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63 thoughts on “Anti-Cancer Potential of Sweet Potato Proteins

  1. eating what has manifested specifically to be eaten will always be most beneficial. plants that produce fruit/vegetable material that can be eaten without plant death, are the ones that are most beneficial for life.
    some simple logic in this intelligent creation we named 'the universe'!

    i would be VERY interested to see studies of in depth dietary information of cancer patients, detailing what they ate prior to being diagnosed.. if such studies exist.

  2. Man, first he tells us that sweet potateos bad, so i go to the market and buy purple potatoes instead.. now this? come on BRO!

  3. Love sweet potatoes , cut it up throw some cayenne pepper and cinnamon on their , throw them in the oven with a little olive oil on them . Delicious as can be ! Beats any French fries …………

  4. @Hyperboroa you must be new to veganism ………anything without meat milk cheese and eggs is vegan . Do you think a sweet potato has meat milk cheese or eggs in it ? …………..NOOOOOOOO

  5. I do enjoy a good baked sweet potato and use it to make fries or to sweeten and thicken soups and stews.  I was also thinking of making some sweet potato biscuits and pies as well. 

  6. Sweet potato is not a vegetable in my region's food groups. It's in the lumped in the same food group as irish potato, yucca, taro, grains and starchy fruits.

  7. @NutritionFacts.org can you help me i just started a new youtude chanle debunking anti-vegan material i need advise on how to make high quality videos. thank you

  8. Could you please tell me which family ,yams or sweet potato, are good against cancer. People call yams" sweet potatoes". Which ones were tested? Thank you!

  9. Great news! =D I wonder if the nutrition vs price comparison would still count here in the Netherlands though.. As sweet potatoes are quite expensive here!

  10. I've featured your website in my latest video (my top 8 health websites). Your work is deserving of more views.

  11. very good news. those with kidney or bladder stones, however, should be careful as sweet potatoes are high in oxalate, the major risk factor for calcium oxalate stones. unfortunately, so many otherwise super foods are high in oxalates and are dangerous for people (and pets) prone to stones.

  12. What's the down side, indeed?  Once again, God has given us what we need in a tidy, yummy package…all we have to do is eat up and smile 🙂

  13. I've never found a way to prepare sweet potatoes which isn't disgusting, unless one counts drenching them in unhealthy butter and brown sugar. Anyone have any recipes?

  14. I will never allow a sweet potato to cross my lips… I come from Idaho where we ear real spuds !!  When the chow hall had ham and yams, I went to mcDonalds !!!

  15. The down side! I am a part of the of1%. If every body starts eating sweet potato, my pharmaceutical company that provides the chemo drugs will lose money.

    I was only able to afford 2 islands in the Bahamas last week…lol

  16. morrisons do organic potatoes and broccoli also colly flower, bell peppers, onions, garlic and lots of others. no excuse now

  17. There is such a high dose of beta carotene in one sweet potato that people who eat just one, who also take a multiple vitamin, will be seriously over-dosing on A, which could produce carotenemia. And is there any other hidden toxicity to huge over-doses of vitamin A? As in liver damage? I know someone who ate an orange sweet potato with a large helping of romaine lettuce and red pepper every day, sometimes with carrots, as well as her daily multiple vitamin and she turned orange. It took months for the orange to completely disappear once she stopped this, being that she ate this way for years thinking she was eating healthy. She became very concerned when finally taking notice of her orange skin because she thought she was jaundice. Nobody talks about this. I think this over-dosing on foods with beta carotene should be seriously considered and written about being that food is just like medicine. And plus–nowhere can be found a comparison of the nutritional value of a WHITE sweet potato versus an orange one. Is the white lower in beta carotene? I would think so being that there is no orange color, but by how much exactly? Do you know? I think people should limit the orange, perhaps mix a portion of orange with a white sweet potato, (if the white is in fact lower in beta carotene), and be aware of their vitamin A intake. People who go crazy with healthy foods can actually be damaging their bodies. I know that too much of anything is bad, but most people do not connect this "saying" with potatoes.

