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Anti-aging foods: dietitian recommendations | Nourish with Melanie #3

Whether it’s creams, serums or even
surgery it seems people will do just about anything to turn back the clock
but our next guest says the Fountain of Youth could be hiding in your
refrigerator yeah it’s looking younger could come down to what you eat
dietitian Melanie McGrice joins us now in Melbourne to talk us through the best foods
to stop aging in its tracks Melanie, good to see you a diet can have a huge impact
on the quality of our hair our skin our nails isn’t that right recently the
research certainly tells us that’s the case certainly I’m feeling a bit of
pressure today because my forties and haven’t had any surgical work done and
so I’m purely reliant on the food that I ate thinking I wonder how old you are
and I didn’t want to ask because thank you yeah look I certainly try my best to
eat well and look after myself but I’m very much of an all-natural type of girl
so what are some of the best foods that can help stop the aging process well one
of the things that’s really important is to try and have a diet which is rich in
low GI foods so we want to try and avoid lots of sugar so avoiding cakes and
sweet biscuits and slices and all those types of things at the table and the
research at the moment is showing that the average
Aussie diet is about a third made up of discretionary foods so I think that’s
the problem is so many of us are having so many sugary types of foods it isn’t
great for us on the inside or on the outside yeah I’ve actually been on the
aging diet now for quite so could there be the ones that actually make us look
younger let’s talk about those yeah well sweet potatoes is one of my
favorite because sweet potatoes are rich in vitamin A and vitamin A if we have
enough if we don’t have enough vitamin A that can actually make our skin look
quite rough and dry so that’s very important I’d also say garlic is another
really important one okay because that helps with oxygen flow and we want that
oxygen coming to our skin to make it oily fish? yeah oily fish is fantastic
because that is a good source of omega-3 so I like salmon or sardines or even tin tuna is a great source and I’m glad you’re saying that the the most the
most omega-3 can be found in the skin yeah that’s right so I always
recommend trying to leave the skin on our salmon I’m so in such a popular fish
these days which is fantastic because it’s got about 2,000 milligrams of
omega-3 but yeah leave the skin on because that’s where most of the omega-3
and an apple a day keeps an apple a day is one of the best things for our skin
so she’s trying keep an apple in my handbag when I’m heading out the door it
helps with the glycemic index but is also great for collagen production well
yeah so collagen so what else can we do to help our collagen because that’s
buzzword collagen. yeah that’s right so an apple is a really good choice for
that and it’s one of the best collagen producers that there is and again that
omega-3 so trying to get two to three serves of fish in our diet on a weekly
basis Melanie we’ve also got a bowl of spinach leaves in a bowl of kale we need
to eat them I recommend on a daily basis so making a salad or something along
those lines that they’re really rich in both vitamin C okay yeah I actually did
some research and about to put it on my new YouTube channel that shows that I
really investigated it and what it found is that if we freshly squeezed juices
ourselves and make a green juice ourselves that that actually keeps a lot
of the nutrients in compared to buying a straw bought juice where it’s been
sitting on the shelf for quite a while good point. For more tips head to
melaniemcgrice.com/healthy Melanie good to see you. Thank
You Melanie.

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