might actually be the same I was right [about] this but I went to McDonald’s here in UK [I] [saw] the lady give me the biggest amount of chicken nuggets you can give me and They gave [me] 20 chicken nuggets But this one actually comes with like a specific box like the one in the us, which was basically multiple boxes But this is the most amount of chicken nuggets you can get here a little Underwhelming, not gonna Lie if calories didn’t count I would probably eat these every day for the [rest] of my life I do think these are much lighter than you once in us and they’re also softer [I] feel like maybe they were fried for slightly less amount of time. I don’t know and this might be the best in humankind is ever invented, so For the next thing, I thought I want to order some things that just make this in the [other] country in the u.s. I decided to order a McRib, because I’ve never seen [it] [before] [I’ve] heard a lot of people talking about on Twitter and the [picture] looked Interesting I think it’s like barbecue sauce and lemon pork I don’t need for the whole lot So I’m not sure if I’m going to like this don’t get upset if you love it And I’m not going to like because I don’t [think] I’m going to like it That’s actually [really] good. I think mine looks a little bit messy, but tastes good so for this one I actually [had] to do some research about something that we have in UK that you guys don’t have in the [u.s.] One of the few things that we have that [you] guys don’t have in your menu is the chicken legend And I think this might be the most popular thing in McDonald’s at least. That’s what I order most of the time and my friends as well, everybody always gets the chicken legend and it’s basically um a chicken sandwich that’s what we look like you can choose it with [mayo] and it can be like cool or spicy or you can also choose it with I think salsa something like that like tomato sauce um I always get it with Hot mayo I think, I think that’s what this one is it’s actually very different from with the things you guys have in the us And McDonald’s because the bread is not sweet It’s just you know like kind of like sour actually this is more like McDonald steak on an European bread So nothing too sweet which is nice, I like it so for the next thing I really wanted to order something from the breakfast menu [but] obviously I was really concerned because It’s like my time as you can see in the background in the [u.s.]. You’re allowed to have McDonald’s breakfast 24 hours a day like I If I wasn’t planning on moving here, I am now I think this is Eh, I don’t know I’m [oh] here. It’s a bacon egg and cheese biscuit biscuit and McDonald’s [I] Mean it’s kind of soft It’s nothing like a biscuit in uk so I’m very confused about this which we don’t have this biscuit thing not in the uk Not in Europe not anywhere else I’ve been It looks like a scone It’s kind of like flaky and Eggy, but sweet and it’s just so weird to have that with eggs and bacon But I can see why somebody likes it It smells good and the egg tastes really nice and everything But it’s just such a such a difference from what I’m used to eating like I’ve never tried anything like it So for the breakfast menu it’s very difficult to find something that we had that you guys didn’t have in the u.s. Because your breakfast menu just like six times bigger than the one in the uk I Did find something we have this thing called a bacon roll which is basically bread with bacon in it and ketchup It’s literally just that it’s very plain But I feel like it only exists in the uk I don’t remember ever seeing it anywhere else and McDonald’s It’s just bread with a big amount of bacon. It’s really good, but you [have] to really like bacon and ketchup because that’s the only thing that’s in it I mean amazing right I actually prefer this because it’s a little bit more plain and sometimes you just don’t want to eat I don’t know a lot of sauce or sausage eggs for breakfast, so this is actually quite nice For the last thing I ordered I really wanted to order something with chicken in it, then I saw this buttermilk chicken And we don’t have buttermilk in uk that’s just not a thing that you can order I mean you can have grilled chicken [or] fried chicken [not] buttermilk chicken, so this is what a buttermilk chicken sandwich looks like that’s really good Oh my god there’s fireworks in the background. There’s a giant mirror in front of me. This is very good. I really like it I mean the chicken is delicious. You can see Focus camera overall, I’m very impressed in McDonald’s in the u.s. Like the size it might be slightly bigger, but the flavors are very good very very tasty. I like the McRib even which I really didn’t think I was going to like most of the chicken in the menu in the uk was a McChicken and a Chicken Mayo Sandwich all things that you guys also have in America Which is annoying because I wanted to show you something that you’ve never seen before [what] I found was chicken select Which is probably my second favorite order of McDonald’s? It’s just very very good I think I might have seen this in [the] us before well, I don’t think you have it right now So it still counts as something different It’s basically like fried pieces of chicken and the difference is this is like a whole like like an extra like solid Chunk of chicken rather than the chicken nuggets. Which is like tiny little pieces of chicken, but this is very good [it’s] I would say that it’s almost as good as the chicken that gets here three or five I usually get five but because I Was getting so many things for this video, and I’m going to be healthy because it’s the beginning of the year I only got three so that’s bad, but I’m going to [still] try [it] for you guys That’s very good. It’s basically just like like very like plain piece of chicken. It’s so good I love the chicken select I also love the buttermilk chicken. [I] don’t [think] I can pick a winner I think they’re both equally amazing so I have this idea the other day [of] going to McDonald’s in different countries So let’s say I’m visiting Spain I’ll just go to McDonald’s And I just [pick] the one thing in the menu that I’ve never seen anywhere else and then just put together a video of all This different victor good from all over the world so if that’s something that you guys are interested in watching definitely give this video a like or leave a comment down below and just Let me know [Rapha]. I want to see this, please make this happen, and I’m going to give it a try Please give it a like Please let me know if you want to watch this these videos are just an excuse for me to eat all this junk food when I’m trying to be healthy. Thank you for that. There’s a new video on Wednesday. So please come [on] Wednesday around 6 p.m. Uk time. I hope you guys are having an amazing beginning of the year if you haven’t watched my previous video yet It’s a little bit [messy], but a lot of fun So I’m going to link it at the end of this so you can click for it so yeah, I’m not even gonna Lie I’m just going to eat chicken [nuggets] now because I mean [what] else am I going to do like? I bought them so now I have to eat them. I’ll see you on my next video. Bye. Bye