  18. Well, I guess we can add sweet potato to the list of superfoods like eggs, bacon, sauerkraut, raw honey, chicken, & salmon… etc.

  19. More real facts right from the bullshit console of we need suckers to worry about getting cancer. I just love this great information that is sooo full of crap, because now I know where to get fertilizer.

  20. White potatoes are the only food that warm me up in the winter, what does it means? (Good or bad for me)

  21. Just got 3lb Dole Premium Sweet Potatoes for $2.69 here at BJs in casa day maryland – says nothing about being organic

  22. Is this info the same for yams? They are not the same thing as yam and I like yams better so am wondering about this.

  23. I'm addicted to your videos. It's causing my eyes and mouth to get dry, my feet to swell, my brain to spin and fill. I need you to do a video on how to make me stop watching your videos, just long enough to heal. Then I'll find that moderation, without a pill, isn't just a slow kill, more a thrill, because your videos are so great as I climb this ole hill to a rip WFPB old age! If attempting to watch thousands of your videos doesn't kill me first…

  24. Well, the dowsnside:

    It slows down the metabolism through blocking the building of specific hormones.
    Keep an eye at this, and you`re fine.

  25. The trouble with sweet potatoes is that they are the second highest among common foods in oxalic acid and oxalates, which block mineral absorption and can lead to kidney stones. It turns out oxalic acid's and oxalates' bad effects can be somewhat mitigated by taking citric acid with the meal. Spinach is the highest common veggie with oxalates, sweet potatoes are second. So if you are going to have either, take half a teaspoon of pure citric acid with them to neutralize the oxalates and allow your minerals to be absorbed.

  26. Some recipe ideas!

    Don’t bake sweet potatoes, it creates acrylamide, which is carcinogenic (he talks about this in another video, search “acrylamide” on his channel). Boil them, and try like this:
    -mash with coconut oil, cinnamon, and stevia
    -mash with coconut oil and a little salt
    -mash and form into patties with other veggies, cook at a low heat setting to avoid acrylamide formation
    -mash into a sweet potato pancake recipe, low heat to avoid acrylamide
    -let cool completely, place in a blender with soy milk, pea protein(try vanilla flavor), a little nutmeg and cinnamon (or “pumpkin pie spice), blend into a creamy shake

  27. Greetings Dr. Greger! Thanks for all the info! Question regarding sweet potatoes: if we bake them can we still enjoy all the benefits you mentioned? Thanks again!

  28. I was waiting for you to talk about the Okinawans and the Naked Mole Rat. If you like them thin sliced raw is there a chance of kidney stones or do they have to be boiled?

  29. 4/30/19 Today five years after this video I applied a cc of cooked sweet potato to what appears to be a basal cell carcinoma on my chest under a bandage. This will be the direct contact that is suggested in the research discussed in this video. The idea comes from an eggplant extract BEC5 that is claimed to be highly effective although expensive on non melanoma skin cancers by an Australian doctor. I could get imiquod, the usual prescription which is also fairly effective, but that takes long trips to the dermatologist office and an expensive prescription etc. I will let you know if I see any improvement. In past years I had several of these surgically removed. I also have frozen or chemically removed a number of acitinic keratoses, a precursor of bcc so this may be very useful. BTW, I eat a cup of cooked eggplant EVERY day and follow a 100% low fat whole plant food diet strictly for last couple of years with maybe a few days of nuts thrown in there. Stay tuned.

  30. I wished I would’ve know what veganismo was when I was 15 I would’ve never had my appendix taken. Maybe I would’ve never had that horrible pain in my left side of the chest; which cause me a whole year without getting out of bed. I’m so sad but at the same time happy, I can now move forward into a healthier life thanks to educational videos like this.

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