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100 thoughts on “Apple Cider Vinegar Benefits? | Responding to Your Comments | Doctor Mike

  1. That dairy one made me feel attacked 😂 I’m lactose intolerant and just had to deny pizza on a date because of it…

  2. dr. Mike: I feel like I have a lot to say
    me instantly thinking:

  3. BMI isn’t very reliable when it comes to accounting for actual muscle mass though. If you have a lot of muscle mass your BMI could potentially fall into the overweight category even though you are physically fit

  4. I've been struck by lightning.. working at a landfill I was using a weed whacker in the ditches and we got hit by a severe thunderstorm and the water came up to my hip really fast anyways I had to wait for a supervisor to come pick me up on his way down the road he watched the lightning bounce off my head and blow up a transformer on the other side of fence across from me.

  5. If your embarrassing moment were to happen today and the teachers did that, I can only imagine the media circus that would follow. They’d be in jail quicker than you could say “suka”!

  6. My dad uses apple cider vinegar for all of his birds because he thinks it helps them for everything. One of his weird friends probably thought it does and told him.

  7. Why do many doctors not want to treat complicated cases? It’s so hard to find a good doc willing to really take me on.

  8. n lactose intolerence? So people will not develop lactose intolerence later in life? I know a few frieds who have(Anecdotal i know). But are they just avoiding my mawa cake?

  9. BMI does not count your body fat. Adolphe Quetelet was not a Doctor, but an astronomer, mathematician, statistician, and sociologist, devised the basis of the BMI between 1830 and 1850 as he developed what he called "social physics". So I call BS On BMI.

  10. Dr. Mike, are you aware that the BMI scale was formulated in 1836 and has seen no adjustment since then?? It is my opinion that BMI is pushed by pharmaceutical companies to get more Type 2 Diabetes medicines in the society. And, most physicians just buy into it because they don't have the pharmaceutical knowledge to differ. My Cardiologist said, "You may have pre-diabetes." And I said, "How can that be when my A1c is 5.0." No response. Yes, I have a Type 1 diabetic son and know a ton about it. Your thoughts please! Thanks.

  11. Regarding Angela Johnson's comment about anxiety: It helps me to write down the points I need to cover before I go in, and keep that note handy. It's easier to remember, gives me a little more confidence that I've thought it through, and I can read it out loud or give it to the doctor if I have trouble speaking.

  12. Hey dr Mike, sean here from AUSTRALIA. I am currently 4 weeks into my weight loss program and can already see results. I am eating almost a full keto diet. And goin to the gym each day. I would love to send you progressive photos on my journey

  13. I had a teacher who was struck by lightening on two different occasions. He had a hard time writing on the board because his hands shook for a while after

  14. when he said "it doesn't work for everybody it's sort of a hit or miss."
    my brain immediately goes: "hit or miss, i guess they never miss huh…
    what is wrong with me?

  15. Make a podcast please !!! Watching your videos while driving is dangerous and I would LOVE to listen to what you have to say on my way to work !!!

  16. Hey mike ! I am curios, why does stool (poop) / farts have an unpleasant smell?

    PS. Thanks 4 taking ur time 2 make videos

  17. I disagree on the BMI stuff Personally I would be classified overweight by the BMI yet I am an athlete I just carry more muscle mass than most people and that messes up the result body fat % is a much better indicator of obesity than BMI I myself am 10% body fat which is really quite low and by BMI I should lose weight

  18. I'm surprised he said BMI is better than body fat percentage… BMI wouldn't recognise the difference between Dwayne The Rock Johnson and an unfit obese person.

  19. Hey hey BMI is not that that good, I weight 88kg on 176 cm but I am definetly looking slimmer than that… like 76 but I always looked normal but my BMI said I am obese…

  20. BMI isn’t always accurate! Please explain how BMI works for all cases, and not body fat percentage calculation, if that’s your opinion. This doesn’t seem to work for really athletic people, like “The Rock” who would be considered obese, while being ripped. What about the “skinny fat” body type? BMI would suggest a normal range, while the person could be thinking that their unhealthy habits are fine? 🤔🤷🏻‍♀️

  21. 😂 The last Part is interesting to talk about, for me its normal to poops we all know that is uncontrolable situation as a young age. What I liked is the facial Expression so cute😂

  22. About the lactose intolerance, can you grow out of it as well? I was lactose intolerant when I was a child but I am no more lactose intolerant.

  23. I'm 4 ft 7.5 in, I'm not even on that BMI chart…. WHY DOES THIS ALWAYS HAPPEN xD

    Edit: Just calculated my BMI, and yeah, as I suspected 😓

  24. My husband is the one that I have a question for now and it seems to me like it was a little while later I dont and it didn't really work as well I was just thinking of

  25. I'm an ugly, beer-belly dude with a wild beard and about as hetero as they come. But somehow I do get that first 'slowly turning me gay' comment lol. This guy is so ridiculously naturally hansome and has such a sincere nice way over him, I could definitely imagine turning gay if I watch him too much. Well, then that's what I'm NOT gonna do 😆

  26. Lactase used to give me terrible stomach pains like feeling like I needed to go to the hospital kind of pain. It would ruin an entire day for me. Never taking lactase again.

  27. How can I help someone that's in depression, just so you know depression comes in different forms and stages/levels. This isnt suicidle or harmful depression though it was at one point self harm but we helped the person passed that, how do I help get rid of all of it?

  28. Apple Cider Vinegar burns my throat. It was suggested to me for my gastric reflux. It took about a year, but I have yet to have reflux for the passed year. I have changed my diet as well, so I'm not sure which did what. Maybe it was both.

  29. What do you think of cold therapy? Things like cold showers, and wim Hof method. Does cold therapy do things like help like people sleep better and speed up metabolism? I'm trying to do a project on this for school but I'm not finding much.

  30. Can allergies get mitigated from early age? I've seen a video about nut allergy that in summary says country with lots of nut based food have less people with nut allergy. I mean it could be all people that have nut allergy already died on that country.

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