100 thoughts on “AMERICAN vs. BRITISH McDonald’s Food

  1. To be fair the UK drink sizes are smaller because the EU banned super sized drinks. The reason was to tackle obesity. I think it's a sensible idea – those American drinks are totally unnecessary

  2. I've never heard a British accent like yours. It differs so little from an American accent. Is this a common thing? Does it represent some particular area? Nice videos, by the way.

  3. I've only just discovered your channel but it's so interesting to see things compared against each other. Keep doing it! <3

  4. I like the uk chicken sandwich. it looked delicious. However I do like the chicken select stripes with BBQ sauce yummy.

  5. Mc griddle vs mcmuffins – I thought it would be the same but it has syrup in the mcgriddle. It was the most awful thing ever

  6. In my opinion the U.K. The breakfast is the best I love the sausage and egg mcmuffin or the breakfast wrap wiv bacon sausage egg has brown and ketchup mm

  7. In the U.K. You could just go up maybe it would work from the drive thou but you can actually ask for a ridiculous amount of nuggets

  8. in Mcdonalds Indonesia we have fried chicken + rice , cheeseburger with egg , and now we have prosperity burger (blackpepper mayo beef burger)

  9. Lol patriotic people in the comments calm tf down! American portions are much larger, and the food is sweeter or greasiest it's a fact. Whether you think that's a good or bad thing is up to you!

  10. Raphael how long have you been living in the UK because we do have the Mc rib its only on the Menu at certain time's but if you have lived here for a while it would deffo of been a round lately.

  11. you can buy multiple boxes of 20 nuggets in the uk, you just asked for the largest amount you can buy – so you were given the biggest box! I was worried that you could actually buy a box of 50 in the us, but was glad to see it was boxes of 10!

  12. I love this video. I am also from Europe so it was very interesting to watch. I usually watch US mukbangs and I have never thought about the size difference.

  13. The barbecue rib in the Uk is licensed to Burger King as Marcy' D in the UK seem to have an agreement of things and promotions. The biscuit just looks like a weird Egg mcmuffin 🤣

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