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Arthritis Diet and Exercises

You can make a miracle drink in just 1 minute! We will tell you how it is useful and why
it is worth drinking every day. Each of us tries to eat not only delicious
food, but also healthy! But often we don’t even realize that these
products are right in front of us, just reach for it with your hand! Also, we do not know about heaps of useful
effects that simple recipes for dishes and drinks can hold. 2 In this video you will learn about the miraculous
recipe for one of these remedies. It is based on the “golden spice”, turmeric. Note that it has gained great popularity since
the dirt was young, and Ayurveda (traditional Indian medicine) advises to use it as the
main therapeutic and even anti-aging agent. You will be pleasantly surprised, because
its preparation will not take a lot of time, but it will significantly improve your health
and have a positive effect on the whole body! So what is it? And, more importantly, how to make it yourself? Get ready to talk about it! 3 But before carrying on, write in the comments:
what positive qualities of this seasoning do you know? Also share your recipes with turmeric! So, we continue. Let’s sort it all out. And the first question is the beneficial properties
of the drink, which is based on turmeric. This spice, in its essence, is an extremely
useful substance, because it has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and anti-aging properties. And combined together with other ingredients,
it provides: 4 Number one. Relieving symptoms of arthritis. Studies from 2012 confirmed that curcumin
(a substance that is contained in seasoning) is effective in fighting inflammatory processes. He copes with the problem faster than most
anti-inflammatory medications. 5 Number two. The drink will have a reversing effect in
type 2 diabetes. It is proven by 2009 research. Adding turmeric to your diet will be of great
help in treating this illness. 6 Number three. It has a strong anti-inflammatory effect on
the body and helps to cope even with chronic inflammation. 7 Number four. With regular use of this miracle cure, digestion
will improve. This is due to the fact that it stimulates
the secretion of bile. 8 Number five. It helps protect the liver. It also reduces the likelihood of toxic damage
to this organ, and will help in cell regeneration. In addition, the drink will increase the efficiency
of the gallbladder. But this is not all the positive properties
of the recipe! We left the most interesting ones for the
end. 9 Number six. It normalizes the processes of growth hormone
production, due to which it has a positive effect on brain activity and slows down its
aging! 10 Number seven. It provides the right alkaline balance, since
turmeric is rich in this element. Thus, drinking it will reduce the likelihood
of developing cancer cells. Remember that cancer cells literally “blossom”
in an acidic environment. 11
Number eight. It cleanses the arteries from deposited plaque
due to the high curcumin content. This will prevent the formation of blood clots
and ensure the proper functioning of the cardiovascular system as a whole. 12 Number nine. It has an incredibly strong antioxidant effect,
thereby preventing issues at the cellular level. 13
Number ten. Perhaps, the most pleasant thing – turmeric
slows down the aging process! It inhibits the activity of free radicals,
thereby preventing inflammation. And that’s the main factor in the premature
loss of youth! 14
So, we examined the main positive properties of the drink. If you are impressed with this list, share
the video with your friends so that they learn about it as well! And now let’s talk about the recipe and preparation
method: As we said at the very beginning of the video,
it is extra easy. To prepare one serving, you will need:
15 – half a teaspoon of turmeric;
– one glass of warm boiled water (to get the maximum benefit, you can use warm milk). 16
Mix these ingredients. It is necessary to drink it in the morning,
either on an empty stomach or after breakfast. The course of prevention and recovery of the
body lasts 1-2 weeks, drink regularly, without missing days. Once you’re done – take a long break! 17 And a tip: for a better assimilation of
turmeric, you can add one pinch of ground black pepper. Why not start thinking about your health right
now? Try our course from tomorrow morning, and
within a week you will feel yourself full of energy and health!

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